TUMOR Definition

TUMOR Definition – A swelling. An abnormal formation of parasitic,
non-inflammatory cells or tissue arising from the cells of the host, yet
progressive and independent in their growth. Tumors can be malignant or
non-malignant, they can be fast-growing or slow-growing, and they can be in
many parts of the body, such as the lymphatic glands or nodes, the urinary
and genital areas, or the abdominal structure. [SNH p.45]

Brain Tumors: The most common tumors of the brain are the meningiomas,
derived from the coverings of the brain, and the gliomas. Sarcomas and
cancers do occur but are almost always derived from tumors in other parts
of the body, for example, the breast and the bowel. Tumors of any size and
duration produce certain general symptoms indicative of an increase in the
intra cranial pressure, namely, headache, vomiting and optic neuritis or
swelling of the optic nerve just as it enters the eyeball. Dizziness is
another common symptom, and in the late stages mental changes may occur. In
tumors of the frontal lobe mental changes are sometimes the earliest
indication of the disease process. Tumors of the temporal lobe often
produce a dreamy state, sometimes associated with hallucinations of smell.
The position of the tumor may often be determined by noting the muscular
and sensory abnormalities of various parts of the body and correlating the
findings with what is known regarding the localization of function in the

The brain must be properly nourished and kept free of inorganic materials
that can cause this tremendous organ to malfunction. [NL 2-1]

Cause The inability to eliminate unhealthy material. [SNH p.46]

Hundreds of women have wondered why they have tumors and cysts in their
bodies. The cause, according to Dr. Christopher, is potassium deficiency.
When a patient takes plenty of potassium foods (not supplements) you can
remove the cause of the cysts and tumors. Other foods, which are lower in
potassium, must not be increased when you are trying to increase the
potassium in the system. When patients go on the three-day cleanse and
mucusless diet and take the female corrective formulas [Nu Fem], they
receive nourishment which is high in potassium. Miraculous things happen to
them. For even faster results, you can add to each cup of herb tea six to
ten drops of elderberry tincture or six to ten drops of black walnut
tincture, both of which are extremely high in potassium.

Cysts and tumors are like leeches, but they stay in places where there is a
body deficiency. As soon as the body is balanced and well, the cysts and
tumors have to go, because the material is too healthy for them to live on.

This is why so many patients brought Dr. Christopher cysts and tumors in
various sizes that they had expelled from their bodies. There is not enough
food, in the form of dying or deficient body materials, so they just decide
to leave.

There are several ways to receive your potassium. Dr. Bernard Jensen sells
a potassium broth made from dehydrated vegetables. Dr. Bronner makes a
similar, excellent product. You can also make your own potassium broth by
simmering equal parts of red potatoes, celery, carrots, onions, and herbs
to taste. Raw vegetable and fruit juices also flood the system with potassium.

When cysts or tumors grow in places where they can be seen outside the
body, often we react by having them cut out. This defeats healing by
working on the effect instead of the cause. You can cut cysts out, tumors
off, and burn warts off (which are also a potassium deficiency), or get rid
of as many moles as you wish, but unless you go to the cause, they will
grow back again, and you may end up with as many or more cysts, tumors,
moles as before. Different signs of potassium deficiency will keep popping
out on the body because the condition that needs correcting is on the
inside. You have to go into the cause, Dr. Christopher always insisted,
which is the way we have been eating. [EWH p.125]

Herbal Aids 1.    General Instructions: Rebuild tissue so the body can
slough off the tumor accumulation. This is done by toning the body
generally with alternatives. [SNH p.46]

2.    Scrofulous Tumor: See formula using plantain leaves, fumitory herb,
yellow dock root, white resin, olive oil and yellow beeswax. [SNH p.54]

3.    Compound Poke Root Liniment: See formula using poke root, bayberry,
sassafras oil, bay or laurel and tragacanth. Apply to affected parts 4-5
times daily. For tumors and enlargements, use plenty of friction or
kneading. [SNH p.62]

4.    Garlic Juice for Indolent Tumors. Apply the freshly expressed juice.
[SNH p.101]

5.    White Pond Lily: Apply a poultice of the fresh roots and leaves; also
the strong decoction makes an excellent base for mixing other ingredients
for application; the powder is often mixed equal parts with crushed flax
seed (linseed) or powdered slippery elm. [SNH p.165]

