Simple Methods for Detoxification

Simple Methods for Detoxification

Juice Fasting

Simple juice fasts are a great way to quickly purify the body and prepare it for healing. The three day juice fast will clean mucus out the body and provide you with nutritious, vibrant foods and supplements that rebuild the system and facilitate healing.

Freshly extracted, raw, organic juices are ideal because they contain high amounts of valuable enzymes that not only help you digest the juice, but also exert a powerful healing influence on the body. If, however, you do not have access to a juicer you may use pure, organic, bottled juices that are purchased from local health food stores. Do not use frozen concentrates or juices with added sugar. Use one juice for at least three days. Choose a favorite juice (apple, carrot, citrus, tomato, barley grass, grape etc.), but use only one for at least three consecutive days.

Do not eat anything during the three days if possible. If absolutely necessary, the matching fruit or vegetable from which you are making juice may be eaten. If you are drinking apple juice, then eat only apples if you feel the need to eat.

Prevent constipation. When you stop eating foods that contain bulk and fiber, the bowel may stop moving. Toxic mucous being eliminated from your system can also cause constipation. To prevent these issues from occurring, take 16 ounces of prune juice first thing upon arising in the morning. Take an herbal bowel cleansing formula each night before bed and throughout the day as needed. If you are still having problems, you may introduce colon cleansing through the use of enemas.

Chew your juice. Dr. Christopher, noted herbalist, taught that we must eat our drink and drink our food. Chewing juice ensures proper digestion by mixing it with enzymes found in the mouth. Swish each mouthful thoroughly.

On the fourth day, introduce vegetable organic juices and raw fruits and vegetables. After the fourth day, you may also introduce steamed foods.

You will experience cleansing symptoms on your juice program. You may notice aches and pains, headaches, weakness, and other symptoms as
your body eliminates toxins and poisons. Be strong since these symptoms result in faster cleansing and healing.

If conditions are unbearable, eat a small amount of food to slow the cleansing process.

Sweat Therapy

This detoxification process is for people with strong constitutions who want to deepen their cleansing experience. When you become ill, you
often develop a fever. This sweating technique combines hydrotherapy with herbal therapy to induce an artificial fever that helps rid your body of toxins and also boosts your immune function.


Prepare a hot bath with added herbs that are known to help a person sweat. Yarrow flowers and ginger are ideal choices. Fill a cloth bag or cheesecloth with dried or fresh Yarrow flowers and leaves and a three inch piece of grated ginger. Drop the bag into a bath tub and fill with water as hot as can be stood without burning the skin. This hot bath will induce fever-like symptoms, including sweating. Stay in the tub for at least twenty minutes, but ideally 45 minutes. Have someone in the house who can help you out of the tub, as this type of therapy often causes the body to feel weak.

As the person soaks in the hot water, he or she will sweat. This sweating will greatly increase thirst. Do not give cold drinks as this will inhibit perspiration and the necessary increase in body temperature. Hot herbal teas will help to open the body’s pores even more and help eliminate toxins. If the person feels faint, place a cool washcloth on the forehead. Go to bed and sweat all night. Prepare the bed by putting a plastic sheet on the mattress. Cover the plastic with a cotton sheet. After helping the patient get out of the tub, quickly dry him or her. Help the patient lie on the bed and cover him or her with natural cotton sheets and blankets. Do not use synthetic fibers since they do not allow the body to breathe.

The patient should not fan the covers, but lie as still as possible. Sweating will continue as long as the person remains covered. This sweating will eliminate many toxins which cause chronic conditions.

The patient will normally sleep soundly all night. Upon arising in the morning he or she will feel refreshed and invigorated. The sheet covering the patient’s body may be stained with toxic residue secreted from the body. Shower off in the morning.

After this cleanse, eat only fruits and vegetables and drink pure distilled or spring water for a day or two. This may be a good time to start your three day juice cleanse.

Relaxing Ingredients

Variations of relaxing and healing baths are created by adding different ingredients to the bath. All are added to water as hot as possible without causing excessive discomfort. Stay in the tub as long as you can stand it. Choose one, or create a mix from the following ingredients that best
suit your individual needs, or as directed by your health care provider. (See Relaxing Ingredients list below.)

