Yunnan Baiyao

Principal Ingredients: Pseudoginseng (panax pseudoginseng), Chinese yam (dioscorea opposita), yam rhizome (dioscorea hypolglauca), sweet geranium (erodium stephanianum) and galangal rhizome (alphinia officinarum).

Directions recommended by the manufacturer: As a dietary supplement take 1 to 2 capsules once time, 4 times a day. Do not use if in pregnancy.

The following paragraphs of functions, indications, directions, and precaution are quoted from Chinese Patent Medicines pp 342 – pp 345:

Functions: Arresting bleeding to cure wound, removing blood stasis to regenerate new tissue, clearing away toxic materials to relieve swelling, promoting blood circulation to alleviate pain.


Traumatic injury: injuries caused by fall and stumble, contusion, abrasion, sprain and collision usually accompanied by pelidnoma, skin and muscle wound, redness and swelling after fracture; or caused by knives and spears, wound with bleeding, injury of fasciae and bone with severe pain, pale tongue with slippery pulse; or fall down from height with the symptoms of distention of abdomen due to blood stasis inside, unconsciousness, constipation, anuresis, pale tongue with thready pulse.  

Menorrhagia: Menorrhagia or metrorrhagia and metrostaxis marked by dark purplish with stagnated blood masses, pain in lower abdomen, pain relived after blood masses is expelled.

Lochiorrhea: Abundant or persistent lochia after childbirth or artificial abortion characterized by dark red blood with blood masses, pain in lower abdomen with tenderness and guarding, dark-purplish tongue with ecchymoses taut and uneven pulse.

Carbuncle and furuncle with swelling, red, burning and pain in the affected area, accompanied by chill and fever, headache, nausea, reddened tongue with greasy coating, taut and rapid pulse or rapid pulse.

Epigastralgia marked by pain in the fixed area with tenderness and guarding, pain like knife injury or spitting dark-purplish blood, black stool, or hiccup after drinking water, dark-purplish tongue and thready and uneven or taut and uneven pulse.

Sore throat with yellow and white purulent secretion, dysphasia chill and fever, thick greasy fur, slippery and rapid or taut and rapid pulse.

Directions external or internal use:

Whatever symptoms mentioned above, adults: 0.2~0.3g each time. If the patient is strong or the injury is severe, the dosage may be increased properly but the maximum of dosage should not exceed 0.5g once every four hours. In case of no reaction, more doses should be taken successively.

In case of bleeding wounds and trauma, minor or severe, the powder should be taken with boiled water; in case of swelling, taken with wine, the proper amount of the powder can be applied externally to arrest bleeding.

For woman diseases mentioned above, it should be taken with wine. For excessive menstruation, taken after being infused in boiled water.

In case of venemous sores at the primary stage, 0.2~0.3 g should be taken internally and a small amount of the powder mixed with wine should be applied to the affected part. For patients with ulcer only oral administration is advised.

Children over 2 years old, 0.03g each time; 5 years old, 0.06g each time.

Precaution: Within the first day after taking it, broad beans, fish, sour and cold food should be avoided. Contraindicated for patients in pregnancy.

Yunnan Baiyao has won three consecutive national gold medals for quality, and is ranked among the most famous of Chinese traditional medicines. It has been designated one of two first-class protected traditional medicines for 20 years protective term in China.

In 1902 Mr. Qu Huanzhang , a practitioner of Chinese medicine who came from Jiangchuan County in Yunnan Province, formulated the seemingly magical medicine "Qu Huanzhang Panacea," which is now known as "Yunnan Baiyao". It is a multipurpose remedy specially used to staunch blood, invigorate blood circulation, extravagate blood elimination and remove postludes. It has been proven to have a great curative effect on internal organs and their malfunctions, such as pulmonary tuberculosis bleeding, gastric hemorrhage, intestinal bleeding, internal cranium bleeding, gynecological blood disease and purpura.

Botanists have researched the chemical composition of Yunnan Baiyao and discovered that it contains progesterone, various saponins and alkaloids, and physiologically active compounds such as calcium phosphate. Numerous pharmaco dynamic studies indicate that Yunnan Baiyao is effective in platelet cohesion , main arterial contraction , cortex hormonal secretion, release of the inflammation process, capillary permeability, leukocyte waver and connective tissue proliferation.

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