Tian Xian Plasters

Tian Xian PlasterTian Xian Plasters

Packaging: 4 sheets/box

PRICE: US$ 20 /box


All kinds of tumor pain, rheumatic pain, vertigo on car or ship, headache, abdominal pain,
pectoralgia, sprain and aching pain of any part of human body.
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Product Information
This product is for external application through direct skin absorbing to inhibit the growth of cancer cell, or to stop pain. What used in the prescription are drastic anti-cancer Chinese medicine. Among them, Venenum Bufonis and Borneolum can enhance the penetration of the plaster and stop pain in short time. It can be used together with Tian Xian Liquid and Capsule for most cnacers. For non-cancer users, this product can be applied for pain caused by muscular strain spur and arthritis and angina pectoris becuase this product composed by Chinese herbs, has good effectiveness in promoting blood circluation and removing blood stasis. Because of its good penetration, Venenum Bufonis used in this prescription can lead other anti-cancer medicine to the area of tumor killing cancer cell or repressing their growth. Borneolum can stop pain by stimulationg sensory nerve. Calculus Bovis has obvious inhibition on mice sarcoma. Fel Bovis had obvious inhibition on mice sarcoma. Fel Bovis extract can inhibit Warger’s cancer in rat. Adequate dosage of it can cause tumor producing wide and severe necrosis.

This product is for external use. It can stop pain and resolve swlling caused by tumor. Besides, it has very good effectiveness in removing angina pectoris and pain cuased by muscular strain, spur and arthritis etc.

Application and Dosage
External application. Once a day, 1 dose – 2 doses each time. Externally adhibited on focus, to be taken off after 8-12 hours. (Applied with great care for dermal sensitivity).

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