Type of cancer and their probable causes due to CARCINOGENICS:

Type of cancer and their probable causes due to CARCINOGENICS:

LEUKEMIA, MULTIPLE MYELOMA – exposure to pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, toxic chemicals.

LUNG – sprays from spraynets, disinfectants, air fresheners, flowering agents, deodorants, paint thinners, tobacco smoke, parasite
- ascaris.

LIVER – nitrosamines from charred, barbecued, smoked, grilled burnt foods, hepatitis, cirrhosis, parasites, aflatoxin

COLON – Preservative sodium nitrites in hot dogs, sausages, longaniza, tocino, preserved meat products, parasites.

NASAL or NASOPHARYNGEAL – due to frequent intake of dried, salted, cured fish, parasites,  epstein barrr virus, fungus

KIDNEY – Excess food seasonings in instant noodles, junk foods, MSG.

PANCREAS – aflatoxin from spoiled peanuts or nuts, parasites.

BREAST – 90% chronic constipation, HRT, hormone laced chicken/ beef/ milk, iodine deficiency, emotion.

OVARY – parasites (warts, HPV, candida, yeast), excess estrogen hormones, hormone laced chicken/beef/milk, iodine deficiency, emotions.

PROSTATE – iodine deficiency, deodorants, hormonal imbalance.

BRAIN – closeness or exposure to radiation from TV, high tension electric transmission lines, mobile phone, parasites.

EYE or RETINOBLASTOMA IN CHILDREN – pesticides, toxic chemical exposures, insect repellant lotions.

MOUTH – chronic thrush or mouth ulcer, fungi or parasites (epstein barr virus, strep, staph, etc)

GALLBLADDER, BILIARY DUCT, DUODENUM – possibly parasite Fasciola Hepatica

ESOPHAGEAL – reflux, parasites, epstein barr virus, staphilococcus, streptococcus, fungus

BABIES BORN WITH CANCER – probably cell phone in bag near the fetus, pesticides, toxic chemicals exposures.

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