Tian Xian Capsule #3

Tian Xian Capsule #3China No. 1 Tian Xian Capsule # 3
Packaging: 180pcs/box
PRICE: US$150/box

For reducing the reaction and toxic side effect of radiotherapy
and chemotherapy, also can be used for leukemia.

Product Information
This product has the function of regulating and supplementing qi and blood of body which is an important base of the body. It is very important to the body whether it has sufficient qi and blood or not. Leukemia as well as the side effects caused by chemo and radio therapy are the biochemical damage on qi and blood. This product can prevent and gradually remedy such damage to reduce those side effects and cure leukemia. Radix Ophiopogonis in this prescription can treat the decrease of leukocyte in mice caused by cyclophosphane and radio disease of dogs. The active ingredient extracting from Radix Ophiopogonis has very good effect on reducing side effects of radio and chemo therapy in clinic. Indigo Naturalis has the efficacy as an antipyretic and detoxicant, and as an agent to remove heat from blood. It can inhibit variety tumors. It is used to treat chronic granulocytic leukemia in clinic and its effectiveness reaches 87.3% in clinic.

This product is applied for reducing the reaction and side effects of chemo and radio therapy as well as to cure leukemia.

Application and Dosage
Oral administration, 3-6 pills each time, 3 times daily, to be taken with lukewarm boiled water before meals.

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