6.    Cleavers for Breast Tumors: Use the expressed juice mixed with
linseed meal, and apply to the breast; take 1 teaspoonful of the juice
while fasting in the morning. [SNH p.268]

7.    Slippery Elm Pack (female genito-urinary problems, growths, tumors,
etc.): Take the slippery elm powder and add sufficient water to make a
bolus. Knead the bolus until it is quite stiff, 3 inches long, and the size
of the patient’s middle finger. Cut into 3 pieces, each 1 inch long and
procure a fine sea sponge, sew a piece of silk thread firmly to the sponge,
leaving 3-4 inches of the thread to the hand. Smear the sponge with equal
parts of Vaseline and glycerine and set aside for use. Dip 1 piece of the
slippery elm bolus into hot water and insert as far as possible into the
vagina. Follow with the second and third pieces. Next, insert the smeared
sponge into the vagina opening (which will hold the bolus in place) and
leave for 2 days. Remove the sponge by pulling down on the silk thread,
syringe thoroughly with a cleansing agent such as yellow dock
(Rumex-crispus), and repeat the pack, or use our Vaginal Douche [Yellow
Dock Combination]. [SNH p.339]

8.    Bolus: (V.B.) One of the valuable procedures in the healing program
for a woman is the vaginal bolus. The bolus is inserted into the rectal
area. There are two types of bolus: one that dissolves at body temperature
and the other acts as a poultice. The poultice-type is made with healing
herbs to draw the poisons and toxins; and to break loose cysts, tumors, and
cancerous conditions even as far up as the abdominal area as the bolus has
a widespread influence, effecting not only the vagina, but also other
organs, such as the bowel and the urinary tract. This drawing-type bolus
generally consists of a group of herbs. [SNH p.503]

9.    Castor Oil Fomentation: In order to get rid of hardened mucus in the
body, which may appear as cysts, tumors or polyps, the following
fomentation is to be used:

Soak a piece of outing flannel or baby’s diaper in castor oil, squeeze
slightly so it won’t drip much, then place over entire frontal torso (neck
to groin and side to side). Place a hot water bottle (over the castor oil
application) over the liver area (the liver is on the right side just above
the waist). It should be noted that a heating pad is not too highly
endorsed here, unless a wet towel is placed between it and the skin–but
even then, a wet heat (such as the hot water bottle) is best. Leave all
this on for 1 1/2 hours; the hot water bottle may have to be refilled with
hot water several times, because it cools rapidly. The next three days,
over the same area covered by the outing flannel and castor oil, massage in
circular motion toward the heart with olive oil for 5 to 10 minutes.

The seventh day is a day of rest, not only from the fomentation, but every
part of the program, drinking only water the entire day–and every seventh
day thereafter will be done the same way. On the eighth day then, begin
again with the castor oil for three days and so forth, along with the
mucusless diet. the herbs, etc., until healing is accomplished. In the use
of the fomentation, the castor oil goes through the skin into the liver
area and lymph glands and starts drawing out the poisons and flushing them
out, while the olive oil goes in and heals and rebuilds new tissue. This
procedure may have to be carried on between six weeks to six months to
properly clean up the system, depending on the case. [SNH p.525]

10.    Incurables Routine: This program has been used for many different
malfunctions with great success in nearly every case: multiple sclerosis,
muscular dystrophy, stroke, deteriorating bones, curvature of the spine,
locked arthritis joints, tumors and cysts in nearly all parts of the body.
We have seen great improvement, reduction in pain and often complete
healing in cases supposedly incurable. As you read each step taken in this
program, analyze it and see if it can do anything but good. You will see
that not one harmful thing is recommended. For much more information on the
entire program see HHH p.85. [HHH p.85]

11.    Dr. Christopher’s Vaginal or Rectal Herbal Bolus: (V.B) Here is
another excellent aid for the woman (or rectal bolus for the man) who have
problems in the reproductive areas. Boluses are made with healing herbs
that help promote the following: (1) draw out the toxins and poisons, (2)
aid (with herbal foods) in making the malfunctioning area healthy, so that
cysts, tumors, and cancerous conditions will not have waste material to
survive on or live in, because they are all scavengers. Herbalists have
found that they will release and will be dispersed. Herbalists have found
that some will come out through the orifices and others disperse into the
blood stream and will be eliminated if the program is followed faithfully.
(3) The bolus spreads its herbal influences widely from the vagina or bowel
through the entire urinary and genital organs. The formula consists of one
part each: squaw vine herbs, slippery elm bark, yellow dock root, comfrey
root, marshmallow root, chickweed herb, golden seal root, mullein leaves.
These herbs are all in powder form. Coconut butter should be melted down so
that it will mix well with the herb powder. Mix a small quantity of this
powder, and wet to pie dough consistency with coconut butter (which can be
purchased from the drug store, health food store, or herb shop). Next, roll
this mass between hands until you have a pencil-like bolus approximately
the size of the middle finger and about inch-long pieces. Harden in a
refrigerator. Then these are to be inserted into the vagina much the same
as suppositories would be. It will be necessary to wear a sanitary napkin
in order to hold the bolus up in the vagina (or rectum).

