What Causes Cancer?

by R. Webster Kehr
Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc.

What Causes Cancer

About one and a half years into my alternative cancer research I had already run into several instances where I heard about microbes being found inside of cancer cells. During this time I just shrugged it off. It was not that I didn’t believe it, but I couldn’t determine whether such microbes were a cause of cancer or just an opportunistic parasite inside a weakened cell.

Finally, the evidence started to mount, and I started looking deeper and deeper into the issue. While reading the book Sick and Tired?, by Robert O. Young, PhD, and by looking at several other books, all of the pieces of the puzzle were finally put in place.

It was perfectly clear that “cancer microbes” were getting into normal cells and their presence was turning the normal cells into anaerobic cells (an anaerobic cell does not burn oxygen like a normal cell, rather it ferments glucose to get energy). The definition of an anaerobic cell is a “cancer cell.” A Nobel Prize was given in 1931 (Otto Heinrich Warburg) for the discovery that a cancer cell is anaerobic.

I have seen several different descriptions of this cancer microbe in the cancer cell. Some people called it a virus, some a fungus, one called it a mould, others called it an acid-fast bacteria (which mutated into a fungus) and one called it an amoeba (e.g. trichomonad). Which of these is correct?

The answer turns out to be that this microbe is highly pleomorphic, meaning it changes shapes and sizes frequently, depending mainly on the environment it is in!! Thus, all of the researchers were correct, but they were all talking about the same microbe!!

I should note that this variety is an indication of independent research and that everyone was not just copying one original source. In fact, there were numerous independent sources of this information, some dating back more than several decades (e.g. Dr. Royal Rife in the 1930s)!!

Here are a few quotes from the book: Four Women Against Cancer by Dr. Alan Cantwell. Pay close attention to the comments about the microbe being found INSIDE the cancer cell. This turns out to be critical in some treatments of cancer, especially the treatments the Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc. is working on.

  • In, “The microscopy of micro-organisms associated with neoplasms (cancer) published in the August 1948 issue of The New York Microscopical Bullentin, Roy Allen presents illustrations of the cancer microbe … The microbes live inside the cancer cells (intra-cellular) and outside the cancer cells (extra-cellular).”
    Four Women Against Cancer, Page 34
  • According to Livingston and Addeo’s 1984 book, “Dr. Rhoads [of Memorial Sloan-Kittering Cancer Center] was committed to chemotherapy, and well he might have been since he was head of chemical warfare during World War II. [Rhodes] tried to turn chemical warfare against the cancer cell within the human body. His big mistake was that he believed the cancer cell to be the causative agent of the disease and not the parasite within the cell. To unleash the horrors of chemical warfare and the atomic bomb in the form of chemotherapy and cobalt radiation against the hopeless victims of a microbial disease is illogical.
    Four Women Against Cancer, Page 43
  • More importantly, the Dillers showed that cancer germs were able to gain entrance not only into the [non-cancerous] cell (intra-cellular) [which turns the cell cancerous], but also into the nucleus of the cell. This intra-nuclear invasion meant that cancer microbes could gain access to the genes contained within the nucleus itself. This is similar to what [gene therapy does].
    Four Women Against Cancer, Page 47

Before going on, the above quote is explaining why cancer cells frequently have DNA damage. The DNA of the cancer microbe interacts with the DNA inside the cells, just like it does in gene therapy. Orthodox medicine is well aware that the DNA of microbes can change the DNA of the cell itself because this concept is at the heart and soul of gene therapy!!

Now, another quote on the fact that the microbe is inside the cancer cells.

  • Like the other women, Seibert observed the virus-like forms of the cancer microbe within the nucleus of the cancer cells. She theorized this infection could disrupt and transform nuclear genetic material that could lead to malignant change. Even though cancer microbes might appear to be simple and common microbes, their ability to infiltrate the nucleus of cells meant they were far from harmless.
    Four Women Against Cancer, Page 49

This is a quote which refers to research done in 1890 (not a typo):

  • In 1890 the distinguished pathologist William Russell (1852-1940) first reported “cancer parasites” in cancer tissue that was specially stained with carbol fuchsin, a red dye. The “parasite” was found inside and outside the cells. The smallest forms were barely visible microscopically; and the largest parasites were as large as red blood cells. Russell also found “parasites” in tuberculosis, syphilis and skin ulcers.
    Four Women Against Cancer, Page 53-54

The cancer microbe is highly pleomorphic which is how it can get inside the cell and even inside the nucleus of the cell.

Dr. Robert O. Young, PhD has observed a cancer microbe literally drill through the cell wall of a healthy cell in order to try and escape a highly acidic environment outside the cell.

In fact, in the past 100 years many cancer researchers, from before Dr. Royal Rife to Dr. Robert O Young and Dr. Gaston Naessens, have known cancer was caused by a microbe which was inside of the cancer cell. In other words, a microbe was able to penetrate a normal cell and turn the normal cell into a cancer cell.

But how does this microbe turn the cell cancerous?

The Mitochondria

Inside each cell are mitochondria (pleural of mitochondrion). These mitochondria are where the energy of the cell is created in the form of a molecule called ATP (Adenosine TriPhosphate). The chemical process by which ATP is made start with what is called “The Krebs Cycle” or the “Citric Acid Cycle.” This cycle of chemical reactions leads to the creation of ATP.

But as a spin-off of the Krebs Cycle, the Electron Transport Chain (ETC), creates even more ATP molecules than the Krebs Cycle.

In a cancer cell, the Krebs Cycle is broken. Since the ETC is a spin-off of the Krebs Cycle, it is broken also. The result of breaking the Krebs Cycle is that the energy in the cell (i.e. the number of ATP molecules) drops dramatically.

The human cell is a very sophisticated living thing. When the Krebs Cycle is broken, the cell is generally able to fix the cycle, thus restoring the energy in the cell.

But with a cancer cell, the cell is not able to restore its Krebs Cycle. Instead the broken Krebs Cycle and broken ETC are maintained.

So what possibly could maintain the break in the Krebs Cycle and ETC? What could make it impossible for the cell to fix itself month after month and year after year.

The Chain of Events That Cause Cancer

Combining this question with the many discoveries which relate microbes to cancer cells, leads to the following explanation:

1) Due to a weakened cell membrane, which can be caused by a carcinogen or many other things, a microbe is able to enter inside a normal cell (as Dr. Young stated, the microbe is pleomorphic and this can help the microbe get inside the cell which is still normal at this point),

(Note: the microbe(s) can also get inside a cell during the cell division of a cancer cell. For example, when a cancer cell, which already contains microbes, divides, there will likely be microbes in both cells which result from the cell division.)

2) The microbe, once inside, intercepts the glucose entering the cell (most microbes eat glucose),

3) The microbe excretes “mycotoxins,” dangerous hormones and perhaps a thick slime (mycotoxins are the normal excretions of microbes),

4) Because mycotoxins are very, very acidic, the inside of the cell becomes highly acidic, which is a characteristic of cancer cells (in fact the longer a cell is cancerous, generally the more acidic it becomes),

5) The cell’s mitochondria (which convert glucose into energy) get very little glucose because the microbe has intercepted most of the glucose,

6) What the cell’s mitochondria does get is lots of mycotoxins and other harmful garbage, which it cannot convert into energy,

7) The mitochondria’s energy level (ATP provides the key energy of a cell, but ATP is created by the Krebs Cycle and ETC) plummets because it is living in a sea of filth, meaning the ATP energy drops,

8) Signals are sent to the insulin receptors and glucose receptors on the cell membranes to grab more glucose,

9) More glucose enters the cell (about 15 times to 17 times more), but most of the glucose is intercepted by the microbe (which may be multiplying) and the mitochondria are bathing in an increasingly large sea of mycotoxins, dangerous hormones and possibly slime. Technically, the glucose is normally converted into pyruvate and it is the pyruvate that enters the mitochondria, but without glucose there is less pyruvate.

