AIDS, influenza, herpes, and hemorrhagic fever (Ebola-like)

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About the Anti-Viral Efficacy of Humic Acid

The following testimonials were found on various websites across the Internet. They have been assembled here for informational purposes only. They have been reformatted for uniformity of appearance. All user’s names have been reduced to initials. All references to specific brand names of Humic Acid products have been eliminated to avoid endorsement by this website.


"Flying back and forth to the east coast from California several times a year always gave me some Cold, cough or sore throat—every single time. I flew to New Jersey about 10 days ago and returned last night. I just had to let you know I didn’t get even a sniffle! I have only been taking the Humic Acid for about 5 weeks so far. But now I can fly without worries—this is great!" R. S. La Costa, CA

"My wife has been using Humic Acid for a year now. She finally convinced me to try Humic Acid when I last caught a Cold. By the second day, my cold was gone. I’ve been taking it every since and haven’t had a cold for 6 months. This stuff is great!" J. C. San Diego, Calif.

"I came home from college and was just starting another Cold passed around the dorm. My colds usually last around a week or so. My dad gave me some Humic Acid when I got home and in 3 days I had completely forgotten about the cold–no cough, no runny nose—it’s great." J. B. Santa Barbara, CA

"I’ve gotten at least one Cold every year that turns into Bronchitis. I’ve been taking 2 Humic Acid tablets per day for the last 8 months, and have had hardly a sniffle!" M. A. Visalia, CA

"I just returned from spending some time with my family in Trinidad and they all had some Cough and Cold spread around between them. I kept on taking my pill a day and I never got anything at all. Even with all the family hugs and greetings—I did not get sick the whole time I was home! Now my whole family wants to use Humic Acid!! It is truly wonderful." O. N. Oceanside, CA



"I was diagnosed with Epstein Barr over 15 years ago. Ever since then, I get sick at least a couple times a year. Four months ago, I started taking Humic Acid and have been healthier than I’ve been in 15 years." S. B. Los Angeles, Calif.

"In college I came down with Mononucleosis. My parents gave me some Humic Acid and after only about three days I felt normal again. I’ll let you know what the doctor says when I get my blood drawn!" J. J. Santa Barbara, CA


"I just wanted to tell you how thrilled I am to learn about Humic Acid from my brother. I was recently diagnosed with Hepatitis C and put on a traditional medication program by my doctor but my viral count did not change over a period of 6 months. My brother told me about Humic Acid and I started taking two tablets three times a day. Now after just 2 months, my doctor says that I no longer have any trace of the Hepatitis C virus. Thank you." J. N. Los Angeles, CA

"A year ago I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C. A friend suggested I start taking Humic Acid. I was tested again six weeks later and the results were negative. The doctors could not believe that the hepatitis C was gone. Thank you, Thank you." G. D. Dallas, TX

"I contracted Hepatitis C in 1985 through a blood transfusion. I only recently discovered that is was the source of my years of chronic fatigue. Three days after starting 6 Humic Acid tablets per day, I felt better than I’d felt in years. I no longer needed my long afternoon naps. I was full of energy every day during the busy Christmas season. In the last 16 weeks, my viral count has gone down by almost 40%! M. J. A. Visalia, CA


"I have lived with Herpes Simplex Virus for the past 20 years. I suffer from facial outbreaks once every other month or so. I started taking Humic Acid at the suggestion of a friend. I take two pills every day and have not had an outbreak since! Thank you for developing such an effective product." G. P. San Diego, CA

"For the last fifteen years I have lived with Genital Herpes. About once a month I would expect an outbreak. The medication I was taking was not helping. A friend of mine suggested Humic Acid. I began using it at the suggested dosage and the infection cleared up in a few days. I take a daily dose of one tablet and I have not had a reoccurrence." D. Z. Cleveland, OH

"Thank you so much for making your wonderful product available. I was plagued by Genital Herpes for years when a friend suggested I try the Humic Acid. I began using Humic Acid and the infection cleared up within a few days. I take a maintenance dose of one tablet every day and I have not had a reoccurrence, nor have I had any other type of viral infections. R. G.

I used to get Cold Sores & Fever Blisters at least once every 2 months and sometimes every month. I have been on Humic Acid for 8 months and have not had one single outbreak." B. G. Torrance, CA

"Every year, or when I’m stressed, I get a Cold Sore on my upper lip. It always lasts for 3 to 4 weeks and has an ugly scab. As soon as I noticed the cold sore, I began taking Humic Acid. It went away in four days—not a trace of it!" V. B. Carlsbad, CA

"I woke up with an ugly Cold Sore on my upper lip. In addition to taking the Humic Acid tablets, I broke open a tablet and put it directly on the sore, mixed with lip balm. It was much better the next day, and completely healed within 36 hours." L. D. Visalia, CA


"There is a really nasty flu going around here in Austin. My landscapers got it (strapping young guys in their 20’s) and it laid them out. One could not even get out of bed nor eat anything and felt absolutely horrible. It comes on hard and fast with immediate drainage from the nose and then launches into aggravated symptoms (mainly sore throat and on into the chest) My wife also got attacked by it and she immediately went on 4 Humic Acid tablets per hour. The results were that she felt rough for a couple of days and had some of the symptoms, but nowhere near as bad as others who got it. She was able to put in a full 3 days of hard work and by the 3rd day was rapidly coming out of it. She noticed that if she was not prompt in taking the Humic Acid on an hourly basis, that she would start to fall back and worsen. However, once back on it diligently, the symptoms lightened up considerably. Pretty interesting!

