A Skeptical M.D.

I am, by training, an MD as well as an ND (naturopath), having begun my medical studies in Germany and completed them in the US.  Everything I was ever taught in science told me that silver, being a heavy metal, was toxic to biological systems.

Believing this adamantly, I was absolutely against any discussion about silver.  I believed what I had been taught-that silver, no matter what form it might be in-was toxic and dangerous.  I received some information in the mail about American Biotech Labs’ products, including silver, but instead of following my first instinct, to discard it, I read it, then read it again and again, perhaps ten times, and each time it seemed to make more sense.

I got more literature on it from the company, then decided to try it myself before I would ever recommend it to anyone else.  I was stunned with the results.  We practice very proactive nutritional and detoxification health care, and have the absolute best, most pure, most potent immune enhancing agents available anywhere, yet this products was even better that what we were using for chronic and resistant infections of a bacterial nature.  I suspect that it helps with viral infections as well, but I have not read enough of the research to be able to verify that.  It is only my clinical observation thus far.

Based on this, I now use and freely dispense this product to my patients, with excellent results.  The only requirements is to determine that it is appropriate to their unique needs, and make certain they use it strictly according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Respectfully yours,

James R. Bowman,

MD, ND, NHC, DCP, FAAIM JRB/mp, Wisconsin

“Having completed thousands of tests on ASAP Solution® over the last 3 years, I can state that the product is highly effective.  I have also tested the product against a number of other silver products and found it to be at least 200-300% more effective that any other product tested.”

Dr. Ron Leavitt Ph.D.

Professor of Microbiology/Molecular Biology

Dianne Farley-Jones MD is a family physician and homeopath. She has a practice that prides itself on its emphasis on wellness and preventative medicine. In support of the ASAP Solution®, Dr. Farley-Jones has stated:

"Having investigated and used various silver solutions for several years, I recognize the superiority of the ASAP solution®, which is the only silver solution I recommend to my patients. We have used it for over a year with very good results. ASAP Solution® is the only silver solution with independent research guaranteeing its safety and effectiveness, and our experience with its use in many conditions has been consistent with the research findings."

Dianne Farley-Jones, MD, Homeopath

70 East Red Pine Drive Alpine, Utah 84004

“I have been in alternative health for over 30 years, and can honestly say the expertise of this company is well proven in the quality of its product.

American Biotech Labs has become a part of many families’ lives, showing its importance in many ways.  One of those ways would be that those who have been on American Biotech Labs’ products have only had sniffles and a slight cough, where others not on the product have resulted in a full blown flu.  Children on the product have not had to miss school, while schoolmates have been out for a week or longer.

This product is a MUST for every home!”

Ginny Holliday, N.D.-Pennsylvania

“In medicine we have known for a long time that silver kills pathogens, and we have used it in babies’ eyes and even today in cream for burns.  I have used many different brands of colloidal silver including the home-made kind, but never got the results I have gotten with the American Biotech Labs’ products, ASAP Silver Solution 10ppm, 22ppm and ASAP-AGX-32.

The positive results are very quickly noticed, and I recommend them to my clients as a first line of defense.”

Quila Rider, RN, CNM, PhD, Arizona

“No other health care product, or supplements of any type, has ever impressed me as much as have the American Biotech Labs’ products.  With the amount of clinical research performed, both in the laboratory and the human clinical trial results, no other product will have such impact or benefit as these.”

George Carmine, DC

“When it comes to the health of my patients, I will only recommend what I give to my own family.  My children have grown up with ASAP Solution®, and I endorse its use without reservation to my patients, family and friends.”

Dr. Gary M. Kane DC

Dear Keith,

 Wanted to give you an update and a report on the past treatments as regards to your product:  ASAP Silver Solution.   The new shipment hasn’t arrived as yet, but I believe it is a normal occurrence with the Kenya shipping services.  I have mentioned it previously, but I was not able to download the Malaria forms – could you forward them again and I will use them with the new shipment.

 As for my personal details, I will be remaining in Kitale Cottage Hospital part time, but also serving as the medical director for two-three local clinics in Narok district, Maasai area of Kenya.  Therefore, I will have plenty of opportunity to continue using Silverbiotics silver product in the treatment of malaria (endemic) as well as other infections. 

 I would like to vouch for the product’s effectiveness.  I previously mentioned its success with my female patient, a 28 yo female whose parasite count went from moderate to none in just two days.   I have continued to reserve the silver solution for women and children and had resounding success with more treatments.  Pregnant women with malaria were able to successfully cure their symptoms in three days, while a 14 yo male with latent symptoms of chronic malaria and 1-2 parasites, had a positive reduction in symptoms.  I used the product myself and noticed a significant amelioration in symptomology just after 2 doses (1 day) and complete resolution in 2-3 days.  What I can safely say – I have noticed that three days seem to be the ‘magic’ time frame where the improvement happens.  I have had to continue silver for more than 5 days in only one case of chronic malaria.

 I have also used the product to support HIV positive patients in the slums of Nairobi, as well as those experiencing chronic TB.   Unfortunately due to the nature of third world and record keeping, I was not able to clearly keep the precise lab tests and measurements on majority of patients.  Another obstacle, is that most patients are unable to afford even simple malarial testing, and I often give silver knowing it would be the best treatment, yet cannot do the appropriate blood testing.

 I would like to, however, utilize a more definitive system in silver prescription and use, as well as record keeping – could you forward me some guidelines and empty forms as to the data that your company would require and find more useful.

 I have really found Silverbiotics a great prescription tool, I have used the product in ear and eye infections, as well as sever sinusitis and respiratory tract infections.   It is a great immune stimulant.  I have not been able to resolve typhoid and am reluctant to try silver with serious gastrointestinal infections. 

 In conclusion, wanted to forward you this letter to let your company show my appreciation for what it has done for its patients in Kenya – and how successful I have really been using their product.   I truly feel malaria treatments need to be modified, as more and more preparations are being taken off the market due to their ineffectiveness and I am repetitively seeing patients who have chronic liver problems and general malaise as a direct result of continuous strong treatments, as well as malaria.   The third world is in great need for an affordable anti-malarial treatment, as well as non-damaging to the liver and body.  I believe the silver solution is that product.

 I fully support the greater spread of silver in malarial treatments and prophylaxis, and would like to hear more of your involvement on a greater scale, and how I could involve my findings and the clinics in your future projects. 

Thank you very much for your time and generosity.  Looking forward to more communication.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Kamil

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