My name is Silvestre Parrenas, 50 years old. I am presently residing at Batasan Hills, Quezon City, Philippines. I want to share to other sick patients that there is hope to recover.

It has been more than one year that I was suffering and enduring my sickness. Many people had commented of my losing weight.  I myself could not understand the cause. My employer was generous enough to extend assistance for my medical check up and laboratory testing. The result showed I have diabetes. The doctor prescribed diabetic medication. But after one year of taking the diabetes medicine, it seems that my body could no longer absorb the medication.

One time, when I was on  my way to work, even as I had not yet reach the bus stop, I suddenly felt weak and vomited. I had another check up. 2 doctors reviewed my case and ordered to do a scan. I had made a CT scan schedule with the nuclear GFR Kidney Institute. The scan result showed I have kidney problem affecting my liver as well. Doctors were in a state of confusion and wanted to inject or subject me to dialysis. I did not agree to their suggestion.

My employer respected  my decision and they were willing to support me. They suggested for me to consult with other doctors. A schedule was set for a 12 days therapy each session. I was allowed to go on vacation for 3 months. One time on the way to the clinic, it came to mind that probably I will not get any better and began to lose hope. This is due to my 2 swollen legs with using crutches. Once using the crutches, I would alternately use each side as due to the alternating leg swelling. My sole feels hot. Sometimes, my head or crotch feels hot due to my illness. I follow the doctor’s advice to avoid unhealthy food for a month. I really did not eat white rice, eating mostly vegetables and fruits. Everyday I juice carrots, sometimes adding pipino (vegetable spounge/gourd/loofah) and apple. During my therapy, I came to know Eloisa. She mentioned that she knew of , a Judy Sim, owner of foot ion detox device. Even as I would like to do detoxification, I do not have any money. After one month, I went to the address that Eloisa gave me. I tried the foot ion detox. The first time of my foot detox, it was surprising that the water in the basin was dirty as mud. Only upon doing 4 series of foot detox, did the water cleared up. So, I had scheduled another laboratory test wanting to know the result. I was very much surprised with the  medical laboratory result showing a dramatic improvement. My doctor said that my kidney is slowly regaining it’s function. Because my previous creatinine was 700 and now was down to 290. So I profusely thank the LORD first and to Mrs. Judy Sim because of her help in teaching the correct diet which I followed. Below is my daily diet routine:

Breakfast: Oatmeal, loofah, citrus juice, no sugar, rock salt,  raw cucumber, soup, carrot juice with loofah/gourd and apple.

Lunch : Salad, cucumber, carrots, singkamas?,  lettuce, cherry?, apple, sprouts, tomato, taheera? (dressing), white cheese, balsamic vinegar & olive oil, whole wheat bread.

Dinner: Soup, green papaya, carrots, potato, tomato, spinach, radish with leaves, cumin seeds.

That’s it. I eat all fruits and the same diet daily. Right now, my health is returning to normal. I am back working again. As long as we adhere and are disciplined with the correct diet, we will have long life!

Note from Judy Sim ­ GOD’S AMAZING GRACE LOVE FELLOWSHIP. Tel 3764987

The above is a testimony of how a diabetes patient avoided kidney dialysis. He change to be a vegetarian with a disciplined lifestyle following my ANTI-CANCER MENU & HANDY GUIDE with only 4×35 minutes sessions, using Q2 Energy Technology, thru hydrotherapy detox medical device. Thank you for reading & sharing. GOD BLESS YOU.

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