Symptoms of Iodine Deficiency

Symptoms of Iodine Deficiency
Quoted from Second Opinion Newsletter
Dr. Robert Jay Rowen, Editor-in-Chief
October and November, 2004

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Here is a small list of some of the many symptoms of iodine deficiency. See how many of these you can relate to!!

October, 2004, Issue:

It is possible that Iodine deficiency could cause breast or prostate cancer, as well as be responsible for fatigue, chronic illness, or many other ailments.

"During the 19th century, iodine was considered the universal treatment: “If nothing else works, try iodine” was the adage. Considering the broad range of symptoms of thyroid deficiency (fatigue, hypertension, depression, hair loss, hoarseness, dry skin, constipation, cold intolerance, concentration difficulties, muscle cramps, menstrual problems, poor memory, inability to concentrate, weight gain, nervousness, infertility, irritability, bone thinning, just to name a few), no wonder it was promoted as the universal treatment…"

Cretinism ­ a cause of deafness and mental impairment of children ­ is caused by an iodine deficiency during pregnancy!!

"Iodine should be stored in your fat tissues, liver, heart, salivary glands, stomach cells, parts of the eye that deal with aqueous fluid and intraocular pressure, and even in specific brain cells that are related to Parkinson’s disease."

WHAT??? My mother’s companion died of Parkinson’s. Michael Fox, that darling man, has it too. There is evidence now that a simple iodine deficiency is part of the problem. It’s too late for Ed. Has anyone told Michael?

"The second largest concentration of iodine in the female body is in the breasts. To give you an idea of how much iodine your body needs, the breasts must have 100 times as much iodine in the blood to have their fill as does the thyroid! The same is true for the other endocrine glands, the prostate, stomach, and white blood cells."

"Many of us integrative physicians have used iodine for decades to completely quell all symptoms of fibrocystic breast disease and menstrual-associated breast pain."

"Iodine deficiency could also be the cause of your fatigue, chronic illness, immune defects, and lack of stomach acid."

November, 2004, Issue

"Fatigue ­ An underactive thyroid typically causes fatigue. Iodine supplementation can quickly activate the thyroid and relieve fatigue. Dr Abraham reports iodine deficiency may harm pituitary-adrenal function in rodents. Your adrenal is essential for energy and stamina."

"Thyroid disease ­ When there’s not enough iodine to bind with cell membranes, it allows enzymes called peroxidases (which can damage those membranes) to wreak havoc and cause autoimmune disease, such as thyroiditis (Hashimoto’s or Grave’s)."

"While iodine will help the thyroid increase the production of hormone where necessary, it also inhibits over-release from the gland by giving thyroid enzymes what they want. These iodine-seeking enzymes that attack thyroid membranes can be normalized when they get the iodine they need. This old information is terrific news for the many people (usually women) who have been told to have their thyroid removed to end hyperthyroidism. These draconian measures ensure the patient will have to rely on prescriptive thyroid hormone for the rest of their life. But iodine can completely solve the problem."

"Poor digestion ­ many organs need iodine, but can’t absorb it until the blood measurements reach very high levels. The stomach and salivary glands are two such organs, but they can’t uptake iodine in any significant amounts until the blood level reaches 100 times what the thyroid needs. Most people do not produce enough stomach acid as they grow older. I firmly believe low gastric acidity can be caused by iodine deficiency, as iodine promotes stomach acidity!"

"Breast, ovarian, and skin cysts ­ In addition to fixing almost all cases of breast cysts, iodine also has a remarkable healing effect on ovarian cysts, and even on skin cysts. (For the latter, I recommend rubbing in iodine right over the cyst.)"

"Dementia and glaucoma ­ Iodine is found in large amounts in the brain (including the parts of the brain associated with Parkinson’s disease) and the ciliary body of the eye, a possible factor in glaucoma."

THANK YOU, Dr. Rowen, for bringing out this information. You have made a major difference, not only to me, but to thousands of people suffering needlessly from simple iodine deficiency.

Symptoms of Iodine Deficiency
Listed from Dr. David Brownstein, MD’s book
Iodine, Why You Need It, Why You Can’t Live Without It

This book is very readable and presents a powerful argument in favor of examining our iodine status. In Dr. Brownstein’s clinical experience our iodine status is uniformly bad! 90% of the patients he has tested are deficient in Iodine.


The Third Edition of this book is out now. It is really important. Apparently there is evidence that the correct combination of iodine/iodide in the proper amount has the ability to disintegrate cancer tumors from the inside out. Please click on the book title above and order your own direct from Dr. B!!

Symptoms of Iodine Deficiency
Listed from
The Endocrine Function of Iodine
Harvard University Monograph, 1940

I found this book in a search for book titles with the word iodine in them. It is a terrific book, but I haven’t had time to read it yet.

One thing I read was that if a person is Iodine-deficient and instead of getting Iodine they are treated with Thyroid hormone, they are far more likely to develop cancer of the Thyroid!! Yikes!!

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 Iodoral has been part of the solution for me of almost all of those little annoyances which comprise the constellation of symptoms for which doctors try to throw pills at you. Yet, after reading more and more about it, I sometimes wonder if I’m taking enough.

NOTE: If you had symptoms, whether they are on this list or not, which have disappeared or abated since taking Iodoral, please let me know. Of course, we can’t prove that the Iodoral did it, but a number of coincidences makes for very interesting reading! I won’t use your full name of course, when posting on the Iodoral Results page. Make sure you mention how much Iodoral you are using, a few words about your health habits, and how soon you started noticing the difference.

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