10) Because there is a limit to how high the activity of these two types of receptors can become there is no way for the mitochondria (and thus the ATP) to get enough glucose/pyruvate and energy,

11) The cell is now officially cancerous because its energy level drops (the ATP energy levels can be compared to the steps of a ladder) and it is defined to be anaerobic.

In this process, two things happen. First, because of the microbe(s) the break in the Krebs Cycle and ETC are broken as long as the microbe(s) are inside the cell.

Second, each sick cancer cell contains very healthy microbes living inside!! Because the microbe(s) are healthy, and the cell is sick, it makes it very difficult to kill the microbe without killing the cell.


The bottom line in all of this is that the cell’s mitochondria, instead of swimming in a sea of pyruvate (which is made from glucose), are swimming in a sea of highly acidic mycotoxins.

The microbes not only steal glucose (and thus pyruvate) from the mitochondria, they excrete highly acidic mycotoxins.

Thus, the ATP prodution in the mitochondria drops to virtually nothing. The cell is forced to survive by using fermentation which creates a very small amount of ATP energy.

The microbes also create a thick protein coating on the outside of the cells wall (which will be discussed next) which not only attracts glucose but also blocks oxygen.

About the Thick Protein Coating of Cancer Cells

Before going on I want to comment about the thick protein coating on the outside of the cancer cells. No one knows how the microbe creates this coating (most likely the microbes excrete the enzymes themselves) but there are some things that are known about it.

Note: By the way, the microbes also excrete enzymes which help the cancer spread by breaking down the collagen outside the cells. Dr. Matthias Rath is an expert in this aspect of cancer. See:
Dr. Rath booklet

This thick protein coating may do the following things:

1) Intercept glucose, which is a known fact because cancer cells consume much more glucose than normal cells (by the way, vitamin C has a very similar molecular shape as glucose, and vitamin C kill microbes, which may explain why vitamin C is helpful against cancer),

2) Keep oxygen out of the cell (microbes hate oxygen, thus it is likely one of the purposes of the protein coating is to keep oxygen out of the cancer cells),

3) Blocks the immune system from recognizing the cells as being cancerous.

Understanding the thick protein coating is critical for treating cancer. It is well known in alternative medicine that proteolytic or pancreatic enzymes cut apart this protein coating.

Cutting apart these enzymes thus may help other treatments, such as hydrogen peroxide or MSM, work better. For example, any hydrogen peroxide, ozone, etc. cancer therapy may be aided greatly by the proteolytic enzymes because the proteolytic may help get more and more oxygen inside the cancer cells by cutting apart the enzymes.

Now let us get back to cancer theory.

More Evidence

There is actually an enormous amount of evidence, taken from many different sources, that indicate the above sequence is correct. Here is a list of such evidences:

1) It is a fact that the ATP energy is very low in a cancer cell. In fact several alternative cancer treatments take direct advantage of this fact. Graviola, Paw Paw, Protocel, Cantron, and other alternative cancer treatments, lower the ATP energy of all cells. Non-cancerous cells are not affected by a small drop in ATP energy, but cancer cells literally fall apart when their ATP energy drops. Most types of chemotherapy, by the way, increase ATP energy.

2) Dr. Robert O. Young, PhD has literally watched through a live-blood dark-field microscope, highly agressive molds (i.e. moulds) “drill” through the cell membrane of normal cells.

3) Several types of cancer, including squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma, are well-known to spread in a very unique way. The way that it is described can only be attributed to a microbe coming out of a cancer cell, traveling through the blood, and entering a normal cell in another part of the body.

4) Several scientists have independently identified a special kind of pleomorphic microbe as being the cause of cancer. Among these was Dr. Royal Rife, who did numerous experiments injecting a cancer virus into healthy mice, thus causing cancer in the mouse.

5) Dr. Royal Rife also developed a machine called “The Rife Machine.” He, and others who used early versions of his machine, cured many cancer patients. His machine was designed to do one thing – kill microbes. It was not designed to kill cancer cells, yet early versions of his machine cured cancer. Electromagnetic machines can kill microbes inside of cancer cells as easily as kill microbes in the blood. Electromedicine is also not affected by the thick protein coating of cancer cells and electromedicine can penetrate inside of bones.

6) Dr. Tamara Lebedewa cut off parts of a tumor and put it in a culture high in nutrition. Within several days she noticed three-tailed amoeba (trichomonads) swimming in the culture. In fact, these may not have been amoeba, but instead a special state of the cancer microbe. In either case, she has shown the presence of a microbe inside of cancer cells.

7) Several types of cancer are well-known to be associated with a microbe. Among those are leukemia (in fact some cases of fungal infection have been misdiagnosed as leukemia), cervical cancer, sqamous cell carcinoma, melanoma, and perhaps others. For example, tobacco is very, very high in fungus, and this fungus may be a causal factor in the development in lung cancer.

8) About a dozen known natural substances are known to revert cancer cells into normal cells. The only way this can happen is if the Krebs Cycle and ETC are restored to normal. Thus it is known that the Krebs Cycle and ETC can be restored.

9) Cesium chloride is known to kill cancer cells by accumulating inside the cancer cells. Cesium chloride is also known to kill microbes. Thus, when a cancer patient receives enough cesium chloride to easily kill the microbes inside the cancer cells, but not enough to kill the cell, a person would think that the cancer cells would revert to normal. Also, cesium chloride blocks the glucose from accumulating inside the cancer cell, thus the cesium itself (and potassium) may block the Krebs Cycle and ETC, thus lowering the ATP energy and killing the cells. In other words, the cesium chloride treatment may work by lowering the ATP energy, killing microbes, putting the microbes into hibernation (which is the smallest stage of the cancer microbe and in this state the cell is able to revert into a normal cell [but the microbe is still there] and/or killing the cancer cells themselves. No one really knows exactly why cesium chloride works, but the evidence is that as a minimum it puts microbes into hibernation (a full discussion of cesium chloride is beyond the scope of this article).

10) Ron Gdanski has shown how a tear in tissue can lead to cancer. More than 90% of all cancers start in tissue. Ron’s model is that a tear in tissue creates a small pool of blood. This pool of blood becomes infested with microbes, particularly fungus. The fungus weaken the cell membranes of the cells surrounding the pool of blood and are able to enter into the cell, thus causing cancer. His book has a large amount of evidence, from several sources, as to the correctness of his model.

11) Cancer cells consume 15 to 17 times more glucose than normal cells. Yet, these cells cannot create enough ATP. Much more pyruvate is made by the added glucose (pyruvate is actually what enters the mitochondria to begin the Kreb’s Cycle or Citric Acid Cycle), yet the cell still cannot make enough ATP molecules.