To add to this, The bug then tried to attack me (same household, same bug). I took about 10 Humic Acid Tablets at the first symptoms over the course of the day and by nightfall, the symptoms disappeared. Fantastic!

My take on this is that the product is certainly valid from a user perspective on flu, and really works well." C.G. Austin, TX

"About a month ago, I started to feel typical Flu symptoms. I was sneezing, felt achy and feverish. A friend of mine gave me six Humic Acid tablets that I started taking one a day. After six days, I felt great, and all the symptoms went away." P. T. San Francisco, CA

"The grandchildren have all been sick with some sort of flu for the past month or so. A lot of my friends have all come down with a Sore Throat that gets a lot worse and lasts for several weeks. I got a sore throat and lost my voice last week so I was sure I was getting it. I took 3 Humic Acid tablets a day for 3 or 4 days and I’m now on one a day—and no sore throat, my voice is back and I feel better than ever!" B. F. Carlsbad, CA

"I felt the symptoms of Flu hit me like a ton of bricks. I immediately increased my use of the Humic Acid from two tablets per day to eight tablets per day, taking two tablets every four hours. When I woke up the next day, I felt fine, but I kept taking eight per day for two more days just to make sure." L. P. Tustin, CA

"Recently, I came down with a very bad case of Influenza. Normally this leads to severe respiratory distress. I was given Humic Acid to take every six hours. Within forty-eight hours all my symptoms were gone. I am very grateful for this product and I will continue to keep Humic Acid in my house for myself and my family." M. C. Santa Fe, NM


"I had a cold for about a week and started taking Humic Acid. I improved within a day or two, but since I was already getting over the cold, I don’t know if it did that much for me. However, I had a flare-up of my Shingles while I was still taking one a day. The shingles flare was very mild and only lasted a day rather than a week or so as usual." A. F. Carlsbad, CA


"I live in the southwest and because I am constantly working outside on my ranch, my exposure rate to the West Nile virus is extremely high. To prevent getting this virus my family and I take Humic Acid daily. I am also giving it to my horses to help prevent them from getting the virus. I would highly recommend to everyone to take Humic Acid." L. G. Taos, NM

DISCLAIMER: This website presents a collection of statements from around the world about the benefits of Humic Acid. This information is provided for informational purposes only. These statements were variously made over several decades of time. There are many sources of Humic Acid around the globe, and they differ significantly in their physical and chemical properties. This website does not intend to provide medical advice, nor does it intend to suggest that all Humic Acid preparations will be of equal benefit. Nothing herein is intended to be an endorsement of or a solicitation to purchase any particular Humic Acid preparation. The FDA has not evaluated any statement made on this website. The information herein is not intended to diagnose any disease, nor is it intended to prescribe any preparation that claims to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Laub BioChemicals Corporation
The world’s supplier of premium-grade humic acid.


What are the Company’s Products?
The Company has developed broad-spectrum anti-viral substances comprised of analogues of humic acid–a naturally-occurring blend of compounds extracted from soil organic matter.  The Company’s R&D efforts are focused on both organic and synthetic versions.

What are the Applications?
Humic acid will have the greatest impact in the AIDS, influenza, herpes, and hemorrhagic fever (Ebola-like) arenas of human viral disease; as well as in veterinary applications involving animal and fish viral afflictions.

How do the Materials Work?
Humic acid is in essence a viral prophylactic that acts by preventing a virus from attaching to host cells. Consequently, the virus cannot replicate no matter how it mutates, and it is then easily overwhelmed by the host’s own natural immune system.

Are They Effective?
Numerous in vitro mammalian-cell studies have confirmed that humic acid exhibits potent efficacy against a variety of invasive and harmful microbes, including AIDS, herpes, influenza, and hemorrhagic fever viruses.

Are They Safe?
In live-animal trials, neither organic nor synthetic humic acids exhibited any detectable toxic or other side effects at levels 50-100 times higher than would ordinarily be used in practice.


Laub BioChemicals Corporation

Welcome to Laub BioChem, the world’s supplier of premium-grade humic acid.

We manufacture the highest grade humic acid ever developed for commercial distribution throughout the nutraceuticals healthcare market.  Laub BioChem leads the industry in the scientific research and development of humic acid.  No other company compares.  Period.  Humic acid from different sources is NOT the same!  We guarantee that the humic acid you get from us is pure, potent, and safe – 100 percent of the time.  Time after time.  We start with the most efficacious raw material that Nature provides.  We then process the raw material into the world’s premium grade of humic acid – which  meets our uncompromising standards for safety, efficacy, consistency, and purity.  All Laub BioChem humic acid is subjected to comprehensive analysis and testing, so we  know, and can assure you, that our products are the best in the industry.  The world’s best Source. Superior Processing technology.  Extensive scientific Testing.  That’s the Laub BioChem SPT Advantage®.  It’s our guarantee of quality that you won’t find anywhere else.

Laub BioChem.  Your source for the world’s premium-grade humic acid.


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