Swine Flue protocol – Dr. Gordon Pedersen

Swine Flue protocol – Dr. Gordon Pedersen

Silver Sol (Manufactured by American Biotech Labs) has been studied and proven to function as treatment and prevention in both forms of viruses (reverse transcriptase and viral DNA polymerase). The brief summary of some of the research (attached below) demonstrates why the liquid and gel should be considered for use as treatment and prevention for the new Swine Flu.


Silver Sol has been shown to destroy viruses in the same classification as Swine Flu. The liquid was shown to prevent H5N1 Influenza when swallowed twice daily. Silver Sol gel has been shown to disinfect topically and keep hands completely sanitized for 4 hours.

H5N1 Publication:

Results section states, “Especially of interest was the observation that 60% of the infected mice treated with this compound survived compared to the 30% in the placebo-treated controls.â€

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