Other Comments

While the above model explains why the ATP energy in cancer cells can be reduced because of a microbe in the cell; glycolysis, the Krebs Cycle, the Electron Transport Chain, etc. are very complex chemical reactions. There are many things (such as the absense of enzymes) that could break these chains of reactions.

However, the key is that the chain is broken and the cell is not able to repair the break. No matter what foods are fed to cancer patients, no matter what enzymes are fed to them, no matter how much oxygen is thrown at the cells, etc. the chain remains broken as far we we can tell.

However, there are more than a dozen natural substances that are known to be able to revert a cancer cell into a normal cell. DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) is the king of these substances, but DMSO may at least partially be acting as a carrier for other substances. Is it possible these natural substances are able to kill the microbe(s) inside the cells, without killing the cells themselves, and thus the cell is able to restore its Krebs Cycle and ETC and is able to become normal again?

I have ignored the DNA issues and other issues because they are the result of cancer, not the cause of cancer. In fact, as Ron Gdanski has proposed, it is perfectly consistant that the DNA of the microbes inside the cancer cells are what damage the DNA of cancer cells.

I don’t know how accurate the above sequence is, but it gives the reader some idea of how microbes can cause a cell to become anaerobic. I think it is not a matter of fermentation, rather it is a matter of the mitochondria being starved of glucose and choking in a sea of acidic mycotoxins. Fermentation actually creates a small amount of ATP energy.

But understanding the “microbe theory” of cancer did not fully explain why these microbes were able to get into the cells of some people, but not others. The evidence is clear that many things can damage the cell wall membranes or other parts of the cell wall.

For example, trans-fatty-acids, which are very rigid molecules, attach to cell walls and block “ports” that normally allow glucose to get into the cell, causing type 2 diabetes. But it is also possible these fats can cause weaknesses or gaps in the cell walls allowing microbes to enter.

It turns out that a “carcinogen” is anything that weakens or damages cell walls, allowing microbes to enter in. There are many, many things that can do this, such as:
1) A very acidic diet, which allows the microbes to change forms, proliferate and become more aggressive,
2) Leaky gut syndrome, which allows unprocessed food to get into the blood stream,
3) Numerous chemicals and processed substances,
4) A substance that cuts internal tissue, forming a small pool of blood in the tissue, which allows the microbes to concentrate and weakens cell membranes (over 90% of all cancers start in tissue), etc.

So what “causes” cancer? Is it the many things that damage cell walls and allow microbes to enter in, or the microbes themselves which cause the cells to become anaerobic? The answer, of course, is both.

The bottom line is that in the briefest way of describing things, cancer is caused by the following chain reaction:

1) Farming practices (which also indirectly affects both dairy and meat) have virtually eliminated trace minerals from our diet and have introduced many very bad things into our bodies. Our food is more acidic, fungus grows in foods it never used to grow in, etc. The nutrients in the foods of today are but a shadow of the nutrients in the same foods of 60 years ago. My father warned me, in the early 1960s, of this trend.

2) The way food is processed is an abomination. Numerous substances are added to food for appearance or flavor (e.g. trans-fatty acids, food dyes, etc.); enzymes are killed by cooking; salt is virtually always added; aspartame is added to drinks to make them sweet; MSG (which is hidden in more than 30 different food additives – virtually every processed food in America has MSG in it but you rarely see it on the label – and numerous other chemicals, are added for a variety of reasons, etc., etc.

3) Most people have horrible “Western diets” composed of too much meat, too much dairy products, too much salt, too much processed foods, etc. etc. Even people who claim to “eat healthy foods” have poor diets, from a cancer perspective. For example, peanuts are considered a “healthy” food, but peanuts are loaded with fungus. So is tobacco. The difference between a “healthy diet” and a “cancer diet” is made clear in a different article.

4) The net result of all three of the above items is that our bodies are filled with yeast and fungus, which thrive on these kinds of foods. They love the acidic nature of the foods we eat. The attempt of our body to maintain a constant pH also causes a multitude of health problems. It turns out that the cancer microbe has several different forms: a subvirus (e.g. a “somatid,” though it is known by different names), a virus, a yeast, a fungus, a mould and a bacteria (and the bacteria can become as large as an amoeba). This is not to say that all bacteria are pleomorphic, but at least one of them is and it is the one that is most often associated with cancer.

I should note that the official category of the cancer microbe is a “highly pleomorphic cell-wall deficient bacteria.” Many diseases are caused by this category of microbes!!!

It is these pleomorphic microbes that may explain why so many live viruses end up in vaccines.

Many facts about these microbes has been about for many years. Information has been published in scientific journals in the 1950s and before (see the book: Four Women Against Cancer by Alan Cantwell, M.D., who was himself involved in these discoveries). Even Royal Rife, in the 1930s, knew of a microbe that was sometimes a virus and sometimes a bacteria.

But these discoveries are suppressed and ignored. The reality is that the medical profession’s version of biology, namely that of Pasteur, is totally wrong, and that the theories of the far more talented Antoine Bechamp, and those of Claude Bernard, Günther Enderlein, Virginia Livingston, and others, were right and have been suppressed for profit reasons (i.e. in case you have been living in a cave the last 60 years and haven’t noticed – the medical profession is not interested in what really causes disease, they are interested in treating the profitable symptoms of disease).

5) Now things get tricky. When a carcinogen is introduced into the body (and one such carcinogen is caused by leaky gut syndrome), it changes the cell membranes or blocks ports in the cell wall. In other words, individual cells suddently become vulnerable to the entry of the microbes (e.g. fungus, mould, bacteria, etc.) into normal cells.

6) Once the microbes enter into the normal cells, the cells become anaerobic. Microbes are sometimes referred to as scavengers, but regardless of what they normally do, when they get inside a cancer cell it causes the cell to become anaerobic.

7) According to the superb book: Cancer – Cause, Cure and Cover-up, by Ron Gdanski, another thing happens when these microbes are inside the cancer cell. As the cancer cells divide, the cell walls of the new cells are hardened by DNA corruption (via the fungal DNA) and this allows far less oxygen to get into the cell. This may be one reason why the presence of the microbe causes the cell to become anaerobic. His book is also a superb introduction to why so many cancers form in tissue, mentioned above.

8) In any case, it is known that when a cell becomes anaerobic (i.e. glucose fermentation), a dense layer of enzymes coat the outside of the cell wall (or the cell wall becomes “thick”), which would also inhibit oxygen from getting into the cell. Over the past several decades, beginning even before Royal Rife in the 1930s, an absolute consensus has developed among the top alternative cancer researchers (most of whom were M.D.s or PhDs) which makes it perfectly clear that the cancer microbe is the final cause of cancer.

9) The definition of an anaerobic cell is a “cancerous” cell, hence the end result of this chain of events is cancer.

Why is it important to know what causes cancer and what causes a cancer cell to remain cancerous? Because by knowing what causes cancer we can better understand why some treatments work and others do not. Even more important, we can design treatments that will kill the very healthy microbe(s) that are inside of the very sick human cell that is cancerous. It cannot be emphasized enough how important it is to understand exactly what is going on inside a cancer cell.

It is also possible that the number and type of microbe(s) inside of cancer cells determine how fast the cancer cells divide, meaning how fast the cancer spreads.

