Food or saliva choking is a early symptom for esophageal cancer. Frequent reflux will cause the esophagus lining to become sturdy as the stomach. It becomes inflexible and hard. This starts the gagging when eating. The solution is just below.

Carolyn Dean MD ND | August 3, 2009

I have a winner from the contest I announced last week to see who could explain the Magnesium Miracle Story.

For those who missed the story: A man named Jeff ended up with a clamped passage between his esophagus and his stomach. Choking, vomiting and gagging on his spit in the back alley of a restaurant for 35 minutes he was finally saved by holding a magnesium citrate drink in his mouth. If you missed the story, you can still read it here…

Part 1:

Part 2:

I asked people to explain why they thought magnesium provided such an instantaneous cure for Jeff’s severe condition. We received 23 very intelligent submissions. Here were the three I thought provided the best answers.

Teshuvah wins the contest because her answer went a step further, explaining what farmers and ranchers know about magnesium…

“Magnesium relaxes the involuntary muscles including the bowel (which is why overdosing causes diarrhea) and magnesium deficiency could block the esophagus.

“Holding Magnesium in the mouth will cause it to be absorbed sublingually. Magnesium Chloride would be absorbed faster, but tastes bad. Mag-O will work in water and is tasteless.

“Further, sheep farmers give sheep magnesium blocks. Animals that are Magnesium deficient become aggressive and hard to handle, just like over active kids. Kids should have magnesium, not Ritalin.

“Race horses get a shaking disease if they are deficient in magnesium. The answer is to add magnesium, not meds.”

She wins a soft cover copy of Seeds of Deception – the international bestselling 266 page book by Jeffrey M. Smith exposing the industry and government lies over genetically modified food.

Notable mention goes to Debi who offered a psychological explanation in tandem with the obvious physical affects…

“I would guess that Jeff was also having anxiety about the situation – the magnesium also calmed his nerves.”

You guys know more than most doctors about this subject – don’t let it go to your heads!

If I may add my 2 milligrams worth…

Most fascinating was how Jeff saw fast results simply from holding the magnesium drink in his mouth. When your body needs something, it knows how to get it. (Magnesium citrate is not the easiest form of magnesium to absorb, either.)

It must have absorbed through the pores of his tongue and the interior of his mouth. The bloodstream transported the desperately needed mineral straight down to his esophagus. Once absorbed into the muscle cells, the gastro-esophageal junction could relax.

Still, possibly, Jeff’s esophagus wasn’t as severely deficient as the situation suggests.

Calcium causes muscles to contract. Possibly his body was trying to protect itself from getting any more calcium until… Jeff consumed some magnesium. The body does much better with uniform deficiency. In other words, it prefers being equally low in everything, versus high in one thing and low in another.

Of course, as you know, it’s very difficult to get enough magnesium from our food supply. Soil depletion has taken its toll. Unless you’re juicing lots of magnesium-rich vegetables, you need mineral supplementation like I explain in my book the Magnesium Miracle. This isn’t some “supplement hype” it’s just basic biology. Find out everything the average persons needs to know to benefit from magnesium in Module 4 of Future Health Now…

I hope this “magnesium miracle” inspired you to make sure you’re getting enough magnesium each day. Please share the story with anyone who suffers from problems with choking on food. It could be a life saver!


Carolyn Dean MD ND
The Doctor of the Future

P.S. You can view a video explaining the cellular action of magnesium and calcium at the website of The Nutritional Magnesium Association (where I am the medical director). It’s called Balancing Calcium and Magnesium: A Look Inside the Cell. Click the following link to view it…

A Magnesium Miracle:
Man Saved From Gagging

Carolyn Dean MD ND | July 28, 2009

Time to start reporting some Magnesium Miracle Stories. What’s a magnesium miracle? According to Dr. Dean’s Dictionary of Health:

mag·ne·si·um mir·a·cle (m g-n ’z – m m r’ -k l) n. A healing event that appears inexplicable to conventional medicine but resulted from the simple increase of the mineral magnesium by the person or persons involved.

Here’s my retelling (names changed to protect people’s privacy) of a great Magnesium Miracle Story that Ken Whitman at Peter Gillham’s Natural Vitality heard from one of his customers…

They Thought They’d Enjoy
A Simple Meal With Friends…

The moment the waiter served the meal Jeff jumped up from the table and ran for the restaurant’s emergency exit.

Jeff could feel the little bit of appetizers he’d eaten backing up into his throat causing tremendous pressure.

Jeff’s brother, Chris, quickly followed him into the back alley.

Lucy, Jeff’s wife,  explained to the other guests that her husband had long had a problem with the gastroesophageal junction (the stricture where his esophagus meets his stomach) clamping shut. “Usually he can feel it coming on and drink some water and it goes away,” she explained.

