Uric Acid – Gout Stages

Uric Acid – Gout Stages


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1) Uric Acid Crystals can take a long time (months or years) to accumulate, most commonly in connective tissues in and around joints, especially in the lower limbs. During this period there may well be no symptoms whatsoever. About 95% of people with hyperuricaemia (high uric acid in the blood supply) will not have a gout attack throughout their entire lives. However, they may experience pain and discomfort from crystallized uric acid in their joints. Pain in the heel, "Achilles Tendon", is very common. Sometimes uric acid problems are even misdiagnosed as Rheumatoid Arthritis. The uric acid crystals will cut into the synovial fluid sacks that cushion all joints releasing the synovial fluid into the blood. This can cause blood readings to indicate Rheumatoid Arthritis when in fact the problem is really uric acid crystals.

2) Acute attacks are where a single joint is almost always involved in all initial episodes, and most often in the joint of the big toe. Typically local irritation and aching proceeds to tissues becoming swollen, red, hot, shiny and extremely painful. The pain is often described as the worst ever experienced.

3) There are periods between attacks. Some never have a second attack, or perhaps after many years, but in most the second attack occurs within a year. The frequency, severity, and number of joints involved tend to increase over time, eventually leading into joint damage and chronic pain after an average of about 10 years.

4) Chronic tophaceous gout large crystal deposits, or tophi, produce irregular firm nodules predominantly around the upper surfaces of the fingers and hands. They can form in other places as well, including forearms, Achilles tendons, and/or the ears. When untreated, these can lead to severe deformity.

How GC Works / Uric acid problems do not manifest themselves overnight, but instead are the result of years of more uric acid being produced than you expel on a daily basis. Each day your system has produced a little more than it secreted is actually leading up to your first attack. If we do not bring the system back down to a manageable level then new attacks can become more frequent.

The uric acid that is floating in your blood supply has little to nothing to do with the uric acid that has become crystallized and is now residing in connective tissue. This uric acid cannot be measured. These crystals are always there in a solid form "melting" when the levels in the blood allow and adding to the build up when levels in the blood become too high for the blood to carry. These deposits are what migrate into the joint causing the acute gout attack. When the tissue is full and your indulgence in foods produce more uric acid than your blood can hold, the uric acid starts to crystallize between bone joints.

If you look at your uric acid metabolic process as a 16 ounce glass, then lets assume that when you are young your glass has 6 ounces. After years of eating foods that are high in purines and acidic your glass fills to 14 ounces. Lets say that 16 ounces is the level that results in a gout attack. An average meal in purines may bring you up to 15.5 but luckily your system within 4 to 6 hours can brings it back down to 14.1. This is repeated several times until one day you top the 16 ounces and you are now in a gout attack.

With a strict diet, water and GC we can successfully bring that glass back down to 8 ounces, it will never be back at 6 again, but at 8 we can now manage the uric acid levels and avoid future gout attacks. This is main reason for the initial strict diet. Another is because GC will be "melting" your stored up uric acid at such high rates that any additional uric acid added to the blood supply will cause the blood to become hyper saturated. Your body is not going to be able to expel these excessive amounts quickly enough and can result in new deposits into other joints or cause the current attack to worsen. This "melting" of old stored uric acid is also the reason behind consuming non chlorinated water in large amounts which is needed to flush the newly dissolved uric acid out of your blood supply and past your kidneys.

If you do not remain strict on the diet during this vital healing time for any reason while trying to stop a gout attack then DO NOT take a GC capsule with that meal, skip that pill. This will take you longer to get over the attack, but will not result in the hyper state causing the attack to get worse or creating new smaller attacks in other joints. Uric acidHumans excrete a nitrogenous waste, uric acid. It is the product of nucleic acid, not a protein,of the metabolism.

Uric acid is the end metabolism product of purine, purine being the nitrogen-containing compound that occurs in nucleic acid. Confusion arises between the purine and protein, but they’re a totally different chemical structure however most foods that contain protein also have purines.

Uric acid is only slightly soluble in water and may precipitate out of solution contributing to the formation of kidney stones. Uric acid may also form needle like crystals in one or more joints producing the excruciating pain of a acute gout attack.

Curiously, our kidneys reclaim most of the uric acid filtered at the glomeruli. Why, if it can cause problems? Uric acid is a potent antioxidant and thus can protect cells from DNA damage. In our blood, for example, uric acid serves as an antioxidant and helps prevent damage to our blood vessel linings, so a continual supply of uric acid is important for protecting our blood vessels.

People who suffer with gout usually either overproduce uric acid or under excrete it. In severe cases a person may fall into both categories, causing severe gout attacks over and over again. A test for uric acid in the blood will not show the amount of uric acid that is crystallized in connective tissue waiting to cause the next Acute Attack.

Our herbal blend, GC, helps the body regulate this process and helps maintain a normal level of uric acid in the blood. The herbs combine with the uric acid to help it remain soluble. With just a small change in diet, a person will be able to eat a complete variety of foods and remain gout free.


Thought I would share ‘my story’. I have been a longtime sufferer of gout. First diagnosed when I was 22, I have dealt with it every winter for the past 17 years. It has gradually gotten worse, to the point where the medications (which I hated to take) weren’t as effective.

I ordered goutcare and have taken it for the last 2 months. I haven’t had one attack and not only that I have noticed areas where I had ‘aches’ and stiffness start to loosen up and become more flexible. I am and avid jogger/runner and last summer literally could only run once every 3 days because my right ankle needed that much time to recover. When I did run, sometimes I would get a sharp pain in the joint area for no apparent reason that I knew of.

Now, I am starting to run every day again and am feeling increased mobility and no pain or stiffness at all. I feel like I have new ankles!

Thanks for working with me and providing a great product! I no longer will be worrying about painful gout attacks!

David J Swanson Jr

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