Here is a sampling of some good books on the cancer microbe, for further reading:

Four Women Against Cancer, by Alan Cantwell, M.D. (a superb history of the discovery of pleomorphic microbes)
The Cancer Microbe, by Alan Cantwell, M.D.
Sick and Tired?, by Robert O. Young, PhD (the most advanced of the books)
The Germ That Causes Cancer, by Doug A. Kaufmann
Cancer Cause, Cure and Cover-up, by Ron Gdanski

Why Does Cancer Spread?

As Mr. Ron Gdanski’s theory was described above, a carcinogen creates a cut in tissue (over 90% of all cancers originate in tissue layers). This cut causes a small pool of blood to form in the tissue. This small pool of blood is a safe haven for microbes because it is not part of the bloodstream.

In this pool of blood, microbes, especially fungus, grow and thrive. This pool of blood also weakens the cell membranes of the cells surrounding the pool. The combination of a weakened cell membrane, and many highly active microbes, allows some of the microbes to get inside the cells surrounding the pool of blood, thus causing cancer cells to form.

The question is, why does cancer spread? Is it because of colonies of microbes which are NOT inside the cancer cells, but are ready to get inside of healthy cells? Or is it because cancerous cells divide normally?

Both of these theories are probably correct. However, there is a third theory to consider. As the microbes inside the cancer cells divide, there may be pressure on the cell to divide more quickly than it normally would divide. In other words, the growth of the microbe population inside the cancer cells may force cells to divide quickly. At the current time this is only a theory.

For two types of cancer (Squamous Cell Carcinoma and Melanoma), and probably other types, it is strongly theorized that microbes inside the cancer cells leave the cells, travel through the bloodstream, then drill their way into normal cells, perhaps a great distance from where they left their prior host cell, thus causing normal cells to become cancerous and causing cancer to suddenly show up long distances from where the cancer was before. What is known is that the new sections of cancer did not form due to cell division and all the evidence points to microbes as the culprit.

Dr. Matthias Rath, a well-known cancer researcher, has yet another theory of why cancer spread:

  • “All human cells are surrounded by collagen fibres and connective tissue. In order to grow and expand, healthy cells need to break down this extra-cellular barrier that confines them. This process is essential for life and for this reason, cells produce and secrete various enzymes that digest connective tissue components, including collagen and elastin.”


The above website goes into more detail about his theory and the evidence behind it.

The bottom line is that it is clear than cancer spreads for several different reasons.

Four Ways To Treat Cancer

The medical establishment, and their friends in the media, would like people to believe that DNA damage is what causes cancer. While in rare cases, a person’s normal DNA may provide them an immune system which gives them a predisposition to get cancer, DNA damage has never caused a single case of true cancer. Cancer can only be caused when the Krebs Cycle and Electron Transport Chain are broken inside the mitochondria. DNA damage cannot break the Krebs Cycle and thus cannot cause cancer.

Why would the medical establishment want to mislead the general public about what causes cancer? There are two reasons. First, it gives people the impression that curing cancer is many decades away; and second, it gives people the impression that many more hundreds of billions of dollars are needed for cancer “research.”

Neither of these claims are true.

So what causes cancer? It has been known since the 1930s that various microbes are the cause of cancer. Once a certain kind of microbe is able to get inside of a healthy cell, the Krebs Cycle is broken and the process of cancer begins. The person’s immune system may or may not be able to identify and kill the new cancer cells.

Regarding DNA damage, researcher Ron Gdanski has shown, it is the DNA of this microbe, which is inside of cancer cells, that causes the DNA damage to the cancer cells. Thus, the DNA damage of cancer cells is not the cause of cancer, but rather the DNA of the microbe which causes cancer is the cause of the DNA damage in cancer cells.

In fact, the medical establisment has used viruses to get inside of cells with defective DNA in order to fix the DNA. This is called “gene therapy.” Thus, it is well known that the DNA of microbes (called “vectors”) inside of human cells can affect the DNA inside that same cell.

Researchers since the 1930s have discovered not only more information about the nature of the “cancer microbe,” but also why the microbe causes cancer.

With these things in mind, there are four ways to cure cancer:

1) By killing the cancer cells,
2) By killing the microbe(s) inside the cancer cells,
3) By building the immune system and letting the immune system cure the cancer,
4) By reverting the microbes inside the cancer cells into a microbe “in hibernation,” also called a somatid or microzyma.

Each of these ways will now be discussed.

First, By Killing the Cancer Cells

Most of the 300+ alternative cancer treatments work by killing the cancer cells. For example, cesium chloride, Protocel, graviola, Paw Paw, laetrile (i.e. Vitamin B17) and many other cancer treatments work by killing the cancer cells. They either target the cancer cells (e.g. cesium chloride) or they do no harm to non-cancerous cells.

While treatments that kill cancer cells are very helpful, they do have one drawback. Since most of these treatments (the main exception being laetrile) kill the cancer cells in steps, the immune sytem gets in the act and can cause inflammation and swelling as the cancer cells are dying. This can be as dangerous as the cancer itself.

When laetrile kills a cancer cell, it kills it immediately. The problem with laetrile is that with advanced cancer patients, it works best by I.V., but the FDA and AMA (American Medical Association) have shut down all laetrile I.V. clinics in the United States. The Oasis of Hope clinic in Mexico is probably the closest superb laetrile clinic.

While orthodox medicine (i.e. chemotherapy and radiation) claims to work by killing cancer cells, in fact chemotherapy and radiation do not target cancer cells, nor do they “do no harm” to non-cancerous cells. In fact, chemotherapy and radiation kill far more non-cancerous cells than they do cancer cells.

There are two very effective chemotherapy treatments that do not harm non-cancerous cells, but one of them (the one that targets cancer cells) was shut down by the FDA and the other is only allowed to be used by a very small number of medical doctors because of the AMA.

Second, By Killing the Microbe(s) Inside the Cancer Cells

The perfect cancer treatment would not kill cancer cells (which usually causes inflammation and swelling), it would kill the microbes inside the cancer cells. It is microbes that block the Krebs Cycle and the Electron Transport Chain. The cancer cells are innocent victims of microbes and if given the opportunity are able to revert back into normal cells.

Royal Rife, who in the 1930s discovered the microbe that causes cancer (he was not the first, but he was the first person with irrefutable evidence), cured cancer by killing the microbes inside the cancer cells. Dr. Rife had no intention of killing the cancer cells, his only intent was using electromedicine to kill the microbes inside the cancer cells. Many people were cured of cancer with his devices. Theoretically, a perfect Rife Machine could cure cancer in a matter of seconds.

The Royal Rife technology was lost to the world due to the actions of the AMA and the FDA, who have no desire to cure cancer (nor does the American Cancer Society, which is the public relations arm of the pharmaceutical industry). Because treating cancer as a chronic disease is thousands of times more profitable than curing cancer, orthodox medicine has agreed among themselves that they will never cure any highly profitable disease.

The ICRF is not part of that mentality.

Many researchers are looking for the methods Dr. Rife used, but so far only one (actually several people were involved in finding the correct protocol, but one person collected the data and perfected it) has been able to replicate what he did. The protocol of “this generation’s Royal Rife” can be found on the Cancer Tutor website under the title of Frequency Generators.

