The Cancer Riddle

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Article 31 – The Cancer Riddle

By Sang Whang
After billions of dollars and decades in time, we are not any closer to solving the cancer riddle, the number two killer in this country. Never mind solving or conquering cancer, we don’t even understand the fundamental cause of cancer. WHY?

Is it possible that our whole approach to cancer is wrong? As a scientist who spent the past twenty years in the research of scientific reasons for human diseases, I say we are missing one essential element: ACID. It is the excess acid in our body that cultivates cancer. The scientific facts are: 1) cancer cells are acidic while healthy cells are alkaline, 2) an acidic environment contains less oxygen than an alkaline environment, 3) healthy cells die in an acidic environment while cancer cells die in an alkaline environment.
It is clear that research on cancer should start from changing an acidic environment to an alkaline environment and then to see the effects of environmental change on cancer cells. Why hasn’t this been done? May be it is because the concept is too simple. Western medicine does not understand the pH influence in our body. We look for very complicated solutions, which receive huge government research funds. So far these solutions only lead to the development of expensive drugs and complicated machineries, which in turn lead to side effects, requiring more research and more drugs. Am I being cynical? You bet I am. I am frustrated to see life cut short by cancer while billions of our tax dollars are wasted.
It is a scientific fact that when we apply highly concentrated alkaline solution (pH >13) to a skin cancer spot, the skin cancer cells die. The spot hurts and leaves an ugly red burnt mark; but when the new skin grows back, there is no sign of cancer. An interesting thing to note is that the surrounding healthy cells do not die. A high pH alkaline solution does not kill healthy cells like radiation or chemotherapy does. I do not recommend laymen treating their own skin cancer this way, but I do recommend that professional dermatologists experiment with different pH solutions and come up with treatments for different kinds of skin cancer.
If doctors can measure the size and the pH of a tumor, they should be able to calculate the number of mole of hydroxyl ions (OH-) needed to destroy the tumor without killing any healthy cells surrounding it. Sounds like science fiction. But with a fraction of the money that is being spent, we can find a way to accomplish this.
Another interesting scientific fact that helps us understand the human body’s natural survival technique is the ability of human cells to multiply (mitosis). We are told that the average human body has about 75 trillion cells. Cells live about 4 weeks and die after mitosis, and one cell becomes two; however, after 4 weeks, our body does not have 150 trillion cells, but still 75 trillion cells. This means only half of the cells multiply and the other half must disintegrate or die. If 37.5 trillion cells die in 4 weeks, how many cells die in one week, one day, one hour, one minute and one second? More than 10 million cells die per second!
The law of nature is such that strong and healthy cells multiply; damaged, injured, infected, contaminated, radiated and weak cells die. This is how we are designed by the Creator to maintain health in this world of radiation, contamination, bacteria/viruses, carcinogens in foods and drinks, cellular phones, etc.
To maintain health, a healthy body must be capable of dumping all the dead cells, natural and man-made. Dead cells are acidic and require alkaline minerals or bicarbonate to neutralize them and be dumped safely through urine. They are the cause of diseases when we cannot dump them. Our exhaust system, therefore, requires plenty of bicarbonate.
Bicarbonate is an alkaline buffer that neutralizes excess acid in the blood and maintains a healthy blood pH value. Medical science has discovered that as we age, we lose bicarbonate in the blood, noticeably so after the age of 45. This is the average age when we begin to show signs of diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, osteoporosis, arthritis, kidney stones, migraine, and even cancer. The decline of bicarbonate in our blood is the cause of physiological aging. If we could charge bicarbonate to the blood — like a battery charger charging electrons to a battery — we could help the human body maintain good health and live longer.
As long as we do not increase our body’s alkalinity, we will never solve the cancer riddle. Diet and exercise are not enough to make a significant change; we need effective bicarbonate chargers.
AlkaLife International has developed three different products that charge bicarbonate to the blood: AlkaLife®, Bicarb-Balance™, and e-Cal®. These three products are patented or patent-pending.
AlkaLife® is the original alkaline concentrate to make ordinary drinking water alkaline (pH about 10) by adding a few drops of it to a glass of non-carbonated drinking water. When alkaline water goes into the stomach, stomach pH increases, inducing the stomach to produce more hydrochloric acid. When the stomach produces hydrochloric acid, it also produces bicarbonate and interjects it into the bloodstream; thus increasing the blood’s bicarbonate content. The ingredients of AlkaLife® are diluted potassium hydroxide and sodium hydroxide.
Bicarb-Balance™ is a tablet with the proper ratio of potassium bicarbonate and sodium bicarbonate in a time-release compound with enteric coating. Enteric coating is used to protect bicarbonates from being destroyed by hydrochloric acid in the stomach; the time-release compound adds bicarbonates slowly to the blood. For people on heart medication or kidney dialysis who cannot/should not take additional potassium, we do not recommend Bicarb-Balance™ nor AlkaLife®; we recommend e-Cal®.
e-Cal® is a calcium carbonate tablet in a time-release compound with enteric coating. When calcium carbonate is delivered to the bloodstream the carbonic acid in the blood reacts with the calcium carbonate, dissolves it and converts it to calcium bicarbonate, the form that the body needs. The calcium carbonate in e-Cal® is impurity-free.
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