Why newborn are jaundice

Since the custom of giving large iron supplements to pregnant women has been established, there has been an increase in jaundice of the newborn. It has been observed that women who didn’t take iron supplements during pregnancy have healthy babies that don’t develop jaundice. I have suggested that this could be because they haven’t been poisoned by iron.


studies of processed animal food had demonstrated that the addition of iron (as the highly reactive form, ferrous sulfate, which happens to be cheap and easy to handle) created disease in animals, by destroying vitamins in the food. You should read the label of ingredients and avoid products that contain added iron, when possible.

Iron destroys vitamin E, so vitamin E should be taken as a supplement. It shouldn’t be taken at the same time as the iron-contaminated food, because iron reacts with it in the stomach. About 100 mg. per day is adequate, though our requirement increases with age, as our tissue iron stores increase. Coffee, when taken with food, strongly inhibits the absorption of iron, so I always try to drink coffee with meat. Decreasing your consumption of unsaturated fats makes the iron less harmful. Vitamin C stimulates the absorption of iron, so it might be a good idea to avoid drinking orange juice at the same meal with iron-rich foods. A deficiency of copper causes our tissues to retain an excess of iron, so foods such as shrimp and oysters which contain abundant copper should be used regularly.

Too much iron can block our absorption of copper, and too little copper makes us store too much iron. With aging, our tissues lose copper as they store excess iron. Because of those changes, we need more vitamin E as we age.


Iron is a potentially toxic heavy metal; an excess can cause cancer, heart disease, and other illnesses.

– Other heavy metals, including lead and aluminum, are toxic; pans and dishes should be chosen carefully.
– Iron causes cell aging.
– Drinking coffee with iron rich foods can reduce iron’s toxic effects.
– Use shrimp and oysters, etc., to prevent the copper deficiency which leads to excess storage of iron.
– Avoid food supplements which contain iron.
– Take about 100 units of vitamin E daily; your vitamin E requirement increases with your iron consumption.

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