(Note: it should be understood that even with a perfect treatment many cancer patients would die from the damage to their non-cancerous cells, even after all the cancer cells have reverted into normal cells. The ICRF is well-aware that it is impossible to have a 100% cure rate on cancer patients who have had extensive orthodox treatments due to many different types of long-term effects of having cancer and being treated by orthodox treatments.)

Third, By Building the Immune System

The war against cancer is also going on outside the cancer cells. Guess what, it is microbes (though different microbes) that block the immune system from safely destroying the cancer cells.

In 1990, the greatest medical discovery in history was made by two medical doctors, a Dr. Kaali and a Dr. Lyman. They discovered the cure for AIDS / HIV. They discovered that microbes which are exposed to a small electrical current (50 to 100 millionths of an ampere), had a critical enzyme on the surfact of the microbe break apart. This meant that the microbe could not bind to human cells (e.g. white blood cells) and thus the microbe was rendered harmless and the body was able to eliminate the microbe because it could not “hang on” to any human cells. Obviously, organized medicine was not interested in curing AIDS / HIV, they wanted to treat AIDS as a chronic diseas, so the treatment (but not the technology) was buried.

Fortunately, one person was able to protect their discovery. Dr. Bob Beck, a PhD in physics, developed a non-invasive treatment that used this technology. He discovered that by removing all of the microbes from the body the person’s immune system was supercharged and was able to create many or all of the more than 2,000 neuropeptides (nerve proteins), among which are the well-known interleukin and interferon, which are known cancer-fighters.

Thus, to cure cancer all you have to do is kill all the microbes which are outside of the cancer cells in order to let the immune system supercharge itself, then the immune system will safely kill the cancer cells (without any swelling or inflammation).

There are several ways to kill all of these microbes, but the Bob Beck Protocol is by far the best that is currently known about because it is based on very solid science. Dr. Beck died in 2002. This is a treatment the ICRF is very actively researching even though many people are using the treatment.

There are also many supplements that claim to build the immune system, such as Transfer Factor Plus, IP6 and many others. These are excellent treatments, and are highly recommended for any cancer patient. However, for advanced cancer patients it can take too long to rebuild their immune system. In other words, due to damage to the immune system by chemotherapy, these treatments may work too slowly. These are advisable treatments, but except for the Bob Beck Protocol are not currently being researched by the ICRF.

Fourth, By Putting Microbes Into Hibernation

Some microbes can take different forms, called pleomorphism. Orthodox medicine knows, for example, that some bacteria can morph into a different kind of bacteria. But it goes much deeper than that.

Some cancer microbes, meaning a single microbe, can morph from a virus to a yeast to a fungus to a mold (i.e. mould) to a bacteria and to a large bacteria. These microbes can also go back from a lage bacteria to a virus. This is all the same microbe morphing!!

But it gets even more interesting. These same microbes can also morph into a sub-virus, called a somatid or microzyma. This stage of a pleomorphic microbe is sometimes called: “a microbe in hibernation.” While in a sub-virus state, meaning while in hibernation, the microbe does not eat and does not excrete mycotoxins. Thus it is harmless to the cancer cell. However, while in this state it is virtually indestructible and cannot be killed as far as we know (though apparently Bob Beck was able to do it).

There are those who say that cancer is caused by an acidic diet and that if a person ate the right foods they would never get cancer because the microbes would be sick, not the human cells. That is a true statement. But it is also true that few people are willing to live on a strong alkaline diet (e.g. the Robert O. Young diet in Sick and Tired? Reclaim Your Inner Terrain). Nor is such a diet necessarily healthy (i.e. many green vegetables are high in Vitamin K, which can cause blood clots).

The only alternative cancer treatment designed to put microbes into hibernation is the Robert O. Young protocol, which at the current time comes from the book just mentioned. While this protocol contains many supplements that kill microbes, none of the supplements are known to get inside the cancer cells. Only the alkalinity of the diet gets inside the cancer cells. This alkalinity is what drives the microbes into hibernation. Two other treatments may put some microbes into hibernation, but at the current time this is speculative.

When a microbe is put into hibernation, there is good news and bad news. The good news is that the microbe can no longer hijack glucose inside the cancer cell, nor does it excrete mycotoxins any more, nor does it disrupt the electrical balance of the cell. In other words, the Krebs Cycle and Electron Transport Chain can be restored and the cell can revert back into a normal cell.

The bad news is that if the somatid (microbe in hibernation) stays in the cell, and if conditions inside and outside the cell change, it could come out of hibernation and cause cancer again in the same location. Regression rates, which may happen when a cured cancer patient goes back to their old lifestyle, are a possible clue as to which cancer treatments work by this method.

This area of cancer research is very complex and the ICRF researchers are gathering data to help put the pieces of this puzzle together (the puzzle is why some treatments have high regression rates and others don’t).

Because of high regression rates of treatments which work in this manner, it is clearly better to kill the microbes than put them into hibernation.

Other Theories

There are other cancer treatments that claim they do not work in any of the above methods. One, for example, instead of supercharging the immune system, claims to work by supercharging the nervous system. The ICRF is interested in researching some of these treatments.

How to Rate Various Alternative Cancer Treatments

Cancers are rated as Stage I, Stage II, Stage III, and Stage IV. There are many different ways to define these stages, because there are many different kinds of cancer according to orthodox medicine. As you will understand in a moment, alternative cancer treatments on this web site are rated as Stage I, Stage II, Stage III, and Stage IV, but the ratings are different than orthodox medicine.

We will liken this discussion to a house fire. Suppose your house catches on fire and you have access to four things to put it out. First, you have a squirt gun (a “Stage I” treatment). Second, you have a fire extinguisher (a “Stage II” treatment). Third, you have a garden hose (a “Stage III” treatment). Fourth, you have a fire station near your house and they have fire hoses (a “Stage IV” treatment).

Suppose you leave a lit cigarette on a tablecloth on a small table. At this point it is a Stage I fire and your “Stage I” treatment (the squirt gun) can easily put it out.

But then suppose you don’t realize you left your cigarette on the table and the tablecloth and table catch on fire. This is a Stage II fire and your Stage I water gun won’t put it out, but your fire extinguisher (Stage II) will. And so on.

If the house has two rooms on fire, and the roof on fire, several garden hoses (Stage III treatment) will not put the fire out. It takes two or more fire hoses (Stage IV treatment) to put it out.

In determining the effectiveness of alternative cancer treatments, I would propose to rate them as a “Stage I” treatment, a “Stage II” treatment, a “Stage III” treatment, or a “Stage IV” treatment.” Actually, there are hybrids because some treatments take a certain amount of time to work, regardless of the cancer stage a patient is in.

A “Stage II” treatment, by definition, is a treatment that can significantly contribute, as part of a complete treatment protocol, to a cure rate of 80% or above for a “Stage I” or “Stage II” cancer. Ditto for the other definitions.

As an example, we know that the Dr. William Donald Kelley metabolic treatment had a 93% cure rate on patients that lived at least 1.5 years after treatment began. We know this because he treated 33,000 cancer patients and had a 93% cure rate on those who lived at least 1.5 years. This would categorize it as approximately a “Stage III” treatment (using an 80% cure rate as the dividing line).

How does chemotherapy and radiation rate on this scale? Chemotherapy and radiation do not rate at all, not even for Stage I. Their combined cure rate is 3%, if you cut through all of their statistical tricks (see my article “Introduction to Alternative Cancer Treatments” or the video “Cancer Doesn’t Scare Me Anymore” by Dr. Lorraine Day, M.D.)