Insert upon retiring and leave in all night, six nights a week. The coconut
butter melts at body temperature, leaving only the herbs, and these are
easy to douche out. The following morning use the Slant board combination –
number 12 below. [HHH p.191]

12.    Dr. Christopher’s Slant Board Combination: (Yellow Dock Combination)
This is to be used in conjunction with number 11 above. As an aid in
prolapsed uterus, bowel, or other organs, to assist in giving relief, make
concentrated tea (simmer down to half its amount) of six parts oak bark,
three parts mullein herb, four parts yellow dock root, three parts walnut
bark or leaves, six parts comfrey root, one part lobelia, three parts
marshmallow root. Inject with a syringe (while head down on slant board)
into vagina, 1/4 to 1/2 cup or more; or rectum, one cup or more; for
prolapsus or hemorrhoid problems and leave in as long as is possible before
voiding. Dose suggested is one fourth to one cup, one or more times in a
day, and drink one fourth cup in three fourths cup of distilled water three
times a day. When the tea is injected into the abdominal area and while on
the slant board, knead and massage the pelvic and abdominal area to
exercise the muscles, so the herbal tea (food) will be assimilated into the
organs. [HHH p.192]

13.    Dr. Christopher’s Black Ointment (an excellent drawing ointment):
Used historically (externally) on old ulcers, tumors, boils, warts, skin
cancers, hemorrhoids, excellent for burns and as a healing agent. This is
made with chaparral, comfrey, red clover blossoms, pine tar, mullein,
beeswax, plantain, olive oil, mutton tallow, chickweed, poke root. [HHH p.196]

14.    Is There a Natural Way to Eliminate Fibroid Tumors? A question to
Dr. Christopher in his newsletter. His answer is: Yes, there is. A tumor is
a swelling, an abnormal formation of parasitic, non-inflammatory cells or
tissue arising from the cells of the host, yet progressive and independent
in their growth. Tumors can be malignant or non-malignant. They can be fast
growing or slow growing and they can develop in many parts of the body such
as the lymphatic glands or nodes, the urinary and genital areas or the
abdominal structure. The cause of the tumors in an inability to eliminate
unhealthy materials and this generally stems from a lack of organic
potassium in the diet.

Begin by observing the procedure in the Three Day Cleanse and Mucusless
Diet, keep the bowels free with the lower bowel tonic [Fen LB] and use the
following procedure: drink one to three cups of potassium broth each day.
Make the broth with potato peelings at least one half inch thick, comfrey
leaves, celery leaves, cut-up celery stalks, a few carrot tops from the
garden, not wild, beet greens, spinach greens, chopped onions and garlic
and several whole, black peppercorns as a stimulant and digestant. Cover
the mixture well with distilled water and slowly simmer. If possible, keep
the temperature around 130 degrees for six to ten hours. Do not boil. After
simmering, strain the preparation. Use this broth between meals as you
might a tasty tea being sure to chew it well.

Besides using this broth we also suggest one cup or more per day of
elderberry tea. If elder blossoms are being used for the tea in place of
the berry add about a fourth part of peppermint leaves to avoid nausea.

Over the tumorous area use the comfrey combination also known as the bone,
flesh and cartilage [BF&C] combination. The use of this combination was
explained in the answer to the first question of this issue of the newsletter.

