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Anti-aging therapy so easy  you can do it in your sleep

It’s not just the racing thoughts and worries that keep you lying awake at night when you’re stressed. There are actual physiological reactions going on in your body preventing you from falling asleep. Stress causes your body to release adrenal hormones-the same ones responsible for the “fight or flight” response we all have in extreme situations. And now we know that curtailing, or at least reducing, this physiological reaction to stress will not only help relieve your insomnia but it could also help you combat aging.

Insomnia and the hormonal domino effect

Specifically, insomnia has a direct relationship with the hormone cortisol.1 Dr. Milner, HSI medical adviser, explained to me that cortisol levels are naturally highest in the morning, reduce throughout the day, and are lowest during sleep. But studies suggest that levels of cortisol increase with age. The elevated cortisol level keeps you up and also causes negative changes in hormone activity-such as reducing the production of sex hormones like testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone. Declining levels of these hormones are one of the primary causes of physical and mental aging.

Curbing excess cortisol production and getting a good night’s sleep obviously won’t reverse the natural, gradual decline of hormones that causes changes like menopause. Yet, it might help to normalize hormones depleted by the natural aging process, such as DHEA. So controlling your cortisol levels just might help you head off some of the other side effects that often accompany aging like memory loss, fatigue, and even weight gain.

Lower stress, better sleep

So combating insomnia by controlling your cortisol levels might be one of the crucial keys to anti-aging. Boosting levels of sleep-supporting substances like serotonin and melotonin will have a further natural relaxing effect. This not only helps you rest easier, but it also combats the stimulating-and aging-effects of cortisol.

We’ve tracked down three natural formulas that address these factors directly: Seditol, Somamax, and tryptophan. Each of them has a slightly different way of helping you get the rest you need. Let’s start with the one that targets the main insomnia culprit, cortisol.

87 percent of insomniacs report relief

Seditol was formulated specifically to address excess cortisol in the body, according to Bob Garrison, the CEO of Seditol’s manufacturer, Next Pharma-ceuticals. It’s a blend of two herbal ingredients-magnolia and ziziphus.

I spoke to Garrison, who told me that, like many other supplements, Seditol was born out of unexpected benefits found during human trials. Next has a patented proprietary blend of magnolia, which it originally intended to market solely as a stress reliever. Magnolia bark has traditionally been used as a general anti-anxiety agent, so its benefits typically center on controlling stress and anxiety. But newer claims are emerging that link magnolia’s anti-stress benefits with control of cortisol. Magnolia bark is rich in two biphenol compounds, magno-lol and honokiol, which are thought to contribute to the primary anti-stress and cortisol-lowering effects of the plant.  These cortisol-    lowering effects go beyond stress relief though, as Next researchers discovered when testing their proprietary extract.

During one study on this blend, they found they were consistently getting feedback not only on reduced anxiety but participants also reported that they had improved sleep. So Next switched gears and developed its magnolia extract as a sleep aid, adding zizyphus-which has been used to induce sleep in traditional Chinese medicine for over 2,000 years-to the mix.

This past August, the results of a small trial on Seditol conducted by an independent research facility in New York showed some impressive results. Participants were asked to try Seditol for 14 days as a nightly supplement. Ultimately, this study highlighted the importance of taking Seditol regularly as a supplement. In other words, Seditol isn’t a pill you pop for occasional help with sleeping. Instead, it is a long-term solution to a specific cause of sleeplessness-excess cortisol. The subjects that took

Seditol as directed reported the following encouraging results:

? 87 percent said Seditol reduced the fatigue they felt as a result of lack of sleep

? 83 percent said Seditol helps ensure a sound night’s sleep

This product’s action may be slower than typical over-the-counter sleep aids, but the end result is a natural, gradual change.

The suggested dosage is 365 mg nightly, and you should notice results in one to two weeks, as your cortisol level normalizes.

Seditol is available through various supplement retailers. Check your local health food store to see if they carry it. If not, the store manager can contact Next for information about becoming a distributor.

Herbal sleep aid works in just 30 minutes

If you’d rather take an approach that increases relaxation hormones as opposed to decreasing stimulating hormones then Soma-max may be a better option for you. Like Seditol, Somamax also contain zizyphus, but this formula also includes valerian, St. John’s wort, and schizandra extracts.