Using the above example of a squirt gun, fire extinguisher, etc., chemotherapy is more like using a sledgehammer to put out the fire. Radiation is more like using a rifle, while standing outside the house, to put out the fire.

I never even mention a “Stage I” alternative cancer treatment. Any alternative treatment that can cure a Stage I cancer will also cure a “Stage II” cancer.

There are at least 150 Stage II alternative cancer treatments that I know of. There are at least 50 Stage III alternative cancer treatments (e.g. Essiac Tea, Kelley Metabolic, carrot and beet juice, etc.). However, generally several of these will be combined in an actual treatment.

One of the key breakthroughs in my research was learning that several “Stage III” treatments will rarely cure a “Stage IV” cancer!! It is like trying to put a “Stage IV” fire out with several garden hoses. It takes one or more “Stage IV” cancer treatments (i.e. fire hoses) to deal with a “Stage IV” cancer. It is for this reason that I rate alternative cancer treatments. I have seen too many failed attempts to cure a “Stage IV” cancer using several “Stage III” treatments.

What Are The Most Potent Alternative Cancer Treatments?

One opinion as to the strongest of the alternative cancer treatments (e.g. the “Stage IV” protocols) can be found on this article:
The Strongest of the Alternative Cancer Treatments

By definition, a “Stage IV” cancer patient includes, but is not limited to:
1) Advanced cancer patients, meaning those whose cancer has spread throughout their body (e.g. the cancer has spread to the bones, lungs, liver, pancreas or brain), or
2) Cancer patients with fast growing cancers or fast growing tumors, or
3) Cancer patients with high fatality cancers (e.g. lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, multiple myeloma, squamous cell carcinoma, melanoma, etc.), or
4) Any type of bone cancer, or
5) A person has had extensive chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy, or
6) Any swelling or inflammation of a tumor could cause a blockage of key fluids, or
7) A person has an estimated one year to live or less, or
8) Any other situation where orthodox medicine rates it as Stage IV.

The highest true cure rate I have ever seen for people slashed/burned and poisoned by orthodox medicine, and sent home to die, is 50%, though some newer treatments seem to be penetrating this level. The reason the number is not much higher is because half the people sent home to die have problems, such as major organ damage (beyond repair), radiation burns that will eventually kill the person, etc. For these people, even if you killed all the cancer cells in their body, they may still die of long term complications!

The Cancer Diet

In every case of cancer the “cancer diet,” meaning the things a cancer patient should and should not eat, is just as important as the primary treatment itself!

Here is an article on the importance of the cancer diet:
The Cancer Diet

“Buying Time” For the Treatment to Work

Several decades ago two-time Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling, and an associate Dr. Ewan Cameron, did experiments in Scotland that proved Vitamin C therapy can extend the lives of terminal cancer patients six-times over orthodox treatments.

The significance of this is that a cancer patient may include in his or her treatment items designed specifically to extend life, but not necessarily designed to cure the cancer. These treatments can literally “buy time” for other, more powerful treatments to work.

For weak cancer patients, meaning those will little energy, this tactic is very critical. Weak cancer patients have a different “cancer diet” than strong cancer patients (see the “cancer diet” article for details). Weak cancer patients also need treatments that will “buy time” for the more powerful treatments to work.

I talk about examples of treatments that provide a powerful boost of nutrition or antioxidants that can buy time, but I list of few of them here: Vitamin C, Vibe, Essense Health Blend, and the super-fruit juices (Mangosteen, Noni Juice, and Wolfberry Juice). Due to the amount of glucose in the super-fruit juices they should generally only be used in the first month of treatment.

The Importance of Healthy Cells to Treating Cancer

Non-cancerous cells, which can be loosely refered to as “healthy cells” or “normal cells” may be just as important to treating cancer as the cancerous cells are.

The reason this is true is that many cancer patients (who are not directly killed by chemotherapy or radiation), at least 40%, die of malnutrition. In other words, their healthy cells are so toxic, starved for nutrients, and have a loss of energy, that the patient dies just as if he or she had starved to death without cancer (except for the toxicity).

Of course, chemotherapy partly causes this, but even without chemotherapy cancerous cells steal nutrients from normal cells. Cancer cells not only steal nutrients, they also steal glucose and other sugars from normal cells.

The reason cancer cells do this is that they use fermentation to create energy. Fermentation takes about 15 times more energy than the oxygen-burning healthy cells. Or, as mentioned above, perhaps it is not fermentation but rather a huge reduction in ATP molecules.

In addition, there is what is called the “cachexia cycle.” In this cycle, the cancer cells burn glucose and produce a waste product called lactic acid or lactate. This lactic acid is expelled by the cancer cell and it goes to the liver. The liver then converts the lactic acid back into glucose. The glucose goes back to the cancer cell and the cycle starts again (i.e. the lactic acid is formed from the glucose).

The problem is that the conversion of glucose to lactic acid (in the cancer cell) and the conversion of lactic acid to glucose (in the liver) both consume enormous amounts of energy, which is effectively stolen from healthy cells.

Those cancer patients who have the “cachexia cycle” or “lactic acid cycle” are, by definition, Stage IV cancer patients. These patients need cesium chloride to stop the cycle in the cancer cells and they need hydrazine sulphate to stop the cycle in the liver. All of this, and several other things, are explained in the article on hydrazine sulfate.

Thus, healthy cells have both a problem with energy and a problem with nutrients (and possibly with toxins, microbes and mycotoxins – the waste products of microbes). It is the damage done to these healthy cells that leads to at least 40% of all cancer deaths (i.e. the patient dies before their cancer kills them).

This is interesting because chemotherapy and radiation kill far more healthy cells than cancer cells. But it may be the toxic damage done to normal cells (that survive the treatment) that eventually causes many cancer patients to die.

There is no doubt that the health and energy of the normal cells in key organs, such as the liver, is especially important in treating cancer.

Because of these things, an alternative cancer treatment, especially for Stage IV cancers, should flood the body with high-density nutrients, both in supplement and food form. This can make the patient feel good immediately, but its main purpose is to treat the healthy cells with much-needed energy and nutrients.

The products which provide these nutrients, and antioxidant power, are the same ones that “buy time” for the cancer patient: Vitamin C, Vibe, Essense Health Blend, Noni Juice, Mangosteen, and Wolfberry Juice, and others. This should not come as a surprise because “buying time” frequently amounts to protecting the normal cells from killing the patient via malnutrition. However, the key organs are also critical to both “buying time” and a powerful up-front nutrition burst.

Sometimes this burst of energy and feeling good is confused with curing the cancer. These products do not kill cancer cells as quickly as they make the patient feel good.

Juice Fasts

Very few of the alternative cancer treatments use a “juice fast,” but instead they use a “cancer diet.” However, I want to discuss juice fasts for reasons I will mention in a moment.

Juice fasts have been around for several decades. The Brandt Grape Cure uses a “juice fast” of nothing but grapes. Another possibility is substituting carrot juice and beet juice for the grapes. The Breuss cancer treatment is also a “juice fast.”

