Tian Xian Capsule #7

Tian Xian Capsule #7

China No. 1 Tian Xian Capsule #7
Packaging: 180pcs/box
PRICE: US$150/box

Mammary cancer, oophoroma, cancer of uterus, thyroid
cancer, cancer of kidney, cancer of lympha, osteocarcinoma,
prostatic cancer, cancer of testis, cancer of urinary bladder,
cancer of vagina, skin cancer.

Product Information

This product is mainly composed of anti-cancer Chinese medicines acting on urogenital system, lymph, thyroid, bone, etc. and applied for tumor of urogenital system. The prescription strengthen the body resistance to eliminate pathogenic factors. Radix Ginseng, Radiz Astragali seu Hedysari can improve the immune function of body. Other medicine directly kill or repress cancer cell of body so as to attain the goal of eliminating tumor of urogenital system and the part of lymph, thyroid and bone, etc. Rhizoma Pleionis stop mitosis of cancer cell at middle stage and obstruct DNA synthesis. It can inhibit various animal tumor in animal experiments. The active ingredient extracting from it has good effect for mammary cancer, carcinoma of uterus, oophoroma, prostatic cancer, carcinoma of urinary bladder, carcinoma of kidney, malignant lymphoma, thyroid cancer and osteocarcinoma in clinc.

This product mainly applied to treat mammary cancer, thyroid cancer, mediastinal tumor, lymphosarcoma, carcinoma of kidney, prostatic cancer, carcinoma of testis, carcinoma of vagina, carcinoma of penis, carcinoma of urinary bladder and osteocarcinoma, etc.

Application and Dosage

Oral administration, 3-6 pills each time, 3 times daily, to be taken with lukewarm boiled water after meals.

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