Valerian is one of the most common insomnia-fighting herbs. A German study published in July explored the way it affects sleep by investigating its action when combined with caffeine. The study participants took 200 milligrams of caffeine orally, then researchers gave them either a placebo or a combination of valerian and hops (another herbal sleep aid). Every 30 minutes, the researchers took EEG readings for each subject and recorded the results. At the end of the study period, they concluded that the valerian/hop extract medication was capable of reducing or inhibiting the arousal induced by caffeine.2

The preparation also contains St. John’s wort. St. John’s wort’s best-known use is as a natural alternative to prescription antidepressants known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). Like SSRIs, St. John’s wort boosts serotonin levels in the brain. Serotonin is one of the primary mood-regulating hormones. But along with the mood-lifting effects brought on by increased serotonin levels also comes increased drowsiness. So this herb provides a better night’s sleep and an all-around sense of calm, relaxation, and well-being-especially when it’s combined with the other herbal ingredients in Somamax, valerian, and schizandra.

In the United States, schizandra is popularly used as a general tonic for decreasing fatigue, enhancing physical performance, and promoting endurance due to its effects and reputation as an adaptogen.3 Adaptogens are just what they sound like: substances that adapt to whatever the body needs help with. Schizandra also does this with sleep. It has been shown to enhance the sedative effects of drugs, prolong duration of sedative-induced sleep, and neutralize the stimulating effects of caffeine and other amphetamines.

Standardization guarantees consistent results

One of the things that sets Somamax apart from other herbal sleep aids is that it works from the very first day, versus the one- to two-week span it takes some valerian-containing products to work.

It’s manufactured by Kinetana (the same company that brought us Arthroxin), and one of the company’s primary goals in developing each of its formulas is to control both quality of raw ingredients and the ratio needed to ensure effectiveness. In this case, they focused on valerian. Although this herb has been used for centuries to relieve insomnia, its effects can vary widely from brand to brand because of inconsistencies in manufacturing or even the valerian itself. Kinetana used its patented SimBioDas system to determine the exact amount of valerian’s active ingredients necessary for optimum effectiveness, and makes sure that each batch of Somamax contains that precise ratio. They used the same process for the other ingredients in Soma-max-ziziphus and schizandra-as well. (For more on the SimBioDas system, log on to our website,, with the username and password listed on page 8 and see the July 2004 issue).

Patients taking Somamax report that it works within 30 to 60 minutes and provides at least three to six hours of restful sleep. The recommended dosage is two capsules as needed, and there are 30 servings per container.

If you’re currently taking an SSRI, warfarin, cyclosporin, anticonvulsants, or prescription migr-aine medication, check with your doctor before taking Somamax, since the St. John’s wort it contains can reduce the effectiveness of these drugs.

Despite bad press, tryptophan  is available and safe

One of the key brain chemicals required for sleep is serotonin. Serotonin is produced in the brain by the essential amino acid tryptophan. So if you’re not getting enough tryptophan, you’re not making enough serotonin, and odds are, you’re not getting enough quality sleep.

You might remember the big scare 15 years ago when tryptophan was linked to an outbreak of eosinophilia myalgia syndrome (EMS), a serious illness characterized by symptoms like muscular and abdominal pain, weakness, mouth ulcers, and skin rash. The FDA enforced an involuntary recall that made splashy headlines, created a panic, and bankrupted many tryptophan suppliers. The fact that the outbreak was later traced to a contaminated batch from a single manufacturer failed to make the same headlines as the original allegations. As a result, many consumers were deprived of tryptophan, despite years of use by millions without incident.

Due to the bad press surrounding the recall, most supplement manufacturers have shied away from producing tryptophan. Even though the FDA never officially banned it, there are very strict guidelines manufacturers must adhere to in order to make and distribute tryptophan. It’s a challenge many companies just aren’t willing to be subjected to.

But we found one supplier with a tryptophan product that does meet those purity requirements. In fact, even though it’s an oral supplement, it also meets the standards for pharmaceutical-grade intravenous medications. These guidelines are even stricter than those set up for oral medications. You can get this particular tryptophan formula from a company called LifeSpan. For more information, check out the Member Source Directory on page 8.

Absorption of tryptophan is optimized when you take it at least 20 minutes before meals that contain protein or apart from protein completely.4

If you’re taking prescription antidepressants be sure to consult a physician before trying tryptophan. Like SSRIs, tryptophan also increases the production of serotonin, so combining the two could cause problems.

Reverse age-related sleeplessness and rediscover youthful rest

Now, back to what I was saying earlier about sleep and anti-aging. Researchers say that, particularly for older adults, a good night’s sleep may be a natural form of hormone therapy, which has long been touted for its anti-aging benefits.

One study of 149 men ages 16 to 83 found that age-related changes in sleep quality were linked to specific changes in several hormones. As sleep quality and quantity declined, levels of cortisol increased.

In later years, a new sleep pattern emerges in which men get less sleep overall and levels of cortisol go up. These sleep-pattern changes accompany some negative changes in other hormonal activity. Lead researcher Dr. Eve Van Cauter of the University of Chicago concluded that these connections between hormones and shifting sleep patterns suggest that maintaining sleep quality throughout life may have important health benefits.5,6

This particular study didn’t elaborate on those benefits, but you already know that waking up after a good night’s sleep can go a long way in helping you feel better physically and emotionally. And now that this evidence points to rising cortisol levels as the main culprit behind increasing instances of insomnia, it’s nice to know that there are some simple, safe, all-natural options for reversing this aspect of aging.

