Psoriasis, Bursitis, “Tingling Sensation”, Night Vision, ADD, Heavy Metal Toxicity, Bi-polar, Neurom

Psoriasis, Bursitis, "Tingling Sensation", Night Vision, ADD, Heavy Metal Toxicity, Bi-polar, Neuromuscular

Good Things From Steve


Thanks for some really excellent products. Three friends (Natasha, Michael and Mary) have already started buying them after my explaining these products to them. I’m sure more friends will try them as they lose their skeptism. Just about everyone I talk to has no idea about peptide sequencing technology and how peptide/receptors function (or even what they are). Hence, I get skeptical responses, but no one who has known me long enough can argue with the disappearing psoriasis and other visible physical changes due to the Xomatropin. Michael reported that about 2 weeks after starting the PCA-Rx, the bursitis in his elbows (that has recurred every winter for many years) disappeared. Natasha has had happy results from the Xomatropin as well, especially positive changes in her night vision. Mary just started using PCA-Rx about 10 days ago and reported a very subtle "tingling sensation" on her skin–she said it was very subtle and similar to the sensation from Niacin, i.e. vasodialation. Mary is overweight–wouldn’t surprise me if the PCA-Rx is clearing out the plaque in her arteries, etc. No question, this is really cool technology.

Natasha and I (divorced) are giving the PCA-Rx and NG-Rx to our daughter (20), who was exposed to anesthetics when she was 3 years old during and after surgery for a hiatal hernia. I observed definite changes in her mental characteristics after she returned from the hospital. At age 8, she was diagnosed as having ADD (relatively mild). I also think ADD is a characteristic of highly intelligent and creative people, so, except in more extreme cases, I don’t believe it’s a ‘disorder.’ Nonetheless, I have always believed the anesthetics caused some neurochemical imbalance and the balance has yet to be restored. The PCA-Rx and NG-Rx conceivably could bring about that restoration.

By the way, I started with Xomatropin for 3 weeks before starting the PCA-Rx with no effect whatsoever on the psoriasis. One might argue that it’s some synergistic effect of the two, but because the psoriasis started when I was 17, when GH levels were peaking, it’s also reasonable to conclude that psoriais is not a side effect of declining GH levels.

Best Regards,
Steve H.



My 20 year old son has been diagnosed with Autism (Aspergers) and hes bi-polar. We noticed improvement in the fall when he started on Peptazide, (enzymes which enable him to eat foods containing gluten and casein without the awful side effects). Many autistic children are G/C intolerant.

Now we are addressing the metal problem. He first tried ALA every three hours. His starting dose left him dangerously depressed. He did better with a lower dose, but could not wake up to take the required night time doses.

He started PCA-Rx in February. Later he added AF-X. He doesnt like taking pills, but he loves the spray. I started taking PCA-Rx as well.

One of the first things I noticed was that I could relax while riding with this student driver. Whether this was the result of his or my taking it, I dont know.

He wanted to know how much it would cost for insurance, taxes and maintenance for the free 94 Toyota he will be getting soon. When he figured in the amount he is making from his job, he told me, Mom, I cant afford this car. How about I pay you to drive me to work. I replied, How about you let your father and I use it sometimes and we will all share expenses.

This is wonderful because now he is thinking of his responsibilities. . . and budgeting!

I had a driving lesson scheduled on a work day for the job he had just started. He asked me to change it. It would be too much stress for him in one day. He is starting to manage his stress!

Not too long ago he was taking tranquilizers. He wants to be drug free. He is currently off all his bi-polar meds. Im not saying he is cured or even in remission. Bipolar is a cyclical illness.

Many with bi-polar have been cured through nutrition. I spoke with a doctor who uses Truehope supplements with his bi-polar patients. Most have benefited. Of those who didnt, about half have digestive problems. Because my son has digestive problems, I am glad that he can take his supplements in the easily absorbable AF-X spray.

Once, my son had an episode following a viral infection. Parasites have also been linked to mental disorders. I am looking forward to getting him on the new PC3x.

We cant hear the high pitched noise from the TV that would keep my son awake at night. Two years ago, he broke our TV to get relief from it. Now he can tolerate the sound. The other night he had a friend over who stayed up all night with the TV on. My son couldnt believe that he had slept through it unawares.

He put himself on a diet and lost 11 pounds in the last two months. He is starting to listen to his body and avoid foods that give him problems (like eggs and sugar). He is doing this all on his own. He is taking charge of his life!

I believe this is only the beginning. Thanks, Jim, for doing what you do. :)

Maureen S

Thanks For My Recovery

Hi Jim,

I want to thank you for helping me to begin moving my health in the right direction. Your products are beginning to make a difference in how I feel like none I have tried before. Your sales staff, especially Julie, has been so helpful in getting me on the right course of products

I am a 55 year old veterinarian, who has been exposed to 30 plus years of pesticides, anesthesia gases, many antibacterial chemicals, animal vaccine exposure, and many strange viruses, bacteria, and fungi. In addition, I have a high mercury load in my system. I sold my practice 3 years ago due to many factors, mostly because I was sick all the time. Symptoms of neuromuscular, neurological, respiratory involvement had me down and out. I went from tri-athlete training and basketball, to barely walking.

Although the doctors said my blood tests were normal and I should "be fine", I knew better. Through self-investigation, I learned of all the aforementioned in my system, as well as EB virus, Lyme, and Brucellosis(from a cow vaccine). I’m sure you could tell me a few more that I didn’t test for as well.

For the past year I have been treating myself with everthing I had learned about. They either did no good or made me too sick to continue. Two months ago I learned about PCA-Rx in an article on the web. I started with PC3x. I was excited because at least it wasn’t making me sick. Then, with Julie’s help , I added PCA and AV-Rx. I am seeing significant. exciting results. I am getting stronger, less pain in my muscles, less twitching, not feeling sick all the time, and starting to do things I haven’t done in 3 years. Next will be Bio-Guard and GI- Rx.

I know that I am just scratching the surface on getting all these toxins out of my system and your products are the reason why. In addition to the PCA products, I have been using an infrared sauna daily, and have continued my supplements. You can certainly use my story for anyone else, but I hope that this is only the beginning of the story.

Thank you so much,
Les Wilner

Thank You

Dear Maxam Labs……You have no idea how much your products have meant to me. I have not been well for most of my life with Environmental Illness, and I am 65 now. Dr. Shawn Warwick here in Scottsdale, AZ has helped me greatly, but your products uncovered more heavy metal toxicity and much more, and are topping off my recovery…..I don’t know what I would have done without them, without you…I wasn’t making the progress I had until I started taking PCA-Rx and later the NG-Rx and now the NX,,,,,I am being restored like never before, and I send my heartfelt and deepest thanks to all of you.

You are truly doing God’s work…..

Very sincerely, Louise M

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