Several of these, chapters appeared first as articles in Prevention. After a while, after considerable study and seeking technical advice, we began to recommend dolomite tablets, rich in magnesium. We knew that the taking of magnesium would help many people, and that after a while they would write of their experiences. Well, the letters have come in. We should like to reprint some here.

One of the most exciting aspects of taking magnesium is a reduction of body odor. In my own case it helped in this respect. Here are several letters that agree with me:

One is from Frank J. Jarnum of St. Paul, Minnesota (March 18, 1965):

"About three weeks ago I purchased a supply of dolomite tablets and to this date I can honestly say it is better than any deodorant I had ever used–I’d say about 99.99%. effective."

Here is a letter from W. R. Smith, 838 Wood Street, Kansas City, Kansas:

"Dear Prevention:

"I would be an ingrate not to mention the benefits derived from reading a series of articles on magnesium. I had all the following complaints: high blood pressure; threats of strokes; dizziness; bitter taste before arising; constipation; indigestion was prevalent;

"I became nauseated if I stood, especially if I looked upwards; appetite, at times, fickle; sometimes, while walking, I inclined to veer sharply to the right and there was a noticeable lack of energy.

"First, I took a teaspoon of Phillips’ Milk of Magnesia in a cup of water before eating, then no more until next morning. After each meal or three times a day, I took one dolomite tablet. This regime has been in force about four weeks and I feel no effects of the above complaints.

"Starting the magnesium treatment may at first cause a mild case of diarrhea. The stool is less offensive, evacuation is facilitated, body odors are markedly decreased. The teeth are not so likely to gather plaque and tartar. There is a feeling of well-being generally."

This letter is from Roger A. Clark, North Shore Drive, Beulah Michigan (May 5, 1965):

"Dear Mr. Rodale:

"I have read your article on dolomite and have had extra good results. I had acidity and canker sores under my dental plates, had tear ducts that were running all the time. I’m OK on these three troubles now.

"Then for four years had a bad pair of knees sore as boils, couldn’t seem to find a place for them at night. They are slowly getting better and my general health is better.

"I’m 73–retired and work at home taking care of three homes and three large buildings 30 x 70. So I’m not all in yet, but had these ailments that bothered me.

"I have recommended dolomite to at least 12 friends. They all feel better. One had cramps in his legs at night; " has stopped. He also feels better, not so tired.

"I have a daughter living at McKeesport, Pennsylvania.

"She and family are taking dolomite. The results are good."

The following letters will speak for themselves.

"Dear Editor:

"It is with great interest that I read your article on magnesium, the miracle mineral, especially as a means to control the actions of the intestinal tract.

"I decided to try dolomite tablets by taking three tablets a day with each meal. Much to my surprise, within a weeks time my hemorrhoids receded to about one-fourth their size. I also find that there is less strain and stress in my bowel movements which occur with positive regularity.

"Sincerely yours,
Carl A. Komm
181 Lakewood Avenue
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15229"

"Dear Mr. Rodale:

"I am a reader of Prevention and I take vitamins A, B, C, D, E, besides bone meal, rutin and garlic.

"Since February I have been taking 3 dolomite tablets, one after each meal.

"It has made my heart quiet down and I sleep better, Also brought down my blood pressure. Last year it was over 200. Now it’s O.K.

"My best wishes to all of you.

Nancy FRY
2 BOYD Avenue
Jersey City, New Jersey 07304"

"DEAR Sirs:

"I am a new subscriber to your magazine Prevention.

"My first interest was your part 12–on Magnesium and the Prostate. I have had prostate trouble for over 20 years. I had all the standard treatments, but none helped, except temporarily.

"Then on the first of March, 1964, 1 was operated on for an obstruction at the neck of the bladder and knots on prostate gland. It helped lots, to relieve the pressure on my bladder.

"I still had a high pus count in my urine, also in my prostate fluid. I went to the doctor every other week for a massage of the prostate to keep down the pus count.

"I still had bad lower back pain. I went to a chiropractor every day for two weeks, then three times a week for a month, still had backache.

"I had for two or three years taken some small pills that cost almost 50 cents each, four per day for pus.

"Then I received your magazine, read your part 12 on Magnesium and the Prostate and started to take dolomite tablets, nine per day. After about four weeks, "no massage," my pus count dropped from 40 per whatever part they use to 8 to same part. I took no other drug.

"To me that is worth crowing about and one of the best parts is my backache has gone. I don’t get up at night any more. I am 55 years old.

"James L. Creekbaum
R. R. 18, Box 70
Indianapolis, Indiana 46234"

"Dear sir:

"I must write to you and tell you about magnesium. I was in the hospital December 15 till the 21. I had a heart attack they said. I got an infection in the bladder when I came home. I was sick 4 months. I passed bladder stones as large as a small pea. I passed blood. I asked the doctor what he could do for it; he said he wished he knew. I asked another doctor about it; he said why worry, you’re passing them. I sent for an old doctor 87 years old. I told him about magnesium oxide. I let him read it in Prevention. He said I’ll write you a prescription, just get a dozen, try them. They charged me $1.00. 1 took them. As soon as I took the first capsule, the stones disappeared. If I stopped one, I had them back. I went to the drug store and asked for 2 ounces of magnesium oxide and 100 capsules. I told him [the druggist] what they would do. He said, I know it will dissolve stones. I said why don’t the doctors recommend it? He said he did not know. I make my own capsules, take one a day. I am fine. I told the doctor about it; he said they will wreck your kidneys. I asked my doctor; he said they would not. Dolomite did not dissolve them. I took the pure magnesium oxide. Thank you so much for your remedy that cleaned up my bladder trouble I’ve had for 40 years. God bless you. I am fine.