This Time, However, It Was Stuck Shut

Chris found his brother outside vomiting. Jeff couldn’t even swallow his own saliva. “Go back in and finish your dinner,” Jeff said, “I’ll be okay.”

Chris went back inside.

When Jeff didn’t return, Lucy went out to the back alley. She found Jeff choking.

“Do you want to go to the hospital?” she asked.

“No,” he said.

Lucy gave him water. He just choked it back up. She started massaging his chest. When that didn’t work she began pounding and pushing his chest against handrails. They even tried handstands. (None of these ‘”treatments” I recommend.)

Nothing helped. The stricture above his stomach wouldn’t relax. That’s when…

Magnesium relaxes the neuromuscular response after muscles and nerves have contracted (which uses Calcium)… clearly Jeff was in a contracted state and Magnesium was needed to relax the spasm…

A Magnesium Miracle (Part 2):
Man Saved From Gagging

Carolyn Dean MD ND | July 29, 2009

 I started telling you how a couple, Jeff and Lucy, were out to dinner when the stricture between Jeff’s stomach and esophagus clamped shut.

Last we left Jeff he was gagging in the alley behind the restaurant…

“Go inside and finish your dinner,” Jeff told his wife as he hunched over a handrail. “Then we can head home.”

Lucy went back inside. As she sat down at the table she suddenly remembered: My sister swears Natural Calm has helped so many times whenever there was a weird body problem. (Natural Calm is a magnesium citrate drink produced by Peter Gillham’s Natural Vitality which he didn’t pay me to tell you about.)

“Natural Calm would work,” Luca told her friends who had gone back to enjoying their meal while Jeff choked to death in the back alley, “too bad we don’t have any.”

The magnesium angels, however, were with Jeff that day – one of Lucy’s friends remembered she had a bunch of Natural Calm powder in the trunk of her car.

Magnesium – Never Leave Home Without It

Lucy retrieved the packages, added water and made a super-concentrated serving. She went out and found Jeff gagging on his spit.

“Hold this in your mouth,” Luca said. “Don’t worry about swallowing.”

Jeff sipped a mouthful holding the drink in his mouth. About a minute later his face relaxed. Spitting it out, he said, “I want to try swallowing some.”

“It’s pretty concentrated,” Lucy warned.

Jeff took the glass and took a gulp.

Two minutes he smiled and walked back into the restaurant to finish his meal.

Explain the Miracle and Win a Prize…

I think the magnesium relaxed the muscles in the throat.

Bonnie Frownfelter commented on July 29th, 2009 at 10:24 am

Magnesium is known as “the relaxing element.” It is important for normal heart function and in enzyems required for metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Taking it in a highly concentrated liquid form and holding in the mouth allowed it to be quickly absorbed by the oral membranes to relax the gastro-oesophagus stricture.

Donna Ponzi commented on July 29th, 2009 at 10:28 am

I think because magnesium has a calming effect on the body and because it was a liquid I think it worked quicker and relaxed the muscles to the esophagus and adjoining areas.

Martie commented on July 29th, 2009 at 10:32 am… I discovered magnesium for my restless legs and have never had a problem since.
The magnesium caused the throat muscles to relax. I would guess that Jeff was also having anxiety about the situation,the magnesium also calmed his nerves.

In response to George Eby’s comments above, that is not our experience at all. My 62 year old husband is a severe asthmatic…or rather he WAS, until he found out about magnesium. We take pure powdered magnesium oxide and sometimes magnesium chloride in water. The first tastes better. Two years ago the medical doctor told him he was in danger of dying from 1) asthma, 2) heart attack and 3) high blood pressure. The doctor prescribed b.p. and asthma meds.
He had leg cramps that night that woke him up. He prayed and ask the Lord why. He heard the words “low magnesium”. We studied this on the internet, bought Carolyn’s book and before it arrived started taking MgO.
He also took apple cider vinegar (ACV), at least a dessert spoon full of crushed garlic with Thyme added every day, drank 10 10-ounce glasses of water a day with 1/4 tsp of sea salt with every 4 glasses. We also eat lots of cayenne pepper, a vasodilator and take homemade Haw sauce daily. Haw sauce is also a vasodilator and strengthens the heart.
In 10 days his blood pressure dropped so low he was having fainting spells. He called the doctor who shouted, “Stop taking the b.p. meds!” Now he takes no blood pressure meds at all and is off all meds except an asthma preventer, Flixotide. His health has changed so dramatically for the better the doctor has changed his attitude about natural health.
If there is an asthma attack, which is very rare these days, he can stop it within minutes by takes 2 glasses of water and a 1/4 tsp of sea salt and often with a 1/4 tsp of MgO as well as Ester C and calcium. The only time he has relapses is when he doesn’t take enough Magnesium in a day.

