Yunnan Paiyao – STOP BLEEDING

Yunnan PaiYao

Stops bleeding, disperses stagnant blood, tonifies and invigorates blood, stops pain. Valuable first-aid remedy for internal and external bleeding, traumatic swelling, and insect bites. Commonly used for excessive menstrual bleeding, severe menstrual cramps, ulcer bleeding, and hot skin infections (carbuncles). Can be taken internally or applied externally.

Function: Stop bleeding, stop pain (remove blood stagnation)

Application: Use to stop bleeding from an open wound; this includes severe bleeding associated with gunshot wounds. Use to stop internal bleeding and Gastro-intestinal system bleeding. This includes serious bleeding associated with vomiting of blood due to stomach ulcer, stomach cancer, or cirrhosis of the liver; and intestinal bleeding with blood in the stools due to colitis, etc. and pulmonary system bleeding. This includes serious bleeding with coughing up of blood associated with pulmonary tuberculosis, bronchiectasis, lung cancer, etc., nasal bleeding (epistaxis). This includes serious nose bleeding associated with hypertension, leukemia, hemophilia, thrombocytopenia, etc. Use to treat soft tissue sports injuries (internal use) such as sprains and strains of joints and muscles with symptoms such as pain, swelling and bruising. Use to treat gynecological disorders caused by stagnation of blood such as dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, hypermenorrhea, hemorrhaging during postpartum period.

Contraindication: Do not use with pregnant women.

Usage: The medicine comes in loose powder form in a glass bottle; however, at the top of the powder, there is also one small red pill (about the size of a single black peppercorn). This red pill is called Bao Xian Zi, which is translated as “insurance pill for a serious or emergency case.” This pill is only used to treat a patient with severe bleeding or injury who is about to go into shock, as a “First aid” medicine, otherwise do not use the pill. This medicine will help to prevent the patient from going into shock. The contents of the Bao Xian Zi are different from the Yun Nan Bai Yao. The Bao Xian Zi has ingredients to stop pain and open orifices to help prevent shock. It will not stop the bleeding. The Yun Nan Bai Yao powder must be swallowed (or if necessary, used locally) to stop the bleeding.

Bottle of 4 grams. Directions: Apply directly to bleeding wound (clean first, and bandage afterwards). In deep or wide wounds, squeeze cut together, pour powder on, and keep closed for 1 to 2 minutes. In cases of serious wounds or bleeding, take the single red pill that comes with each bottle first, with wine.

Contraindicated internally during pregnancy.

Secret, although raw Pseudoginseng Root is known to be the main ingredient.

Yunnan Paiyao is a famous Chinese over-the-counter remedy used for cuts and bruises. It reduces the bleeding, pain and swelling of injuries, wounds and surgery. You can also use it for explosions and gunshot wounds. This Chinese herbal remedy heals wounds fast! Use Yunnan Paiyao for any sort of bleeding such as internal bleeding from stomach ulcers or menstrual flooding. It also reduces swelling and redness from bug bites.

Yunnan Paiyao, which means “Yunnan white powder” because it’s made in Yunnan China, combines several forms of tienchi ginseng used to normalize blood flow and repair damaged blood vessels along with astringent herbs such as myrrh and an herb that is called “dragon’s blood” in latin America. Yunnan Paiyao capsules and powder are used by the Chinese Army to speed healing of serious wounds because it stops hemorrhage and normalizes blood flow. It reduces the size, seriousness, and lightens the color of bruises fast. You can pour the powder directly on to open wounds to help resolve puss and stop excess bleeding.

Have you cut yourself? Why use a nasty chemical on shaving cuts? Has a hornet stung you and made your hand swell in size? Swallow a couple capsules of Yunnan Paiyao 2 – 3 times daily and the swelling will resolve in a day or so.

Before surgery, swallow the tiny red pill that is provided with the Yunnan Paiyao capsules or powder. It will not interfere with surgery drugs or painkillers. Yunnan Paiyao is not habit-forming. You can read about it in the chapter devoted to Yunnan Paiyao in Asian Health Secrets: The Complete Guide to Asian Herbal Medicine. I have recommended Yunnan Paiyao for clients and friends who have avoided disfiguring scars and deep wounds because it speeds healing. You can even take it on a regular basis with a sip of wine to treat chronic gastritis and improve general circulation.