If the tumors are in the reproductive organs see the herbal combinations
mentioned in the booklet The Three Day Cleanse and Mucusless Diet. They are
listed under various titles, "herbal aid for female reproductive organs"
[Nu Fem], "herbal prostrate formula," [Prospallate] and "herbal aids to
equalize hormones and estrogens" [Changease]. Also, be aware of the rectal
and vaginal bolus [V.B.] and the yellow dock combination tea also explained
in that booklet. Whenever possible use the castor oil fomentation which you
will find in the cleanse program as well. [NL 1-3]

15.    Chaparral: The Kelly Research Foundation in Grapevine, Texas has
been active in cancer research. The following is a statement concerning
chaparral by Dr. William Kelly:

"I’ve found that chaparral is very effective in 7% of the cases of
malignancy. The action is not as many researchers believe–a specific
activity against the cancer cell, but rather an indirect one. In about 7%
of the cases of malignancy, the pancreas and the liver as well as other
tissue of the body are so congested with poisons such as medications,
sprays, drugs, metallic poisons, and pollutants, that these tissues cannot
carry on normal activity. This is basically an antagonist to the enzyme and
vitamin and mineral metabolism that goes on in the body. In cancer
specifically, we find that the pancreatic enzymes are locked with the
antagonists and are rendered totally ineffective. By chelating these
antagonists from the pancreatic enzymes, we find that normal activity takes
place and the person’s own cancer defenses take over and destroy the tumor
in malignant conditions. It has been found further and should be seriously
investigated by the Federal Government that Chaparral works well in
chelating the toxins out of the bodies of those who have been drug addicts.
We recommend taking two Chaparral tablets before each meal. This seems to
be an effective way of chelating antagonists from the body that otherwise
could not be accomplished." [NL 3-4]

16.    Cancer – Tumors and Cleansing the Body: Just a word about cancer. It
is a systematic disease. It depends on filth in the bowel and the blood
stream. Our understanding of cancer is different from that of the
surgeon’s. We see the body being able to "clean up its act" and stop
recycling the same old toxins around and around in the body. All channels
of elimination (including the skin) must be functioning. The food intake
must be pure.

Even though a person is operated upon for a cancerous tumor, there is no
guarantee that the cancer will not return simply because the cause was not

"Cancer" is a frightening word. The one we use is "cell deterioration."
This explains the process in the body more clearly than the word, "cancer."

Sometimes, during an operation for a tumor, blood spills over into the rest
of the body. This blood contains some of the tumor cells. The doctors
sometimes say, "Oh, the body will take care of those." Mendelsohn suggests
that surgery would be unnecessary if the body could take care of the cells
by itself.

The medical alternative to cancer surgery, chemotherapy, presents side
effects that sound like horrors out of an old Frankenstein movie.

Our program, "The Incurables," is a safe, nontoxic method to restore health
and strength. It is not as easy as surgery, however, it involves retraining
the little tyrants known as the tastebuds.

Remember the old Biblical statement from the Old Testament, "If the eye
offends you, pluck it out!" This phrase seems to be the general rule in
most allopathic treatment from tumors to tonsils. We now view the old
medical practice of bloodletting (to let out the bad blood) to be
primitive. How much more primitive it is to exclude an entire organ from
the body as punishment for its diseased condition. An automobile will not
function without a carburetor. A faulty carburetor can be replaced,
rebuilt, or cleaned out and the car will run again. The design of the auto
makes it necessary for each part of the engine to be integral. Parts cannot
expect to be ripped out of the system and still have good driving
possibilities. Every human organ is functional and contributes to the
smooth operation of the entire organism. It’s erroneous to think that
removal of an organ is standard procedure. Surgery is no replacement for
cleansing and rebuilding the body. We need to work with Nature instead of
trying to second guess it. [NL 4-2]

17.    Tumors on the Pineal and/or Pituitary Glands: From a letter to Dr.
Christopher about a person in a coma. At the end of his answer he mentions
that this same program can be used successfully with someone with tumors on
the pineal and/or pituitary glands. Here is the question: If a person were
in a coma caused by some hemorrhaging in the brain stem area, how might
this be approached herbally?

Dr. Christopher’s answer: We have an herbal formula we call "bone, flesh
and cartilage" [BF&C] that has been used successfully in these types of
conditions. Make a tea of the following herbs: six parts oak bark (Quercus
alba; Fagaceae; Cupuliferae), three parts marshmallow root (Althea
officinalis), three parts mullein herb (Verbascum thapsus), Two parts
wormwood (Artemisia absinthium), one part lobelia (Lobelia inflata), one
part scullcap herb (Scutellaria lateriflora), six parts of comfrey root
(Symphytum officinalis), three parts walnut bark (Juglans nigra) (bark or
leaves), three parts gravel root (Eupatorium purpureum). Soak the combined
teas in distilled water (at the rate of one ounce of combined herbs to each
pint of distilled water), then soak four to six hours, simmer slowly thirty
minutes, strain and then simmer the liquid down to one half its volume and
add one fourth vegetable glycerine (if desired). Example: one gallon of tea
simmered (not boiled) down to two quarts and add one pint of glycerine.

