Q: Are there other ways to flush or clean out the gall bladder? Is surgery the only way to treat gall bladder problems? — Jerry K., Carlsbad, Calif.

A: Studies have shown that curcumin flushes out the bile ducts and gallbladder by increasing bile flow and stimulating contraction of the gallbladder. It is also a very powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Other studies show that gallbladder attacks secondary to gallstones (if they are non-obstructing) are strongly related to low magnesium levels and inflammation in the gallbladder.

The magnesium reduces the chemical reactions needed to form gallstones and reduces inflammation in the liver, bile ducts, and gallbladder. Studies have shown that people having gallstones frequently have low magnesium intake. Take 500 mg of magnesium citrate/malate twice a day ( www.jigsawhealth.com).

R-lipoic acid is a powerful natural antioxidant that in particular protects the liver and this will reduce inflammation in the draining bile ducts. The dose is 50 mg twice a day (www.lef.com). Eating a healthy diet, devoid of fried foods and omega-6 fats and oils will greatly improve the problem.


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