The second step to healing the body is for an individual to eliminate the
mucus-forming foods from the diet. Using this procedure, not only are the
sinuses, the bronchi, and the lungs cleared but also the constipating mucus
(catarrh) in the tissues of the body from the top of the head to the bottom
of the feet.

If this diet is followed as outlined, we guarantee that after a short time
you will have much more satisfaction from the foods we recommend, for
better health, than you ever had from the food of your former diet.

Now, what can you eat? The Do’s; any whole, live, raw foods. Fruits,
vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and a small amount of fresh fish or
chemical free chicken. The Don’ts; Salt, eggs, all refined sugars, meat,
all milk products, flours and flour products.

Do not be concerned because this diet omits meat and the commercial types
of protein and don’t worry about adding protein, as you will get all that
you need in these foods. The gorilla is built on the same order as the
human being, and he gets all the protein he needs from just fruits, nuts
and seeds.

The best food to start the day is fresh fruit or a good low heated whole
grain. This should be a cereal in its wholesome state (with life in it). It
can be prepared in a thermos bottle: Take a thermos bottle, fill in the
early afternoon or evening one-third frill of grain, then finish filling
the thermos bottle with boiling water. Turn the thermos over two or three
times to mix the grain and water. The next morning the grain is ready for

Sprouted grains are another excellent and nutritious food source. Alternate
the grains. Almost any live seed or grain can be sprouted, find the one you
like and enjoy.

Fruit and vegetable juices along with dried fruits are another wonderful
source for this diet.

There are also thousands of salad combinations available, with some
investigation and experimentation, you will never run short of interesting
combinations. This diet can be challenging as well as rewarding. The health
and wellness that will result from following this diet is reward enough.

For additional information and recipes, see Dr. Christopher’s book.
Regenerative Diet. "To your good health!"

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