The theory of a juice fast is that the body (i.e. the cancer cells) has NOTHING to eat or drink except what you put into it (i.e. what you eat or drink). If you drink milk shakes and eat chocolate pie for your diet, your cancer cells will have a feast (more than you did).

But what if a person EATS NOTHING and drinks only the juice from one or two natural vegetables, fruits, herbs and/or other plants? In this case, as above, the body has nothing to eat or drink except what you put into it.

In the case of the Brandt Grape Cure, the body only has access to the juice from whole purple, red or black grapes. These grapes are known to have more than a dozen cancer-killing nutrients. Thus, during the Brandt Grape Cure the cancer cells only have access to eating cancer-killing nutrients!! Furthermore, the glucose in the grapes helps “carry” the cancer-killing nutrients into the cancer cells.

People sometimes wonder how drinking grape juice can cure cancer. If the grape juice is used in a “juice fast” it can cure cancer.

A juice fast can last anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks, but should never exceed 42 days without a break for several days. During a juice fast it is generally wise to have the blood checked for key minerals and other nutrients every couple of weeks. After the fast, a good cancer diet menu can be used for a week or two, then, in some cases, the juice fast can be safely repeated, if necessary.

The importance of “juice fasts” is made even more important knowing that the FDA, FTC, Codex (the U.N. equivalent to the FDA) are trying to destroy the AVAILABILITY of the natural substances used in alternative treatments. For example, 7 people have been arrested, spent time in jail or have been harassed by the feds in an attempt to keep the long-chain acemannan molecule off the market.

Cause Versus Symptoms

Everyone knows that orthodox medicine treats symptoms, not causes. In fact, the Cancer Merchants have no interest in knowing what really causes cancer, because that information could lead to a simple, natural cure (and already has many times). In fact, as mentioned above, farming, food processing, diet, the inner terrain, the immune system, and a carcinogen are the root cause of cancer.

However, in some cases it is necessary to treat the symptoms of cancer, until a person has time to treat the cause.

For example, most alternative cancer treatments work by killing cancer cells, directly or indirectly. While it is clear these treatments are only dealing with the symptoms of cancer, it may be life-saving on occasion to deal with the symptoms first.

In many cases, after an alternative cancer treatment is done, the cause of the cancer: a poor inner terrain, lack of essential fatty acids, microbes, mycotoxins, etc. is still firmly in place. While everyone knows this with regard to orthodox treatments, few think of this with regards to alternative medicine.

Thus, if a person just “pops pills” to cure their cancer, when the cancer is cured the patient still needs to deal with their inner terrain and immune system.

This is another reason for the importance of the “cancer diet.” The “cancer diet” on this web site meets the criteria of the Robert O. Young books (with exceptions that are explained). Thus, while the treatment is treating the symptoms of cancer (i.e. the cancer cells), the diet is treating the cause of the cancer AND not interfering with the treatment!!

There have been too many cases where a person is cured of cancer with alternative medicine, only to have the cancer return in a few months. It is important for a cancer patient not to return to their former way of life the minute they think they are cured.

The Lorraine Day diet/treatment consists of a very specific diet of mostly whole, raw foods. The diet is what actually “cures” the cancer because it builds the immune system. You cannot “cure” cancer without building the inner terrain and immune system! However, she also has a couple of items that treat the “symptoms” of cancer (i.e. the cancer cells), namely carrot juice and barleygreen powder.

No matter what treatment you use to kill the cancer cells, or revert them back to being normal cells, you must also do things to “cure” your cancer for the long term by using a special diet. Perhaps it would be best to think of a “short term” cure (i.e. treating the symptoms of cancer) and a “long term” cure (i.e. treating the inner terrain and immune system.

It is very important to separate in your mind those things that treat the “symptoms” of cancer (i.e. the cancer cells) and those things that “cure” cancer (that build the inner terrain, kill microbes, build the immune system, etc.). Too often people think their cancer is cured when the cancer cells are dead and then they go back to their old way of life.

The third lesson in this tutorial is about what to do after you are in remission. The point to remember is that a good rule of thumb is to have 80% of your diet, after treatment, be in harmony with the “cancer diet” that helped cure you. The other 20% should not be French fries and milk shakes, but reasonable foods.

Inflammation, Swelling and Congestion

There is no doubt that one of the most difficult things about treating cancer is dealing with the inflammation, swelling and congestion that accompany many types of cancer.

Many alternative cancer treatments kill cancer cells. This can be good and it can be bad. It can be bad because before a cancer cell dies, it get sicker than it already is. At this point the immune system recognizes the cell as sick and attacks it. This may make the inflammation, swelling and congestion get worse before it gets better.

Thus, many alternative cancer treatments can make inflammation, swelling and congestion worse before they make it better. This can be very dangerous in many situations; such as some brain cancer cases, some lung cancer cases, etc.

There are, however, a few alternative cancer treatments that do not seem to make inflammation, swelling and congestion worse, before they get better. The Bill Henderson Protocol is one of these. Fortunately, it is a true “Stage IV” treatment.

How to Use Testimonials

Unfortunately, many people have made mistakes putting their treatment together because they did not know how to interpret accurate, truthful and well-meaning testimonials. I will talk about two major problems with interpreting testimonials, even if they are perfectly true.

First, suppose a person goes on the “Raw Food” cancer diet (e.g. carrot juice, beet juice, etc.), along with a number of other things, and cures their cancer. Then they put a testimonial on the Internet. Suppose further that they had a Stage III cancer and had never had orthodox treatments.

Now suppose another person is looking at the Internet. Suppose they have Stage IV cancer by virtue of their having had orthodox treatments and were sent home to die.

They may look at this testimonial and say to themselves: “Wow, that treatment cures cancer, I am going to use it.” Unfortunately, the Raw Food cancer diet, coupled with a long list of other Stage III treatments, will probably not cure a Stage IV cancer patient.

Thus, you must make sure that you are using testimonials that are equivalent in severity to what your cancer is.

However, even doing this presents a potential problem. The problem is that this same treatment might be able to cure a Stage IV cancer, but overall has a very low cure rate for Stage IV cancers. Let me explain.

Suppose the hypothetical cancer patient who was cured above was a Stage IV cancer patient, just like the person reading the testimonial. Virtually every Stage III cancer treatment will cure a small percentage of Stage IV cancer patients. Thus, suppose the cure rate for the Raw Food diet on Stage IV cancer patients is 15% (I don’t know what it is, but this seems reasonable unless a special vegetable juice is substituted for the grapes in the Brandt Grape Cure). Now suppose that one of these 15% patients puts a testimonial on the Internet.

Now on the Internet there is a valid testimonial from a Stage IV cancer patient. This testimonial is read by another Stage IV cancer patient. If the second cancer patient uses this treatment they have a 15% chance of being cured. This may sound good, but in reality there are Stage IV cancer treatments that have much, much higher cure rates than 15%.

Testimonials are marvelous things, and I wish there were tens of thousands more of them on the Internet, but the reader must understand how to interpret these testimonials.

Cure Rates

Having said that the cure rate for some Stage IV treatments is much, much higher than 15%, a person might wonder what the real cure rate is for orthodox medicine.

When a person thinks of “curing” cancer they naturally think that the person who is “cured” of cancer will die of old age, but not from cancer. This is logical. A person is “cured” of cancer if they are not going to die of cancer or the cancer treatment – EVER.

