When your child gets a temperature of 42deg C / 104deg F you get really concerned because your child will start to convulse!

What actually happens is when their temperature gets to 47deg C / 115deg F their brain cells die. CELLS DIE!

It is NO coincidence that plant cells also die at 47deg C / 115deg.  Therefore:

When we cook or steam our food at 100deg C / 212deg F or zap it in the Microwave or oven:-


We have KILLED the essential Amino Acids and

We have changed the form of the nutrition from an ORGANIC form that the body can absorb, to an INORGANIC form that the body cannot assimilate.

We are eating DEAD FOOD!

Unravel the mysteries about the foods that kill your body…

Killer No. 1 – Meat


The average Westerner takes in over 48 kilos of white fat a year!  Imagine two and a half bags of concrete! That’s over 100 pounds on the old scale.  Your human body doesn’t have the detergents and chemicals that are in your kitchen cupboard to break down this fat and grease that passes into your blood and through your arteries.  So what happens?  Just like your water pipes that start to block up with corrosion so your arteries do the same.  The passage for your blood to pump round becomes restricted, which means your heart has to pump harder and so your blood pressure increases, your heart has to work harder, (increasing the risk of having a heart attack, myocardial infarction or pulmonary embolism), you are put on drugs to thin your blood, that cause side effects that require more drugs and so the Band plays on!!


Did you know that when you cook meat the protein in it turns to uric acid, this then leaves an acid ash in the body which in turn leaches calcium out of the bones and teeth, causing gout, arthritis or osteoporosis or other physical problems.


Also after it is cooked, the white fat that is in the lean meat coats the cells of the body, which stops most nutrition from penetrating your cells denying them of essential life and the ability to re-build themselves stronger.



Killer No. 2 – Dairy


Consuming dairy products give us an intake of buttermilk which does the same to your cells and arteries as meat does, clogs your arteries and coats your cells with the fat and buttermilk.


A Type Two Diabetic does not have a problem with making enough insulin.  What happens is when the pancreas makes the insulin it passes through the body to the cells where the insulin receptors are.  Because these cells are so coated in fat & buttermilk the insulin cannot get through this coating to the insulin receptors.  The blood sugar level goes up and calls out for more insulin.


As soon as you cut out your meat and dairy, usually within days the blood sugar levels come down and less insulin is required. We have many type two diabetics who have been insulin dependent for many years, and some, within two months are off their insulin completely.  Do you see it’s not Rocket Science?


What about milk you say? The milk that is for sale has been pasteurized which means the calcium is changed from an organic form to an inorganic form, which the body cannot absorb.  Instead it leaves an acid ash in our bodies that actually leaches calcium out of our bones and teeth leaving them weaker and actually helps the onset of osteoporosis, the very disease it is supposed to keep at bay.  This is why my Mother-In-Law who has faithfully drank close to half a gallon/2 liters of milk everyday of her life ended up with osteoporosis.


What do we do?  I’ll tell you shortly how we prevent and rebuild our bodies against this decay.



Killer No. 3 – Sugar


A hundred years ago the average intake of sugar for the year per person was just a quarter of a kilogram.  Today if you are like the average Westerner you will consume over 58 kilograms of sugar a year!  So what is wrong with that you ask?  That is 200 times the amount!


No wonder we are so sick.  It takes just 33 teaspoons of sugar a day to make our immune system NOT FUNCTION.


A can of soft drink has 11 teaspoons of sugar.  A small low fat yogurt has 45 grams or 9 teaspoons of sugar!  Ice cream is 37% sugar; most breakfast cereals are over 50% sugar.  All processed foods have sugar in otherwise they would taste bland or even terrible.


So you see it is very easy to have your IMMUNE system totally shut down and your body susceptible to catch every cold or flu or what ever else may be in the offering.  Kids today are being diagnosed with ADD and ADHD. These are new diseases of the age.  Before this our kids simply had ants in their pants and couldn’t sit still because of all the sugar Mum was allowing in their diet.


We have testimony after testimony about how in just a few short weeks on the Hallelujah Diet (or lifestyle, as I prefer to call it), that their kid’s problems are all gone.


One mother reported that not only had she lost 28kgs and had more energy but her child who had been in remedial reading as a poor learner was now the most outstanding learner in the class.


How powerful to see this dramatic turn around, within a few months!!


What we are putting into our bodies and our lifestyle is causing almost every physical and psychological problem that we are experiencing today!



Killer No. 4 – White Flour


Do you know how white flour is made?  First they take the natural grain and remove the shell.  They call this bran and sell it in the Health Food stores.  Then they take the wheat germ that contains all the nutrients, out of the flour because it gums up their machinery and turns rancid.  So they send that off to be sold in the Health Food store also.