His condition may have started because we used to drink 6 to 8 mugs of coffee a day and hardly any water. Dr. Batmanghelidj – – said that asthma starts as a dehydration disease, coffee is a diuretic, and taking water and sea salt corrects the condition.
We add that Magnesium deficiency is a major contributor to asthma. Medical doctors err by prescribing drugs which further dehydrate the patient. Magnesium relaxes the lungs, improves airflow and dissolves calcium laid down in the soft tissues while Magnesium deficient. Calcium balances Magnesium. Vitamin C is a potent antihistamine. So is sea salt.
We have a friend who had severe gout over many years. We suggested some of the above and gave him a bottle of MgO. He called 18 hours later to say Thank you because his symptoms had disappeared completely.
Also I gave MgO to my neutered cat who plugged with Feline Urinary Syndrome (FUS) which is crystals in the urinary tract. He was cured in 3 days permanently. I keep MgO in a salt shaker now and put it over the dog and cat food. It also calms down horses, including our Thoroughbreds which are supposed to be flighty but aren’t because of Magnesium.

Magnesium relaxes the involuntary muscles including the bowel (which is why overdosing causes diarrhea) and Magnesium deficiency could block the esophagus. Holding Magnesium in the mouth will cause it to be absorbed sublingually. Magnesium Chloride would be absorbed faster, but tastes bad. Mag-O will work in water and is tasteless. Further, sheep farmers give sheep magnesium blocks. Animals that are Magnesium deficient become aggressive and hard to handle, just like over active kids. Kids should have Magnesium, not Ritalin.
Race horses get a shaking disease if they are deficient in Magnesium. The answer is add Magnesium, not meds.

Teshuvah commented on July 29th, 2009 at 7:22 pm

To Pathfinder: Magnesium Oxide is tasteless. Magnesium Sulfate (Epson salts) and Magnesium Chloride have a bad taste. If you take either of those then follow it with a 1/4 tsp of sea salt which will eliminate the taste of the Magnesium. Magnesium Oxide is sold by livestock chemical stores in powdered form as “dusting powder” for farmers to put on fields and sprinkle over hay for cows. It is critically important that cows have Magnesium when they give birth. We bought a 50 pound sack of this powder guaranteed by the company to be pure and take 1/4 tsp at bedtime in water and twice more during the day, but not with meals and have enough left over for the garden for years.
We also recommend to others that they read the Magnesium Miracle to learn Magnesium’s benefits. If anyone has not read the book, get it now!
The basic things of life do not have to be reduced to a capsule or tablet and sold to you at 1,000 times the cost. Many of the basics are free (like water) or very inexpensive.
For people who suffer from reflux (gas) and think they are having a heart attack, taking Magnesium relieves the pain almost instantly. Tums is Magnesium but also contains Aluminum which causes Altzheimer’s. It is better to carry Magnesium tablets instead of taking Tums.
To save yourself some hassle and because this is a white powder, do not carry it when you are traveling because if you were stopped for any reason the police would probably not believe you if you told them that this white powder is Magnesium. Police seem by default to jump to the wrong conclusions and some like to exercise power and control over individuals and they can seriously do you harm. Save yourself some hassle and carry tablets, not powder.

Gary M Hertzog commented on July 29th, 2009 at 7:38 pm

Magnesium is a muscle relaxant and calcium is a muscle contractor, this is very important to a normal heartbeat. All heart beat irregularities start with a magnesium deficiency. Mag is the ion responsible for muscle relaxation. When calcium gets into empty magnesium channels you get a contract (calcium) / contract (calcium) signal instead of a contract (calcium) / relax (magnesium) signal.
If there is a deficiency of magnesium any muscle could contract and magnesium will relax it as the body comes back into a balanced state.
This is why Jeff’s esophagus relaxed after the magnesium treatment.

Hello Teshuvah,

I know George Eby and will correspond with him about his panic report from the 1960’s about magnesium encouraging the growth of rhinovirus. For the meantime, I have removed his post. It has never been my experience that magnesium worsens colds or asthma and I have seen children improve their immune systems with magnesium not vice versa. You can read a Rodale book online and in Chapter 5 read about research in France in teh 1920’s using mag chloride to prevent and cure polio (a virus). I would need to see much more conclusive evidence before throwing out magnesium with the bath water.

Hello Teshuvah,

Some of us can’t tolerate mag oxide, because it’s only 4% absorbed and acts too much like a laxative. But if that’s not the case and it’s working for your symptoms, please continue but don’t go beyond 3 bowel movements a day so you don’t lose valuable nutrients.



Jacquelyn commented on July 29th, 2009 at 11:45 pm

Magnesium as I know it , is the muscle relaxant (”ying”)component of peristalsis, calcium being its “yang”. If Jeff’s cardiac sphincter was constricted, magnesium would have helped dilate it.

I take it to prevent Laryngospasms.

magnnesium relax muscles and tendons hightly recomended for fibromalgia . so it certainly relax the throat of Jeff and he could magnesium saved his life.

Robert commented on July 30th, 2009 at 3:23 pm

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