Citations available upon request and on HSI website

The milk-less secret to preventing osteoporosis

In October, the U.S. Surgeon General released the first-ever report on bone health-and the news wasn’t good. Apparently, by 2020, half of all Americans over age 50 will be at risk for low bone density and osteoporosis. But this dire warning did come with a silver lining: The risk will only increase that much if no one takes any immediate action to protect their bones.

No problem-we can all handle taking action. It’s figuring out what action to take that can present a challenge. Of course, there are the prescription drugs like Fosamax, designed to build bone mass, and the dairy industry still clings to its claim that milk builds strong bones.

But osteoporosis drugs come with their own risks like nausea, altered sense of taste, and bone or joint pain. And milk just doesn’t cut it in terms of bone health: In fact, studies show it’s not the best source of calcium, the most crucial bone-health nutrient, and it doesn’t actually protect against fractures or other bone problems.

Many of you may have already made the switch over to calcium supplements to protect yourself from bone loss and osteoporosis. The key to keeping your bones strong and healthy is to regulate the calcium in your body. And now there’s an all- natural product that can help you do that.

It’s called Osteophase, and preliminary studies show that it can reduce the loss of calcium, increase bone density, and increase bone remodeling.

Calcium regulating superstars that will save your bones

Osteophase is the first nutritional supplement that reliably regulates calcium homeostasis to rebuild skeletal bone and resolve calcium overload.

It’s a marine-based formula made from oyster shell lining combined with 21 different amino acids, iron, zinc, and three specific herbs-Astragalus, Angelica sinensis root, and Coix seeds.

The inner lining of the oyster shell contains biologically active proteins and enzymes that are responsible for stimulating the formation of the hard outer shell from available calcium. The manufacturers of Osteophase developed a method of extracting these bioactive ingredients from the shell lining, along with calcium from the actual shell.

When they’re combined with the three herbs in the formula, the active components of the oyster shell lining help regulate the functions of calcium in the body, pulling it out of soft tissues where it can cause damage, and re-directing it into the bones to strengthen them.

Research has shown that Astragalus extracts inhibit bone loss in rats that have had their ovaries removed. This could indicate that it may be a good bone-protecting alternative for post-menopausal women who were counting on hormone replacement therapy for this purpose.

Angelica sinensis is frequently used as the main ingredient in herbal prescriptions for bone injuries. One study found that Angelica stimulated synthesis of a substance called OPC-1, which is a crucial part of bone formation. Coix seeds help counteract the degeneration of bone and cartilage.

For once you need even less than the “experts” recommend

The dose of Osteophase used in the clinical evaluation in China contained less than 125 mg. per day of calcium. This level of calcium intake is actually far below the 1,000 mg of daily supplementation recommended by U.S. health authorities to protect against bone loss. But despite the lower level of calcium, the researchers found that Osteophase reduced the loss of calcium by up to 69 percent, increased bone density by 27 percent, and increased bone remodeling by 100 percent.

These results support the notion that Osteophase achieves its results by regulating the amount of calcium in the body-not by increasing it.

So even though the U.S. government probably won’t add it to its list of ways to head off the burgeoning epidemic of osteoporosis and bone loss, it certainly looks as if Osteophase might be one of the best tools for taking that “immediate action” the Surgeon General recommended.

Replace Vioxx with the 2 latest all-natural arthritis remedies

In the midst of the panic over Vioxx that erupted in October, I couldn’t help thinking of a fortune cookie I’d opened years ago. The little slip of paper read: “Nature, time, and patience are the three greatest physicians.”

I’m not sure about the time and patience part, but I know for sure that the fortune was right about nature. And one of the areas in which it continues to prove itself as a great physician is arthritis treatment.

We’ve covered natural arthritis remedies many times over the years. And now that Vioxx, the pharmaceutical drug many people relied on for pain relief, has been pulled from the market, we thought it was the perfect time to report on two of the latest all-natural, safe remedies we’ve come across-Kaprex and SierraSil.

A new day in arthritis treatment

In case you’re not familiar with the Vioxx situation, here’s a recap: Vioxx’s manufacturer, Merck, recently launched a large, randomized trial of 2,600 patients with colon polyps in hopes of proving that Vioxx could help their condition. In the process, though, Merck discovered that 3.5 percent of the patients taking Vioxx suffered heart attacks or strokes vs. 1.9 percent taking a placebo. Based on this finding, Merck withdrew the drug from the market altogether.