What is left is called endosperm, which they grind into very fine powder, but it is not white enough so they bleach the flour with something very similar to bleach.  The problem now is they have this very white bleached powder that has no fiber or nutrition in it so they have to add something otherwise people wouldn’t eat it.


So now they introduce some coal tar, which is an artificial chemical vitamin.  They are of no use to the body because your body can’t absorb these non-organic chemical vitamins, but they call it enriched!!  Enriched what I ask?  Enriched poison my friend.  You cannot build a healthy living cell or nourish a healthy living cell with that dead, devitalized, bleached toxic substance.  You simply can’t!


Do you remember as a child when we didn’t have any glue so we would mix up this wonderful super glue out of white flour and water?

Is it any wonder that 60% of Australians and Westerners have constipation problems and may only have 2 bowel movements a week instead of the healthy 2 or 3 a day?

Is it any wonder we have a nation of TOXIC COLONS?

Is it any wonder that Colon Cancer is rapidly increasing?

I read of a surgeon who reported he had only seen one healthy colon out of close to 2,000 surgeries.



Killer No. 5 – Salt


Salt kills live bacteria and is used in preserving food.  As sodium chloride, it is a deadly poison that once in the body draws water out of the blood stream and leaves our bodies shouting for water to dilute it.  Sodium chloride is an inorganic toxic substance that the body cannot use.


OK so give me the good news!

The great news is that you can make a choice to take control of your health and renew your body just like Malcolm did who was sent home to set his affairs in order.



Sent Home To Set Affairs In Order!

My lovely wife Jane & I began the Hallelujah Diet the day the oncologist said to me ‘The chemo hasn’t worked, so you’d best go home and get well.’ Four months of oral chemo was given to reduce the high white blood cell count. The normal range is between 4 and 11. My count was hovering around 56 – 59. A friend at church heard of our dilemma and loaned us ‘God’s way to ultimate Health.’  We spent a few days away in the country devouring the book and seeking the Lord’s guidance in what we should do. I was awake at 1am; (we were to see the oncologist at 3pm) and I woke Jane and said ‘I really believe we should ask the Dr for a month off the chemo, and then we can give the Hallelujah Diet an opportunity to build good things into my body without having to work against the chemo.’  We drove the 100 kilometers back to Melbourne to see the Dr who told us BEFORE we even asked ‘No more chemo for at least TWO months’. I could only say ‘Thank You Lord.’  Here was our answer and He provided it.

I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis at the age of 27. I am now 60. Over the years I have taken no less than 14 different drugs to alleviate the pain, swelling and other effects of the disease in my body. Then there were the tablets for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart pain, stomach ulceration caused by the arthritic drugs, and then on top of all that, I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma almost 5 years ago. The NHL only became aggressive early last year, and as we had already booked a trip overseas the oncologist allowed us to defer treatment until we came back. We attended a course at a Christian Ministry centre in England and on our arrival we found on our pillows a bookmark each. The scripture verse on mine was from Jeremiah chapter 30 verse 17a. ‘I will restore you to health and heal your wounds, declares the Lord.’  What a wonderful promise that has been to us both.

The chemo began three days after we arrived home and what a devastating drug that is. I felt as though I was dying inside.

Through all this, the Lord directed us to people He knew would be the right people for us at this time. Two of those people have been the Australian Health Ministers, Chris & Maz Smith who lived just 15 minutes from us and have given us so much encouragement and care as we followed the Hallelujah Diet. That was tough going in the early days. We went ‘cold turkey’ into the diet. We used to love our takeaways, soft drink, white bread, red meat, fish and chips, and my coffee!!

The Hallelujah Diet has worked extremely well for us. We have both lost 12 Kilograms in weight. I no longer take ANY medication, either for RA, BP, cholesterol, stomach ulceration or the cancer!!  We sought natural therapies through a GP who practices those methods and is pleased with us being on the diet. On its own it did not reduce the white cell count sufficiently to be on the safe side. The count came down to 44 but then went to its highest of 62.

Our new oncologist is very positive towards the diet and encouraged us to continue with it. Not that we needed any encouragement! I also began a series of treatment using monoclonal antibodies. This has also been most helpful with the white cell count now in the normal range and has been for the last month.  Both the GP and the oncologist are stunned by the dramatic success of their treatments – it is because our diet is SO good and my body is SO healthy!  We believe that on this diet everything will remain within the normal range from now on.  Of course we attribute these dramatic improvements to several things. Prayer has been a major part of our journey, so are the Hallelujah Diet, meditation, exercise, and good understanding medical practitioners, and great friends who love us, pray for us and care about us.

