Last Heart Attack

Dr. Sanja

Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s CNN special, The
Last Heart Attack
, aired August 27 to a nation for whom the most common
cause of death is heart disease and posed the question "With all that we
know about cardiology and medicine, is there an end to the epidemic of heart
attacks in America?". 
Featuring former President Bill Clinton and two heart disease patients (Sharon
Kintz and Tom Bare), Dr. Gupta details their journeys, how diet and surgery had
affected their lives.

The most striking portion of this special was not the staggering numbers Dr.
Gupta presented: the average bypass costs $112,000 (AHA) or that the total cost
of bypass operations performed each year in the US is more than $50 billion. Nor
was it President Clinton’s cardiologist stating that "This [a 2010
operation placing 2 stents in Clinton’s
arteries] is not a result of either his lifestyle or his diet, which have been
excellent".  But what stood out in the interview most was the quote
from Clinton’s
surgeon who performed his bypass surgery in 2004:  "Starting this
morning around 8:00, he [Clinton] had a relatively routine, quadruple bypass
operation …" [emphasis added]. 

In a world where a $112,000 operation for a disease that can be controlled by
diet, that has a 12% chance of serious complications (NEJM) can be construde as
relatively routine is one that still has a long road ahead of it, but with the
diet prescribed by Dr. Esselstyn, a whole food, plant-based diet with no added
oil, we will be getting closer, one meal at a time.

to watch the CNN special in its entirety.

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Healthy Taste of LA!

Interested in sampling delicious plant-based recipes from some of the best
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Featured Recipe:

Not-So-Forbidden Rice Salad


 (Gluten-free, No-oil, <45 min)
Makes 5 to 7 servings
I love black rice because it’s quick-cooking and has a unique taste profile.
Feel free to change up the veggies and spices to make your own unique dish for
each season.
1 cup black forbidden rice, washed
1 3/4 cups plus ½ cup filtered water
Sea salt
2 cups sweet potatoes, small cube
1 teaspoon tarragon
1 teaspoon coriander
Dash black pepper
2 tablespoons sherry or red wine vinegar
1 tablespoon tamari
1/3 cup packed basil, chiffonade
 Place rice, 1¾ cups filtered water, and a pinch of sea salt in a medium
saucepan and bring to a boil. Cover and reduce flame to a simmer for 30
minutes. Meanwhile, heat ½ cup water in a medium skillet. When it begins to
sizzle, add sweet potatoes, a pinch of sea salt, and spices to the skillet and
combine well. Cover and let simmer for about five minutes. Add a touch more
water if sticking and stir in the remaining ingredients except basil. Cover and
cook for another three minutes.
 When rice is done, place in a medium bowl with the veggie mixture. Fold
in all the ingredients until well combined. Season with sea salt, to taste.

For more recipes by The Blissful Chef, Christy Morgan visit:
or find her on Facebook
and Twitter.

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