What is Heartburn?

Four out of ten adults suffer from heartburn and acid indigestion. Inadequate breakdown of food, bloating, excess acid production or pressure on the stomach can all lead to indigestion and heartburn.

These problems may be caused by diet (overeating, rich meals, high protein diets or eating several food combinations at one meal), stress, caffeine, alcohol, obesity, hiatus hernia, pregnancy and a variety of other causes.

Often heartburn is worse at bedtime. When we lie down, the stomach’s contents come into contact with the sphincter. If it is not fully closed, the burning sensation of heartburn follows.

Help is at Hand

Both a change in diet, chewing your food until it is mush, eating small meals in a relaxing environment and taking digestive enzymes with each meal can help reduce heartburn, but occasionally it is necessary to reach for help to ease digestive complaints.

Reaching for standard antacids is not the answer. They act by neutralizing stomach acids. Since the stomach needs these acids to digest food properly, it responds by producing even more acid, creating a vicious circle of acid imbalances.

Frutin® is the natural solution that works where it hurts. When its natural active ingredients come into contact with the gastric acids, they produce a pH-neutral foam barrier in the upper part of the stomach, which acts like a "lid" to keep stomach acids down where they belong. The natural acid balance is maintained and digestion can proceed normally.

Benefits & Qualities:

It’s a fast acting, natural product that works specifically against heartburn.

It doesn’t disrupt the stomach’s natural acid balance, nor does it stimulate further acid production – both of which are common side effects of many antacid products.

Its active ingredients are completely safe and natural.

Does not contain Sodium Bicarbonate, as its use may cause health problems.

It comes in a pleasant tasting, chewable form.

Safe for diabetics

Helpful for people with heartburn and indigestion caused by:


Rich foods



Hiatal Hernia

Inadequate enzyme production.

Weakened connective tissue between the stomach and the esophagus

What is in Frutin®?

Frutin® contains selected fruit fibres (also called pectin), developed for medical use, and quality tested natural dolomite chalk from the Norwegian mountains. One Frutin tablet contains 200mg of the dolomite that gives the foam a neutral pH of approximately 6.

Frutin® is sugar-free as it is sweetened with sorbital, and peppermint oil has been added for a refreshingly pleasant peppermint flavour.

Frutin® is Different
Frutin® is different from other antacid preparations because it contains no aluminum hydroxide or sodium bicarbonate. Scientists are now questioning the possible side effects of aluminum, and long term use of sodium bicarbonate is not recommended. Frutin® contains selected fruit fibres (also called pectin) specially developed for medicinal use, and quality tested natural dolomite chalk from the Norwegian mountains. It is the dolomite that gives the foam its neutral pH of 6. Frutin® does not cause acid rebound. Most antacids work by neutralizing the stomach acids so it doesn’t "burn" if they get into the oesophagus. Unfortunately, the stomach just responds by producing more acid, thus setting up a vicious circle. This does not happen with Frutin® because the neutral dolomite/pectin foam rises to the top of the stomach, keeping the acid in the stomach where it belongs. This soft foamy "lid" stays in place for up to 5 hours, allowing digestion to proceed normally, with no acid rebound effect. Frutin® also quickly neutralizes any acid that may have already reached the top of the oesophagus, easing discomfort quickly.

Frutin® is a sugar-free, chewable tablet with a pleasant peppermint taste. The fruit fibres give a fine, smooth texture to the tablets, making them easy to chew and swallow.

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