Malcolm & Jane Knowles

Heathcote Vic; Australia





So now you know that if you give the living cells in

 your body, living food,  you DO have the power to

 rebuild yourself stronger and healthier.

But you DO  have to eat LIVING FOOD!



The majority of people eat DEAD FOOD that only weakens the body and allows the immune system to become depleted and subject to decay.  We see people failing in health, because they don’t know where to start. They think sickness is normal.


My friend, I want you to know that sickness is abnormal and a  body that eats living food and is not sick, is NORMAL!


This information is organized step by step for you to understand your body and that it requires the right kind of fuel or food for it to function on all eight cylinders.  I am about to give you a clear game plan, you will know exactly what to do first, second, third etc and why. Best of all in just 21 days you will know just how well this works for you.  If not I’m going to give you an IRON CLAD GUARANTEE!!  In just one year from today if you do take up the challenge to take control of your health and your life, you will see and feel a different person.  I don’t know anyone, who had done this diet faithfully, whose life has not been transformed!


Now picture this:  It’s a year from today (or a lot sooner), and you are off all medications and vitamins, your health has just sky-rocketed.  Your friends all ask you, "What have you done to yourself?" I hear this all the time from people who have taken control of their health and made a decision to do what it takes.


Many people say I’d love to have this or I’d love to be able to do that.  Most of the time they could have these things if only they would DO WHAT IT TAKES!



How Much Money & Time Will You Save?

How about you?  How much money will you  save on medications and doctors visits?   After just one month we were saving over $200 a month on meds alone!  That’s $2,400 a year!  That’s a decent holiday or decent donation to your favorite charity.  Not to mention the time you save on food preparation and washing the greasy dishes.  Or getting on your knees with those powerful toxic fumes from the oven cleaners!



What you are going to see now has been Scientifically Validated, Personally Evidenced and recommended by doctors, surgeons and dieticians throughout the world.  To name just a few:

Dr T Colin Campbell PhD, who headed an extensive eight year project in China relating diet to disease;

Dr Neil Bernard MD, President, Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine;

Dr Russell Blaylock MD, Board Certified Neuro-surgeon;

Dr Lorraine Day MD, who healed herself from cancer by using these same principles. She is an internationally acclaimed orthopedic trauma surgeon, once Chief of Orthopedic Surgery at San Francisco Hospital;

Dr John McDougall MD, Board Certified Internist.


The 21 Day Challenge


This is your menu. Very different but very easy.


Upon rising start with 1 teaspoon of Fibercleanse mixed with water increase to 1 tablespoon after 2 weeks (to be taken twice a day). We are looking for 2-3 healthy bowel movements a day.

20 minutes latter take a rounded teaspoon of BarleyMax either dissolved in the mouth or in 50 mls of distilled/purified water at room temperature. Never with fruit juice as that is acidic and the BarleyMax is alkaline.

The body in the morning is in cleansing mode so, no cooked food or fiber at this time so as not to hinder the elimination of toxins from the body.

Mid Morning


250-300mls of fresh carrot juice from a living foods juicer.


If juice is not available, a piece of juicy fruit would be a second best.




Before lunch, another teaspoon of BarleyMax as at breakfast.  Thirty minutes later, it’s either a raw vegetable salad or raw fruit.  This also is an all-raw meal, as cooked food is limited to after the evening meal.  Fruit should be 15% of the total daily intake (unless you have cancer or diabetes in which case you should eat to no more than one piece per day until the cancer or diabetes is gone.  It has been found that sugar feeds the cancer.)




A 250ml glass of carrot juice. If juice were not available, some carrot or celery sticks would be second best.




If you want to detox more quickly have another teaspoon of BarleyMax as at breakfast.  Thirty minutes later a LARGE green salad comprised of leaf lettuce (never head/iceberg as it has very little nutritional value) along with a variety of vegetables e.g. broccoli, cauliflower, beans, red cabbage, onion, corn, beet, peas, beans, capsicum (bell pepper in the US) radishes sprouts etc. Just whatever is in season. You could put sunflower and pumpkin seeds and of course avocado.


After the salad comes the only cooked food of the day if you feel you need some. Only 15% of daily intake to be cooked. This could be a baked potato, brown rice, steamed veggies, whole grain pasta, cous cous or a veggie sandwich on whole grain bread, baked sweet potato or squash. (If desired, lunch and supper can be switched, but only one meal should contain cooked food on any given day.)




If desired a piece of juicy fruit or a glass of freshly extracted apple or pear juice.


