Winning at Weight Loss

Over the last two decades North Americans have become a progressively fatter society. With each new fad diet our rates of obesity, diabetes and heart disease have increased dramatically. According to the latest statistics over a third of our children aged 2 to 11 are overweight and of those, half could be considered obese. Knowing that diabetes, heart disease and certain cancers are directly linked to the amount of body fat we carry and the types of foods we eat, the prevalence of these diseases are expected to sky rocket.

The multi-billion dollar diet industry with its no fat, low fat diets, sugar and fat substitutes and prescription diet drugs and diet aids have done little to quell our expanding waistlines.

For all those who are desperately dieting the statistics show diets don’t work. One year after dieting, 66 percent of people regain their weight; and after five years the figure rises to 97 percent. Simple lifestyle and diet changes provide the best results and Sherry Torkos in her book Winning at Weight Loss, teaches you how to slim down, stay lean and live longer by adopting lifelong weight management strategies. By understanding that thyroid function, stress, hormones, genetics, serotonin, insulin, physical activity, the quality of our food, not just how many calories we consume, have an effect on whether we lose weight or remain overweight.

Obesity will have the biggest financial impact on our health care systems in the future if we don’t move today to halt our increasing girth. I believe that this book can help you achieve your desired weight and optimal health in a safe manner.

Energy That Burns More Fat
Whether you are trying to lose weight to control your cholesterol or diabetes or you simply want to fit into last year’s clothes – fat loss can be easier than you think. Enhancing the body’s ability to burn fat and gaining more energy is the key. Have you ever starved yourself for days only to find that the scale hasn’t moved at all or worse yet you gained a few pounds? The answer is not another diet but the BodySense nutrients that help melt fat away, block starches, sugars and fats while providing you with the energy you need to burn more fat.

Why Starving doesn’t work
When we starve the body we lower our metabolism or in simpler terms we turn off our fat burning furnace. By seriously restricting calories, not eating breakfast and living on cottage cheese or drinking water instead of eating our body goes into conservation mode to protect you from starving. Most of us can not keep this type of diet up for long and when we start eating again the body stores the fuel as fat to ensure that you have lots of fat for your next famine. This is a viscous cycle and trains the body to store food as fat. I am always concerned when I hear 110 pound, 18 year olds tell me they are not eating because they want to lose weight – these teens will become the future overweight fighting the battle of the buldge. You have to eat to lose weight.

Tips for Fat Loss

- Eat a protein rich breakfast (eggs, protein powder, a chicken breast, yogurt with protein powder, a steak) – those who eat protein for breakfast increase their fat burning furnace by 25% and it lasts all day! Those who eat skim milk and cereal have lowered ability to burn fat and we all know that you will be starving in an hour.

 – Eat a snack at midmorning and mid afternoon.

 – Eat your meals on the side plate instead of the dinner plate. Buy your own personal big salad bowl for your greens.

 – Throw away all the white foods in your cupboard, white flour, white sugar, white pasta, white bread, white rice and white potatoes replace with yams, whole wheat or rye bread, whole wheat pasta, brown or wild rice and stevia instead of sugar. 

 – Eat baked corn chips and spicy salsa as a snack once in a while – the salsa helps burn fat. Add spice to your cooking to increase fat burning.

 – Change the black pepper in your shaker to cayenne pepper it helps burn fat

 – Drink water and if you hate the taste of water add unsweetened cranberry juice or another unsweetened juice or herbal tea to your water.

 – Eat as many green vegetables and salad as you wish

 – Use essential fatty acid rich oils including flax on your salad. EFA rich oils help burn fat. Evening Primrose Oil and CLA in dosages of 2-6 grams help burn fat.

 – Walk 30 minutes everyday – this will increase your fat burning rate better than anything else you can do. Take the entire family or at work start a walking club with your workmates at lunch.

 – If you need extra help in jump starting your fat burning furnace use some natural weight loss nutrients.
Jump Start Energy and Increase Fat Burning
The BodySenseBodySense Formula I fires up your fat burning furnace using nutrients that have been shown in human clinical research trials to mobilize fat cells thereby melting fat away. Next the nutrients provide the energy you need giving you the desire to move your body. We all crave more energy and the BodySense Formula I provides that extra zip we need to get more from our day. How can you lose weight if you feel hungry all the time? With the BodySense Formula I you will quickly notice that you are not craving food and you feel satisfied. More energy, fat burning and appetite suppression all without harmful stimulants ensure you will feel full of life without feeling irritable and edgy.

Fat, Sugar and Starch Blockers
But what if you just can’t give up those pasta dinners or the odd serving of gravy? The BodySenseBodySense formula II provides several nutrients that can help. Phase2TM, an ingredient extensively researched to reduce the digestion and absorption of up to 85 percent of the starch found in favorite foods like potatoes, breads and pasta. Imagine pasta without the weight gain. Another powerful ingredient in Formula II is Cassia nomane extract scientifically validated to block fat by reducing fat absorption by 30 percent. The last ingredient in the BodySenseBodySense Formula II is Gymnema sylvestra a traditional herb used to improve diabetes. Gymnema helps to block the absorption of sugar and enhance blood sugar regulation which is important in curbing appetite and keeping the body burning fat between meals. Gymnema also seems helps improve the action of insulin and reduce cholesterol levels.

Know that dieting is not the answer that a new way of eating along with making sense of fat loss is the key. Go to or visit your local health food store and ask for more information on BodySense Formula I and Formula II. Follow the simple guidelines inside the BodySense package and watch your waistline shrink. BodySense not just another diet pill but a program that gets results.!

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