Soak flannel, cotton or any white material other than synthetics–never use
synthetics. Wrap the fomentation (soaked cloth) around the head area (like
a nightcap), tied under chin to hold in place, also down the spine to the
shoulders. The fomentation down the spine should be about four or five
inches wide. Put a shower cap over the head and a piece of wax paper, oiled
silk or plastic down the spine area. Keep this fomentation on the area
approximately twelve hours each day, either during sleeping hours or during
the day–whichever is more convenient. Drink 1/4 cup of finished
concentrated tea with three fourths cup of distilled water three or more
times a day. Do this entire program six days a week, week after week until

This routine has been used with cases of tumors on the pineal and/or
pituitary glands, and these tumors have decreased–in one case over 65
percent in six weeks, then over another month was completely gone. This
herbal formula will aid in rebuilding the hemorrhaging area with surprising
results. [NL 1-6]]

18.    Juices: Carrot, spinach, pineapple. [NL 3-5]

19.    Organic Potassium: Cancerous tumors have a very difficult time
growing when there is the presence of organic potassium in the body, so the
tinctures of black walnut or elderberry or any other foods high in
potassium can be helpful here, providing that the bowel is in good
condition so that proper assimilation can take place. [NL 3-6]

20.    Dr. Christopher’s Glandular Formula [Mullein & Lobelia] and Dr.
Christopher’s Red Clover Combination and Breast Tumors: When there is any
problem with the breast, and this should be noticed early, we use the
fomentation of 3 parts mullein and one part lobelia over the affected area.
It may be taken internally as well. Many Indian tribes have used a
fomentation of poke root externally to draw out the cancer. As with all
cancers, they begin in the blood stream and radiate out to other parts of
the body where they are manifested. The Red Clover Combination can be used
to help purify the bloodstream, the nutrient transport system of the body.
Cysts and tumors will not grow in an atmosphere where there is enough
potassium. Elderberry tincture can be taken for potassium increase along
with foods that are high in potassium. [NL 4-2]

21.    Tumor in the Ear: If a tumor in the ear has been diagnosed, the
Bone, Flesh and Cartilage [BF&C] fomentation is necessary along with the
incurables program. Tumors will not form when the body has sufficient
potassium. Organic forms of potassium can be found in black walnut and
elderberry tincture. Grape juice or green drink are good sources, too. [NL

22.    Cabbage Leaves: The leaves, when cooked and applied to chronic
ulcers, modify and heal them, and aid the resolution of tumors and wounds."
[NL 4-12]

23.    Red Beet: Our common red beet is a highly nutritious plant, The root
is an excellent appetite stimulant and is easily digested. …One therapy
for leukemia and tumors is to consume a couple of pounds of raw, mashed
beets daily. [NL 4-12]

24.    Figs: Contain an active ingredient called benzaldehyde which has
been found to be a very effective carcinostatic agent for reducing certain
kinds of tumors found in the neck, throat, and general lymphatic system
particularly the adenoids. [NL 5-1]

25.    The Flaxseed poultice is probably one of the most famous
applications of the herb. The ground seed is mixed with boiling water until
it is a thick mush. Other herbs may be added to it for specific conditions,
such as hops, mullein, etc. This is one of the best poultices, according to
Kloss, for old sores, boils, carbuncles, inflammations, and tumors. It is
excellent for enlarged glands, joints, swellings, pneumonia, pleurisy,
sprains, bruises, contusions, or inflammations of any part of the body,
according to Dr. Shook (ShoA: 182). Apply as hot as possible; cover with
waxed paper or plastic, and keep warm, reapplying hot poultices as needed.
It allays irritation and pain and promotes suppuration; lobelia will help
cure boils. It is commonly used for abscesses and other local affections
(Gri:319). [NL 7-2]

Testimonials 1.    Passed Some Tumors, One Almost the Size of a Grapefruit,
and Cysts as Well: When Dr. Christopher was traveling, using chiropractic
offices and naturopath’s offices, diagnosing, reading eyes, and helping
with herbs a lady…came to see him. In addition to the prolapsed
transverse colon infecting the entire reproductive system, it had impinged
on the bladder, so that whenever she laughed, sneezed, or coughed, she
would void her urine, a very embarrassing problem. In addition, one of her
breasts was so infected that the doctors were urging her to have it removed.