The Hallelujah Diet


The fundamentals of the Hallelujah Diet are explained under "The 21 Day Challenge" (above), and also include the following elements:


So What will I need you ask?  Basically a $199.00 Starter Pack to get you going.  (The following items highlighted are what are included in the Starter Pack.


You will need to start cleaning out the putrefied toxic waste that is sitting in your colon leaching toxins back into the blood causing your immune system to break down.


A Good place to star is by using:

Psyllium-based Fiber Product (such as Hacres Fibrecleanse) – Serving recommended on container according to weight either before leaving for work, or late morning. (Not recommended for pregnant or lactating mothers, or for long term use) An alternative would be 2-3 tablespoons of flax seed, freshly ground in a coffee mill, mixed into 250ml of distilled water or juice.

This is excellent in assisting the body to get back to regular bowel movements (normal is twice a day but many people only have two a week because of the white flour that binds them up and processed foods and meat).  It also aids greatly in removing toxins from the body, which is very important.  Just because you eat well now does not mean you automatically get rid of the toxic build up in your colon that has literally sitting there for years!  Most people have between 4kgs – 14kgs of toxic putrefied waste just sitting in their colon!  Seriously.  A beer gut is often no more than the above, quite hard and solid.  Another EXCELLENT (in addition to the fibrecleanse) way to detox is to use a FIR = Fan Infrared Sauna. For more information on FIR Saunas click here

Udo’s Choice Perfected Oil Blend – Use one to three tablespoons.  Can be taken straight or over salad.  Not recommended for cooking.  This will give you the essential omega 3, 6, & 9 fats your body needs.

Vitamin B-12 – To ensure adequate B-12 intake, take 1 tablet of vegetarian, sublingual, methylcobalamin three times a week.

Sunshine – This is free but essential.  Each day the sun is shining try and get about 15 minutes of sunshine on as much of the skin as possible.  Sun is so important in the production of vitamin D, which is required for the absorption and utilization of calcium and phosphorus.  Sunshine is especially important for growth and development of bones and teeth.  It protects against muscle weakness and involved in the regulation of the heartbeat.  Also aids in the prevention of osteo-arthritis, osteoporosis, cancer, and is necessary for thyroid function and blood clotting.

Exercise – Physical exercise everyday for a minimum of 30 minutes is extremely important.  Half the time should be aerobic activity and the remainder in resistance exercises.  A stretching and fast walking program is a good place to begin.

Carrot Juice – Fresh carrot juice, extracted from a living foods juicer (Champion, Twin Health, Greenlife or equivalent) is extremely important in meeting daily nutritional needs.  The carrot juice along with the  BarleyMax, make a dynamic duo in providing the body with the high-octane fuel.  As a maintenance program, you should try to consume at least two 250-300ml glasses of carrot juice along with three teaspoons of BarleyMax daily.  If I had a serious physical problem today such as cancer or diabetes, hypertension, I would increase my carrot juice to 6-8 250-300ml glasses along with four or more teaspoons of BarleyMax . The carrot juice is full of live enzymes, essential amino acids and organic nutrition that is absorbed into the blood allowing your body to reproduce stronger and healthier cells in just 10-14 minutes.

BarleyMax – The reason you need to supplement your diet with BarleyMax is because most of the time, food produced today is grown in soil that lacks the nutrients your body needs for building vital and vibrant cells.   BarleyMax is grown organically and contains the widest spectrum of nutrients from a single source (that I am aware of).  You should consume at least three teaspoons daily.  Three one half teaspoons may be a good place to start, building up to whole teaspoons in order to prevent too rapid cleansing reactions.

God’s Way To Ultimate Health  This book will give you the knowledge, testimonies, answer almost all the questions that you may have about this new Lifestyle.  This is called the Hallelujah Diet BUT it really is a new lifestyle that will totally renew your life and your mind



Here is my challenge to YOU!

If after doing this for just 21 days, you do not feel incredibly better, then whatever you have bought from us, we will REFUND YOUR MONEY plus pay freight!

You have nothing to lose by trying it and incredible health to gain!

By investing 21 days of your life see how YOU CAN GET YOUR HEALTH AND ENERGY BACK.



So how could this benefit you?


Reduce blood pressure.

Increase ENERGY.

Reduce use of medications as you progress.

Reduce aches & pains.

Sleep better.

Have clarity of mind restored.

Reduce weight.

Fewer visits to the doctor.

No need for expensive vitamin supplements.

Feel better than you have in years.

A new lease on life.




*NB: All Prices In Australian Dollars!


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What are 21 days out of your life to discover that life can be so wonderfully different and better?

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