Propolis and it’s effects on fungus or candida


Dr. Simoncini is
a roman doctor specialising in oncology, diabetology and
in metabolic disorders.

Cancer is a fungus
The book “Cancer is a fungus” describes how a fungous infection always forms the basis of every neoplastic formation, and this formation tries to spread within the whole organism without stopping.

Propolis and it’s effects on fungus or candida

What is Candida?

Candida is a form of parasitic fungus which resemble yeasts and occur especially in the mouth, vagina, and intestinal tract. Though usually benign, they can become pathogenic, causing diseases including candidiasis and thrush.

The List of Studies on the Effects of Propolis on Candida

1) Effect of commercial ethanol propolis extract on the in vitro growth of Candida albicans collected from HIV-seropositive and HIV-seronegative Brazilian patients with oral candidiasis.

Authors:Martins RS; Pé–

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