Dr. Christopher told her he could give her advice as to what to do, but
that he was traveling and wouldn’t be able to guide her or see her for
several months. She agreed to follow his instructions, and asked to see him
when he returned.

He put her on the full program. She was to clear the bowel with the lower
bowel formula [Fen LB], to clean the bloodstream using the red clover
combination, and to rebuild the reproductive organs with the female
corrective [Nu Fem] and the hormone-estrogen formula [Changease]. She was
to continue the whole program, six days a week.

When he returned to that city six months later, she had called and
prearranged an appointment. She bounced in, looking years younger, all
smiles. She said her urine loss was under control now, with no unwanted
voiding. She had no pains in the ovaries; in fact, she had dropped some
stones from the three-day cleanse. She had also passed some tumors, one
almost the size of a grapefruit, and cysts as well. When she went to the
family doctor for an examination, he was astounded, because her body was
rebuilding itself. The breast they were going to cut off had healed itself,
with no more infection. She felt that it was a new world, and that life was
worth living again.

Although she healed rapidly and consistently, Dr. Christopher pointed out
that herbs don’t work all at once, but you have to apply yourself and be
patient to wait for the results of your hard work. [EWH p.114]

2.    Tumor from Leg Decreases: I want to tell you this because maybe it
will help someone else. I have a tumor on my leg (almost gone). I’ve been
putting the B & B cotton balls on it, with plastic and tape. My leg got so
itchy I couldn’t stand it, also the skin all around the tumor got lumpy.
Anyway, I thought maybe it was the plastic but when I didn’t use it, the B
& B would dry so fast I was changing it all day long. This is how I solved
it. I cut a slice of potato, big around, cut a groove in the slice to make
room for the cotton balls soaked in B & B. I put the plastic on the back of
the potato slice (none of it touching the skin) put the tape (I have a very
good silk tape) on the other side of the plastic to make a little pad, none
touching the skin, then a cloth wound around, holding the whole thing in

This was a good sized tumor. I was amazed when I would take the bandage off
it would just squirt all over. Well, I’ve had it getting bigger for 15
years, and now its almost gone. I’m so glad I didn’t have to have my leg
all cut up. Wow, wouldn’t it have left a hole. I don’t even think I’ll have
a scar. [NL 2-2]

3.    Comfrey: Dr. Charles MacAllister, M.D., was interested in the use of
comfrey as a healing agent. He had written a paper in the 1896 edition of
the British Surgical Journal, Lancet. In it, he gave his philosophy
concerning the bloodstream and irregular cell growth. Dr. MacAllister
wanted to look up his paper and noticed an article in the same issue by a
Professor William Thompson, President of the Royal College of Surgeons in
Ireland. Thompson recorded a case of a man who had been diagnosed as having
a malignant tumor on his face. The patient had undergone surgery of the
palate in an attempt to remove the cancer.

A month later, the cancer returned. This time it ran rampant throughout the
patient’s head. They gave up on cutting it out. It had gone too far, and
they sent him home. Three months later he returned to Thompson’s office and
was examined. Thompson noted that the cancer had completely disappeared.
The patient told Dr. Thompson that he had been applying comfrey poultices
to the swelling and that it had gradually disappeared. The patient had a
custom-made palate to fill in the hole left by surgery of the hard palate.
Thompson states in the report that although he knows nothing of the use of
comfrey, he does not believe that it would remove a sarcomatous tumor.

MacAllister was inspired by that article of Dr. Thompsons and began to
wonder if there was actually anything in comfrey that would control or
stabilize cell growth. He began an extensive study of comfrey although he
had never before heard of its use as a medicine. Beginning with old books
on materia medica (substances used medicinally), MacAllister found that
after the mid-nineteenth century, comfrey or Symphytum was referred to as
obsolete as a healing aid. He then began to search through the ancient and
medieval herbals which told the history of the use of comfrey. There were
several varieties of the plant used, one was known to Turks and Saracens
for use in healing battle wounds. [There is much more to read about the
comfrey and the components that MacAllister discovered. To read more go to
the source of newsletter 4-3.] [NL 4-3]

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