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SEE 100 0f 200 written testimonials below…  they confirm the discovery of patients that their vitamin C reversed their arterial disease. Ridiculous as it might sound – this is being fought by the doctors, and exposes their cheating us out of good health. True!

How to legally cure heart disease without being a doctor…

The retinal arteries tell us! If a Professor of Optometry and CardioRetinometry(R) remonstrates with another profession for its abuse of the public, and its Hippocratic Oath, and the government ignores it, the public should be alarmed. See   There are  four grades of coronary artery disease and four grades of retinal arterial disease. You would expect them to correspond. They don’t! The cardiologists don’t admit heart disease exists until your arteries are blocked to at least 50%. Many are made to believe they are healthy.

 What happened 55 years ago that’s falsified in Wikipedia?

Canadian Dr. George C. Willis MD was the first to deliberately inject the heart for coronary X-Ray examination. Dr. Mason Sones is wrongly credited with this but repeated attempts to correct the Wikipedia are erased. Guess who erases it?  Willis showed reversal of coronary arterial disease in 1954! Read the Wikipedia and it is a different story. Willis’ paper was published in the Canadian Medical Assn. Journal in December 1954 (Willis GC. Light A.W. Cow A.S.  Serial Arteriography in Atherosclerosis Pp 562-568) In that hushed up paper, these three doctors showed that almost all their cases of coronary heart disease could be either reversed or stopped with vitamin C. Linus Pauling’s patents confirm this.

How did fraudulent bypasses start? 

Doctors knew from post mortem examinations that virtually everybody has heart disease. Lande and Sperry  (1936 Arch. Pathology 22: 301-312) had also proved no cholesterol connection. So they ignored that and K.S. Mathur the same. They knew from Willis that arterial disease is reversible with vitamin C. They ignored that. But they could not expect to operate on everybody – such a market would be too good to be true and the public would smell a rat. So they simply raised the bar and  then falsely blamed cholesterol for causing heart disease helped by Ancel Keys untruthful saturated fats ‘discovery’   (1953 J. of Mount Sinai Hospital 20. 116-139) Then they perfected the heart bypass, completely ignoring Willis work showing surgery was unnecessary. So the idiotic cholesterol myth made and is making £Trillions in foods, medicines & operations.

 Found! Cure for heart disease they won’t admit is there!

Our Grade 2 heart and retinal disease is in fact – their Grade Zero! That is all major arteries blocked to 49%!! After that Grade 0.5 is one artery blocked extra up to 70! They have mired themselves in deception! And there is no escape for them. Cardiology is corrupt. So caught in their own web of deceit, Optometrists can claim to diagnose heart disease BEFORE the cardiologists and CURE it before the cardiologists will admit it is there!

I am  Sydney Bush, Optometrist  and the UK’s senior academic, practising Optometrist and take full responsibility for this website. Support me! You have only your own lives to lose to unnecessary misery and heart disease.


In 1999, after research that I started in 1986, I made a discovery here in Hull. I could cure heart disease! I could stop Heart Attacks! But I am an Optometrist! Why weren’t the doctors doing this? My discovery confirmed the heart disease origin theory of the world’s greatest scientist  Dr. Linus Pauling   and Cardiologist Dr. Matthias Rath MD, and provided the final clue to the 50 years long mystery of thrombosis, putting the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle in place.  Pauling was the World’s leading scientist with 90 PhDs and  2 Nobel Prizes. But neither he nor Dr. Rath had thought of observing – and in time-lapse,  sequentially photographing the retinal arteries of the eye to measure coronary (heart) arterial disease progression or regression! Today others say this was a Nobel Prize class discovery. We have exceeded 12 years of maintained regression of arterial disease!

So, in the late 1990s I discovered that vitamin C I was prescribing to prevent allergy and infections in my contact lens patients was causing profound improvements to their conjunctival blood vessels. I was attacked by Pharmacy through the General Optical Council using a prepared agent provocateur, deliberately short of vitamin C with signs of scurvy!  She announced that she was going to complain to the General Optical Council. My nurses and I were flabbergasted! The GOC was not interested. But the College of Optometrists tried to stop me, saying "You don’t want it to happen again do you?" I persisted and the law was strengthened to protect those Optometrists who wanted to identify and treat vitamin deficiencies.

In 1998 I purchased the first electronic retinal camera in the UK for instant images and magnification and comparison purposes, seeking a Nobel Prize for a better, quicker way of diagnosing glaucoma. .

In late 1999 I made a staggering discovery. I had read the world famous scientist Linus Pauling and cardiologist Dr. Matthias Rath’s theory of heart disease. They believed it was nothing to do with dietary cholesterol but what made cholesterol ‘stick’ inside the atrteries.

They were right. I proved it to my own satisfaction.

But it was so revolutionary and if I was wrong my reputation would suffer.

I let my medical patients into the secret that arterial blockages inside the eye in the retina seemed to be disappearing with extra vitamin C. Then they saw that their own were dissolving!

They were wildly enthusuastic honest doctors.

In December 2002 after two years of observations to prove it was a real effect, I  announced the new name Cardioretinometry(R) for the newly discovered discipline in ‘Optician’. By 2010 I had made nearly 20 more discoveries and

even another relating to Glaucoma that might yet get me that Nobel Prize!

An attempt to have Cardioretinometry included in the Wikipedia ran into a storm of opposition. Only pharmacists and physicians could have possibly been so opposed to vitamin C. I did not wish to claim definitely that it was vitamin C for sure – but I wanted to claim that the new discipline would eventually prove it and reveal what had good and bad effects on the retinal arteries and therefore on the heart’s coronary arteries! Anybody reading the criticisms today can see that it could only be the pharmacists, doctors  and sympathizers who were objecting. Today the Wikipedia is tainted and will always be until all critics and editors are forced to declare who they are and what their interests are. 

Those critics would not accept it. Today you can read about the longest page protections. They were opposed to pure science. Dr. Ben Goldacre included it in his "bad science" blog after a letter to the Department of Health was immediately leaked to him.  That was like saying measuring temperature after taking medicine is bad science. I rang him and had it out with him but he was adamant. I thought that extremely odd. This is a new discipline. How can a new discipline be bad science. It was stupid. Until then the main opposition had come from pharmacy and those doctors I assumed worked for pharmacy or in cardiology. Perhaps I was wrong?

We knew that it would be difficult to get anything published because of opposition by medical journal editors to anything to do with vitamin C.

We formed a company – AntiCoronary Clinics Ltd. and two doctors agreed to have their names on the brochure as my advisory panel. That was in 2003. Then the Hull doctors attacked without warning. A broadside of untruths was sent to the General Optical Council alleging that one of the doctors on my brochure had not given permission for his name to be published. It was easily disproved. But it was libellous. Two years later the GOC having done nothing – dropped the matter.

In 2004 I answered Prof. Wong at the suggestion of Dr. Russell Watkins who lectures Optometry students. He is extremely clever and could see possibilities!

My response in "Rapid Response to Wong" is still on the Internet and to the credit of the British Medical Journal editors, they published two responses from me but no more on that subject.

After that they refused to publish the term ‘Occult Scurvy’ as did the Journal of Medical Ethics!!!

Then the attacks started in earnest with 2,000 virus laden websites set up to snowstorm Cardioretinometry from sight on the Internet. People were getting VERY worried. All this will be in my biography. It is building into quite a story.

Obviously the doctors and particularly the cardiologists are worried sick. Their gravy train of programmed ill health is coming to an end. It cannot continue. As more people read these websites

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