Or a person could say that a person is “cured” of their cancer if they have a less than, or equal, number of cancer cells than the average person.

So using this definition, what is the “cure rate” for orthodox medicine? Less than 3%. Yet, when you go to the American Cancer Society web site you see cure rates of 45% or 55% or whatever. What is going on?

What is going on is that you are seeing the tip of the iceberg of the deception of orthodox medicine. They use a useless “5-year cure rate.” Many cancers are slow growing, thus they have a very high “5-year cure rate.” But orthodox medicine has not cured them, and probably has not even extended their life. They have simply used deceptive statistical tricks.

Why You Need To Know How Treatment Plans Work

The first thing to consider is how various treatment plans work. It is critical to know exactly how various treatment plans work in order to pick the right treatment plan for a given situation. The first thing necessary to discuss is that most, but not all, alternative treatment plans fall into several main categories (these items kill cancer cells):

1) The first category is to get more oxygen to the cancer cells. If cancer cells are deprived of oxygen they thrive. Without oxygen, your cancer will spread like a fire. As the cancer cells get more and more oxygen the cancer will spread slower and slower. When they get enough oxygen, they will die. Several of the better treatment plans are designed to get oxygen to the cancer cells! There are some creative ways of doing this. For example, antioxidants generally fall into this category because they free up oxygen molecules already in the body. Hydrogen peroxide, on the other hand, brings new oxygen molecules into the body.

2) A second general category is alkalinity. Cancer cells are very acidic and if their alkaline level gets too high (8.0 or above inside the cancer cell) they will die (note again that it is the CANCER CELLS, NOT THE BODY, that can achieve a pH of 8.0). There are several ways to get the cancer cells to that alkaline level, but using cesium chloride is by far the most proven way of doing this. Cesium chloride not only kills cancer cells, it also stops the spread of cancer immediately and stops the pain of cancer within one or two days in many cases.

3) The third way is to kill the cancer cells directly through nutrition (instead of oxygen). There are many, many nutrients that kill cancer cells. Purple grapes, with their seeds, have over a dozen cancer-killing nutrients. The problem is getting enough of these nutrients to the cancer cells. One of the problems is getting the nutrients past the digestive system. This is where colon cleanses and avoiding chlorine become particularly important. There are also ways to trick the cancer cells into ingesting cancer-killing nutrients. Short fasts (12 to 24 hours) are the best way of doing this. There are also ways to “bind” molecules together, where one molecule easily gets into the cancer cell carrying the other molecule with it, and the second molecule kills the cancer cell.

4) A fourth general category is to stop the spread of cancer. Oxygen does that, but there are other ways as well that deal with the collagen that is between the cancer cells or in inhibiting glucose from getting to the cancer cells. The theory is that if the cancer cannot spread, then when the existing cancer cells die – so will the cancer. So far, the cure rates for the methods that use these approaches have not been proven to be as high as the cure rates for some of the other methods of attack. These methods should be supplemented with methods that directly kill the cancer cells.

5) The fifth way is to build the immune system. These techniques, usually special diets and supplements, essentially build the correct pieces of the immune system that deal with cancer (most of the parts of the immune system do not deal with cancer cells). Then the immune system takes care of the cancer. With special diets, what you don’t eat is just as important as what you do eat. These treatment plans (e.g. macrobiotic, raw food, Jon Barron, etc.) do not work as fast as other treatment plans, and should be strongly supplemented for people with less than a year to live (this is only a rule of thumb). Raw foods have far more critical enzymes than cooked foods (cooking kills the enzymes), and the trend in alternative cancer treatments is clearly towards raw, organic food diets that totally exclude dairy products, meat, etc. For those who have been sent home to die by orthodox medicine this item is far less important in the short run. This is because their immune system is so destroyed by orthodox medicine that even tripling their immune system elements will still not have an immediate effect. Nevertheless, it can have a long term effect.

6) A sixth way of killing cancer cells is to starve them to death. Cancer cells require massive amounts of glucose and other sugars to survive. Normal cells require far less glucose and other sugars. The Breuss diet is a 42-day “fast,” where the only foods that are allowed contain very low levels of glucose and other sugars (actually it is a little more complicated than that). The cancer cells literally starve to death, but normal cells can survive the “fast.” (Note: normally when alternative health people talk about a “fast,” any long term “fast” includes food, but the types of food allowed are very restricted. Also on “fasts” an unlimited amounts of natural water or distilled water [for detox reasons] are generally allowed.)

These are not the only ways alternative treatments deal with cancer, but most of the more proven treatment plans fall into these categories. It turns out that cancer cells are not only very different than healthy cells, they are very fragile and easy to safely kill.

Also, I should mention that virtually all types of cancer can be treated identically. Exceptions are brain cancer, because of the “blood brain barrier,” bone and bone marrow cancer, because there are no blood vessels that directly get to the cancer cells, and leukemia, which originates in the bone marrow. These, and several other types of cancer, require special consideration.

[Note: I have articles on several specific kinds of cancer (e.g. brain cancer, leukemia, etc.). Links to these articles can be found in Step 5 of my main web page.]

What you really need to know is how fast these treatments work. For example, a person with less than 4 months to live should not use laetrile or metabolic therapy because these treatments do not work fast enough. These people should use a Stage IV treatment.

Likewise, in this situation it is too late to depend on the immune system being built up fast enough to help. There is nothing wrong with building the immune system (for later use), but it won’t be built up fast enough to help within 4 months.

More on the Rife Machine

Royal Rife was a genius. He designed an incredible microscope in the 1930s that even by today’s standards would be amazing. He figured out how to kill microbes with radio waves, then built a machine to kill microbes which were inside the cancer cells. And he did many other things.

Unfortunately, the head of the AMA during his productive years was perhaps the most corrupt AMA head in history. A book was written about him called: Medical Mussolini, to give you some idea of what kind of man he was.

There is absolutely no question in my mind that if there were not so much corruption among the Cancer Merchants that the cure rate for cancer would some day be 99.9%.

If that day ever comes, this is how I envision a cancer treatment.

1) A cancer patient is diagnosed with cancer in a doctor’s office,
2) A quick analysis of the type of microbe involved is made,
3) The patient is taken into another room and immediately given a treatment with a Rife Machine, which is adjusted to kill the specific microbe being dealt with,
4) Before leaving, the patient is put on a strict Robert O. Young diet, with several key supplements to be taken daily,
5) Additional Rife treatments last another two or three weeks,
6) The diet and supplements last two or three months,
7) The patient then goes back into the office and is declared to be cured,
8) The patient is put on a cancer prevention diet, which would include the Budwig Diet and the Robert O. Young diet, immune builders, etc.

It is that simple. It should be that simple. If Royal Rife had been accepted by the medical community (which many people of his day wanted) cancer today would be no more than a footnote in history. It would be no more dangerous than the flu.

It should be that way with the modern frequency generators. But the patients of the new frequency generators, which are more potent than Rife’s original device, almost always have one foot in the grave (i.e. they are very sick), which significantly decreases its potential.

With the removal of corrupt politicians, the removal of the corrupt AMA, ACS, etc., within a few years the cancer cure rate would be over 99%. I know that for a fact.

The Bob Beck Protocol, which is an excellent electromedicine treatment for cancer, is also ignored by the medical community.

A large part of the future of alternative medicine is in electromedicine.




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