It is best to avoid eating salads and fish when taking Yunnan Paiyao. It is ok to separate them by a couple of hours. Cold foods require strong digestion. If Yunnan Paiyao upsets your stomach or makes you dizzy, have it with some warm soup.

Yunnan Paiyao for Injury and Surgery

A Chinese "miracle" herbal capsule is used by the Chinese Army to treat gun shot wounds, everyday cuts, internal bleeding, and bug bites.
Summer sports and hiking season are bruise and injury time for some kids and adults. There are lots of traditional Asian remedies that do a lot more to reduce pain and stiffness than an icy/hot rub or Bengay. Chinese medicine has great remedies for simple or serious hits, cuts, bruises, and swelling pain from martial arts wounds or surgery. You never know: You might need it. Herbal medicines routinely used by the Chinese Army and martial artists, now available online, are handy for pocket and purse. For example, one star of the ginseng family, tienchi, is widely used for everything from bug bites to gunshot wounds. For complete directions for its use see Asian Health Secrets.

Yunnan White Powder

Yunnan Paiyao contains raw and steamed tienchi ginseng, a cardio-tonic herb to normalize circulation and heal broken blood vessels. Raw tienchi ginseng, used as a health tonic daily, reduces chest pain and high cholesterol. It, like cordyceps another adaptogenic tonic, helps dilate the aorta when under stress.

One teaspoon of raw tienchi powder or one piece of raw tienchi added to soups is an excellent way to maintain heart and circulation health. Steamed tienchi powder, though it increases circulation, is known primarily as a blood-enhancing herb. It is recommended for convalescence, after surgery or childbirth, or between menstrual periods if you tend to be weak and chilled.

In Yunnan Paiyao these two forms of tienchi (raw and steamed) are combined with astringent herbs and antiseptic herbs such as myrrh to heal wounds. The remedy comes packaged as loose powder and in capsules along with a tiny red ball recommended for serious injury. Yunnan Paiyao is used internally by Chinese soldiers for gunshot and puncture wounds, oozing slow-healing sores, bug bites, chronic gastralgia and bleeding stomach ulcers. It can be sprinkled on open wounds to help resolve infection and pain. Use it that way for open wounds or fresh bruises.

One of my nursing students, delighted with its quick action, said she mixed the powder with water and used it topically as a thick poultice to heal her canary’s broken leg. I get lots of emails and comments at about the great effects of Yunnan Paiyao. Used internally before and after surgery or dental work, it does not interfere with medical drugs such as blood-thinning medicines or pain-killers. The formula works to normalize blood flow and heal wounds so that excess bleeding, swelling, bruising, and pain are quickly resolved.

Take the tiny red pill that comes packaged with the capsules just before surgery or for deep or oozing puncture wounds. Follow with four to six capsules of Yunnan Paiyao daily for up to one month to eliminate bruises, swelling, and pain of injury and surgery. Yunnan Paiyao enhances circulation like homeopathic arnica but also disinfects wounds from the inside-out.

If you are weak from blood loss or undernourished, Yunnan Paiyao may make you feel temporarily woosey if you take it between meals as recommended. If it feels better to take it with food, do so. The instructions (not always in the box) are swallow it with a sip of wine if you are bleeding heavily. If you are allergic to alcohol, avoid it. Alcohol takes herbs more directly to your liver and blood. If you have stopped bleeding you can take it with water. The dosage is individual. But start with the tiny red ball if you have a deep gushing wound or menstrual cramps that make you double over with pain and flooding.

This Chinese miracle drug should be carried by all police, military, and medical personnel. It is a favorite among Chinese moms for sports injuries on the playing field as well as the field of battle.

Open Wounds

Wash the wound and while you are waiting for professional help to show up, pour the contents of one or more capsules of Yunnan Paiyao into the open wound to help resolve bleeding and bring out pus. The powder is drying and works well, taken internally and externally, for either new flesh wounds or long-standing, oozing sores. One woman I know had a runny foot sore for over a year. Antibiotics did nothing to heal it. She used Yunnan Paiyao internally and externally twice daily, and in a week the wound healed.

