Vaccine Autism Coverup, French soldiers did not get Gulf war syndrome

Since I have discovered that Dr Eisenstein has dramatic proof that AVOIDING ALL vaccinations for children significantly may reduce the incidence of hospitalization of children for Asthma by as much as 90%, it seems that our epidemic of autoimmune diseases clearly has a major vaccine component.

The outstanding presentation 2 weeks ago in San Diego on Vaccines, by NY Board Certified Pediatrician Lawrence Palevsky MD, made it clear that we now need to find convenient ways to let our patients learn for themselves about the real issues surrounding vaccinations.  It could be simplified to the main issue around benefit to risk ratio. His research made it clear that the benefits are unproven and grossly exaggerated, whereas the real risks are seriously underplayed.  The question then becomes for patients who may decide to modify the process by using only single vaccinations not combinations or by refusing entirely to have a child vaccinated – what is their best course of action?
That requires them to become very knowledgeable and few will have the time to get the 90 minute audio recording from his ACAM presentation or to get the PowerPoint, which was made available to all attendees on a CD. But some of these YouTube connections may be useful to help alert the public to the complexities involved.  Dr Eisenstein, as an MD and attorney, has a book that discusses religious and personal exemptions and the laws differ from state to state and that will influence the choice consumers may have to make if they choose to not have a child vaccinated.
For those that feel that they cannot fight the system, at least let’s protect the person to be vaccinated by delaying to a later age if possible and making certain that they are NOT ILL when vaccinated. Additionally Vitamin C clearly has been shown in Australia by Archie Kalikrinos to reduce adverse reactions to vaccinations. There the aboriginal children often died after vaccinations and the death rate was markedly reduced with simple administration of oral vitamin C, which could loosely be given as 1 gm per 10 # of weight or even 1 gm Vitamin C per year of age. 
Longevity Plus’s BioE’nR-G’y C is far better tolerated so at least have that form of vitamin C to help diminish stomach upset or diarrhea in children.  Then the issue becomes complex, as to what is the true risk of a population that is not vaccinated and that was also well covered in Dr Palevsky’s presentation. Simply search his name on Google and you can access his internet based presentations and learn much more (! 
Additional internet based vaccination information can be viewed at the following links sent to me by a FACT member.   
Garry F. Gordon MD,DO,MD(H)
President, Gordon Research Institute
From: David Ponsonby
Does this explain what is happening to the leadership in this country – they’ve all been vaccinated?

"Rainmen Rule". They have all the answers; they just can’t match them up with the right questions.

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