"Mrs. Hilda Richardson

1016 Center Street

Wilkinson 21, Pennsylvania"

(We prefer the dolomite form of magnesium. Magnesium oxide should be taken only under the supervision of a physician.)

"Dear Mr. Rodale:

"As one of your original first subscribers to your, Prevention about 18-20 years ago when I was living in New York City, I want to tell you that you have been the great eye-opener of those that read your articles, and also a pioneer in guiding your readers to help themselves and lead healthy lives. I was a creaking door then and now at 75 am still hanging around with less trouble than when I was 20 years younger.

"You have done a marvelous job in educational articles in your Prevention about magnesium, which no pharmacy or wholesale drug outfit cares to carry, but now with the Dolomite tablets you have succeeded in helping your readers. I have been using magnesium oxide in 5 grain capsules for many months and I feel wonderful. I had my magnesium from France where it has been used for many years.

"God bless you, Mr. Rodale.

"Martin G. Missir
Palm Beach, Florida"

A reader writes describing how he had been subject to delirium tremens, the uncontrollable hallucinations and shaking that develop after long-term excessive drinking. He goes on: "Recently I purchased some magnesium oxide, light. [See Merck Index.] I take a small amount which the end of a paring knife holds each day; I do not have the slightest desire for any kind of alcohol after taking this amount each day for about two months.

"Many years ago I noticed that I did not have any desire for alcohol when I visited my parents near New Castle, Indiana. It might have been that either the water or the vegetables there contained an abundance of magnesium."


Magnesium Aids in Taking Vitamins

A letter from Mrs. Esther Mattin, Burlingame, California (November 10, 1964):

"Dear Mr. Rodale"

"I have just read the last Prevention and your article on magnesium. I am one of the people who can truly be grateful about the marvelous results of taking magnesium.

"First you must know that I have been a faithful follower of the Prevention program for about 15 years. But about 5 years ago I got into the menopause and from then on I was unable to keep on taking vitamins E and A. I tried smaller doses but to no avail–always getting a very upset liver.

"Well, about a week and a half ago I started on the magnesium tablets (3 a day) and all my troubles are over. Besides feeling wonderful I can take again those 2 precious vitamins. I hope it won’t be long before everybody will give it a try. Thanks a million for all the information on this valuable discovery."

(Note: I take nine tablets of dolomite a day. I started with three and gradually upped it to nine. At first there was a little diarrhea due to the fact that the magnesium was doing a little housecleaning in the digestive system.)

Ocean Water and Magnesium

Mrs. E. Clarke Smith of San Antonio, Texas, writes:

"Swimming in the ocean for several weeks has benefited me so much that I wonder if there could be some absorption of magnesium and other minerals we earth-bound creatures need."

There no doubt is, because seawater is very rich in magnesium. It represents about 13/100 of 1 percent of all the minerals in seawater. This is a large amount. Therefore, by all means, dunk yourself in seawater every chance you get. In fact, merely to be at the seashore and to breathe the magnesium-rich sea air should be  invigorating and healthy.

Mrs. W. Lewita, Flushing 54, New York writes:

"In your October issue I read an article about Calcium Oxalates that are quite a problem to our kidneys, and I wish to tell you of my own experience.

"At age 17 1 had a terrible kidney attack, and the doctors found out I had three small calcium oxalate calculi [stones]. I was lucky enough that they did not decide on surgery, but gave me Magnesium Carbonate and large quantities of water. With this treatment in a very short time my calcium oxalate stones were dissolved. Since my urine tests show now and then calcium oxalates, the doctor advised me to take Magnesium Carbonate every two months for about two weeks, and this way I have kept free from kidney stones.

"I am writing this to you, as there might be other people among your readers who could use this treatment. You can buy magnesium carbonate at the drug store without any prescription, as some people use it as an antacid.

In our opinion it might be all right to take magnesium carbonate in an emergency, but we would prefer dolomite tablets, which contain magnesium carbonate. In this case the magnesium is surrounded with many other minerals!

Migraine Headaches
Mrs. Roy Rea of Canon City, Colorado, writes:

"I read with real interest your article on magnesium in the last issue [May] and its use in the treatment of polio. Some years ago my husband and I learned what magnesium carbonate would do to improve one’s general health and in particular in the relief of migraine headaches which I had suffered for over fifty years. The elderly doctor who prescribed this for us said in his forty years of practice, he had not found anything as valuable as magnesium carbonate for his patients. He used it in the case of heart malfunction, asthma, headache, etc.

"What seemed a heart condition, this doctor said, was nothing more than gas pressing against the heart. The magnesium corrected this condition."

As I have said before, I believe the dolomite form of magnesium is safer than the straight magnesium carbonate. But here is a view of a naturopathic physician on a different form of magnesium. He is Dr. A. W. Allen of Portland, Oregon:

"I have followed your articles on magnesium closely as I have been using it for several years, since noticing in a drug catalogue that magnesium gluconate was suggested for pre-menstrual tension. I have found that it is effective for pre-menstrual tension, and since my special interest is in Psychotherapy I reasoned that if it were a tranquilizer in one instance it should be in another, and have found that this is true. To date I have found no side effects or had any adverse reactions to it. True it is not as potent as some of the synthetic tranquilizers, but neither does it gently lay them down only to jump on them later as do the synthetics.

"You refer to looking for an acceptable form of magnesium and I have found the gluconate to be very acceptable, although not generally available and not even listed in Merck Index. Incidentally if you will refer to Merck Index you will find that practically all of the magnesium compounds that are used for humans are either antacids or laxatives, and that magnesium carbonate falls in this category also."

If you want to take magnesium, you’d better check first with your physician.


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