For gunshot or knife wounds swallow the tiny red ball that comes with a powder. It stops hemorrhage and can save your life if used in time. Take it before calling an ambulance.

Surgery, Bruises, and Internal Pain and Bleeding

In Asian Health Secrets, I describe many uses of Yunnan Paiyao for surgery, bleeding ulcers, menstrual cramps and flooding, and chronic gastralgia. Several of my New York friends have astounded emergency room physicians with Yunnan Paiyao. One clever plastic surgeon said Yunnan Paiyao heals a surgical incision into a smooth red line like in a Dracula movie. A man who had many cuts and bruises after being mugged was taken to Emergency and given over one hundred stitches by the attending physician. After one week of taking Yunnan Paiyao the doctor said he was shocked to see that the wounds were healed as though several months had passed.

Bruises normally progress from black, blue, purple, green to yellow over a period of weeks depending on the health habits of the patient. Smokers heal more slowly because of poor circulation. I first met Dr. Gerald Ginsberg, head of plastic surgery for NYU Downtown Hospital, when he called to ask about the Chinese miracle herb that reduced healing time to half the time required after surgery. He said that his patient could not have recovered so quickly without Yunnan Paiyao.

The pain-reducing effects of Yunnan Paiyao are possible because pain is always worse from poor circulation. Acupuncture treatments to speed healing of broken bones or treat any sort of pain from headache to arthritis and fibromyalgia work by easing circulation. Increased circulation blood brings needed oxygen to the injury. The same holds true for chronic pains, including menstrual cramps and stomach aches. Yunnan Paiyao neither dulls the mind nor thins blood. It has no known side effects. However, if you are pregnant, avoid any herbs that increase circulation or are laxative.

Note: If you have an ACTIVE cancer, avoid Yunnan Paiyao or any treatment without your doctor’s approval. Increasing circulation might even spread the cancer.

Martial Arts Medicines for Pain and Bruises

The great master Bruce Lee advised us to become like water: It assumes the shape of its container and flows easily and smoothly. It has no will of its own. Before combat, Bruce seemed to gently shake tension out of his body and connect his tremendous speed with the forces of nature. Martial artists have used that principle to heal wounds. Herbal formulas for pain and bruising free the flow of blood circulation.

Dit Da Jow and Zheng Gui Shui liquids are used by martial arts students for bruises and pain. They contain aromatic herbs such as myrrh and tonic herbs, including ginseng for muscle aches, arthritis and swelling from injury. Apply them to dry skin with a cotton ball. Avoid sensitive mucus membranes or open wounds. The liquid feels warming as it deeply penetrates pain and enhances circulation. It can speed the healing of broken bones (for you and your pets). Air Salonpas can be sprayed on to arthritic joints to increase flexibility and movement.


Ching Wan Hung liquid for 2nd and 3rd degree burns contains tea (Camella sinensis), lobelia, camphor, and tang kuei to bring antioxidants and oxygen to speed healing. Camphor is often used in martial arts and pain-treatment formulas because it helps to dilate blood vessels. Tang Kuei supports blood production and circulation. (Tang Kuei – Angelica senensis- is estrogenic. Avoid it even externally with ACTIVE cancers.

Tea used externally is an effective remedy for skin burns and sun damage. The longer it steeps (at least 20 minutes) the more beneficial acids tea contains to heal wounds and burns. Keep old tea around to splash on hands and face. It reduces redness and irritation, while its antiviral and antibacterial action kills germs.

A Pain in the Neck

If travel gives you a pain in the neck, leg, or back consider using a Chinese herbal patch such as 701 Dieda Zhen Tang Yao or Wu Yang Brand Medicated Plaster. The sticky tape smells herby medicinal not spicy and perfumed. However, the warming action brings relief from simple tension and pain. Good places to stick an herbal plaster are on stiff shoulders, lower back or around the knees. Be careful to avoid sensitive and hairy places because herbal patches can scalp you when removing them. To avoid it you can also use spicy Tiger Balm or fresh smelling White Flowers oil. A favorite very HEATING oil I like to use on arthritic areas that feel good from application of heat. It contains and smells like mint. Avoid it anywhere heat or a burning oil would hurt. Always avoid open wounds or highly sensitive areas with a warming massage oil or ointment.

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