Celtic Sea Salt:
Most Powerful Detox­1lb in the bath feeds and nourishes cells with sea minerals; induces sweat; very healing

Epsom Salt:
Powerful Detox­1 cup in the bath helps open pores to release toxins; improves circulation

Plain Chlorox:
Increases Circulation­1 cup in the bath is very refreshing; (no additives or perfumes)

Hydrogen Peroxide:
Releases Toxins­1 cup in the bath also oxygenates the cells

Natural Apple Cider Vinegar:
Most Gentle Cleanse­1-2 cups in the bath aids in releasing lactic acid buildup; excellent after strenuous exercise
or work

Detoxification and Purification

Why are people toxic today? Look at the tremendous amount of harmful chemicals we absorb that accumulate in our tissues when the liver, digestive system, and skin cannot eliminate them:
  • Crop poisoning with pesticides and herbicides
  • 5,500 chemical food additives
  • Foods which are genetically altered, refined, frozen, fried, irradiated, hormone-filled, etc.
  • Auto exhaust, lawn sprays, household cleaning products, cosmetics, etc.
The main two organs of detoxification of these chemicals are the intestinal tract and the liver. The intestinal tract is the first line of defense against harmful chemicals. When its lining becomes easily permeable (leaky gut syndrome) then harmful chemicals are allowed into the body.

The liver has two stages of detoxification of chemicals: they become water-soluble and get excreted via the kidney, or else they become inert to go out with the bile via the intestines. It is in the intestines where these toxic chemical by-products or acid body wastes could get reabsorbed via the intestines.

The main message here is that by eating natural foods we actually clean out, build, and regenerate healthy organ function. When a person does this they nearly always see weight loss and a return to normal metabolism and hormone balance. Blood sugar, insulin (pancreas) and cortisol (adrenal) function normalize, allowing thyroid function to also return slowly to normal.

Our diet is causing a slowdown of our pituitary and adrenal gland function by poor nutrition and high-stress lifestyles. This causes overproduction or imbalance of adrenaline, cortisone and the sex steroids made in this gland.

The pituitary gland is the master gland that feeds back to the other hormone producing glands such as the thyroid and the pancreas (insulin, sugar metabolism, storage of unused carbohydrates into fat cells which get larger and larger if allowed to).

The body can deal with toxic chemicals in three general ways: remove them from the body, bury the toxins in body fat or deposit them in organ tissues.

Here is a list of symptoms which may correspond to organ toxicity:

  • Poor digestion
  • Constipation
  • Overweight
  • Skin conditions/allergies
  • Dark circles under eyes/puffiness
  • Recurring headaches
  • Food allergies
  • Fluctuating blood sugar
  • PMS
  • Poor sleep

Nutrition and Supplementation

If you were to convert your current diet to one of 100% natural (raw) foods, you would detoxify your organs, regulate your hormone (adrenal and thyroid) metabolism of calories, and promote optimum health. For example, start with implementing foods such as:

  • Kale
  • Broccoli
  • Red beets
  • Cabbage
  • Onions
  • Red peppers
  • Garlic
  • A host of green leafy vegetables as the majority of the foods you eat
  • Then add in fruits at half the amount of vegetables
  • Then add whole grains, seeds, nuts, etc in limited amounts
  • Next, add in natural starch such as kidney beans or brown rice 1 cup twice daily
  • Lastly, consider adding lean meat 3-4 oz (size of a deck of cards) twice daily
  • Be creative with seasonings to be able to last on this pattern of eating for at least 21 days at which time a habit is formed and your cravings are gone
What to avoid? You will know because it will be boxed, canned, bagged, frozen or otherwise altered by chemicals to change it from its natural state (unless it is an herbal blend or a raw glandular used to build tissue of the liver, pancreas, adrenal, etc).

Having taught and seen my patients improve their health and weight management goals, I strongly encourage you to follow these guidelines and wish you continued good health.

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