This must have come as a devastating blow to those people who depended on Vioxx for arthritis relief.But the good news is you’re not limited anymore to treatments like Vioxx that just mask pain or put you at risk for unrelated, more serious problems. The natural joint relief products we’re focusing on today don’t trick your body by blocking pain receptors-they actually stop the cause of the damage to the joint.

Block your body’s  damage-causing signals

First, Kaprex. It works by interfering with signals in the body that result in the production of damaging compounds that cause your pain and negatively impact cartilage and other joint tissues.

To find the best candidates for the formula, product developers at Metagenics’ MetaProteomics? Research Center screened over 150 natural substances. These in-vitro tests examined each potential ingredient for efficacy by studying its effect on cell protein synthesis and activity.

The researchers compiled and analyzed thousands of data points and selected three based on their outstanding effectiveness-oleanolic acid, rosemary, and hops.

Recent data suggests that components of hops-such as reduced isoalpha acids-may inhibit the formation of inflammation-causing prostaglandins.1 The form added to Kaprex is a proprietary extract of hops called Luduxin.?

Oleanolic acid is derived from olive leaf extract. Research indicates that it may support joint health as a pain reliever as well as protect against potential damage to your stomach lining.

And rosemary leaf extract stimulates circulation and eases pain by increasing blood supply.

Although these herbs were chosen for their individual arthritis-relieving properties, the product developers found that when they put all of them together the effects were even better. Think of it as herbal teamwork.

According to Dr. Joseph Debe, a chiropractor and board-certified nutritionist, one of the things that sets Kaprex apart from other arthritis remedies, including over-the-counter pain relievers, is that it doesn’t appear to cause stomach damage or irritation. Researchers have found that Kaprex has “minimal GI cell activity and therefore a high level of predicted GI safety.”

Both non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and Kaprex work by reducing the concentration of a body chemical called prostaglandin E2 (PGE2), but they do so through different mechanisms. PGE2 is a powerful hormone-like chemical that is responsible for producing the majority of the pain and inflammation associated with arthritis and other conditions.

Another impact of accumulated PGE2 is heightened sensitivity in your nerve fibers where even the slightest movement can cause inordinate pain. It takes a while for it to build up, so at first you may just be a little stiff and sore. But the symptoms increase progressively until any joint movement becomes a challenge and pain an unwanted constant companion.

The non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs reduce levels of PGE2 by inhibiting the activity of the enzymes that manufacture it. But, unfortunately, not only is PGE2 production reduced in joints, it’s also reduced in gastrointestinal tissues. And a certain level of PGE2 is necessary to keep gastrointestinal tissues healthy. When PGE2 is deficient, it can contribute to ulcer formation.

On the other hand, Kaprex works through a safer, “upstream” mechanism. It reduces the excessive formation of the PGE2- producing enzymes, rather than inhibiting their activity. It appears to actually reduce the message sent to the genes to manufacture the enzyme. This makes all the difference in production of gastrointestinal injury. The net effect is that Kaprex is active in joint tissues without affecting the gastrointestinal tract.

A recent study examined Kaprex’s absorbability and bioavailability. Six subjects supplemented on different days with either one Kaprex tablet, three Kaprex tablets, or one Celebrex capsule. Their blood was drawn prior to dosing and at one, two, four, six, and eight hours after dosing. The blood samples were analyzed for their ability to reduce PGE2 levels.

Kaprex worked quickly and maintained effectiveness for hours, with activity beginning to decrease at eight hours. One tablet of Kaprex appeared to be as effective as one capsule of Celebrex and worked more rapidly. As you might expect, three tablets of Kaprex produced a significantly greater effect than just one tablet.2

Kaprex is available in 30- and 90-tablet bottles. The recommended dose is one tablet three times daily. According to Metagenics, you’ll know whether it works for you within seven to 10 days. If it doesn’t help, you can send back the bottle for a full refund.

The volcano cure for joint breakdown

The other product is called SierraSil, and it’s made from a distinct, naturally occurring volcanic mineral deposit mined only in an exclusive location high in the Sierra Mountains.

This distinct volcanic compound, which contains a uniquely balanced blend of 65 macro and trace minerals, has been shown to support joint mobility and flexibility, and based on what I’ve been told, is changing people’s lives.

I talked to a representative from SierraSil’s manufacturer, Sierra Mountain Minerals, Inc., who told me a little about how the substance was originally discovered. Apparently, the earliest reports of its use go back to early Native Americans, although the moment it was first used as an oral supplement seems as much of a mystery as why the high Sierras appear to be the only location in the world this substance exists.

Even the manufacturing process is unique. It occurs naturally in a unique textured rock form, which is extracted from one specific surface mine site located five hours from the closest city. Once it’s taken from the ground, it’s put in barrels and moved to the manufacturer’s location where it is pulverized, heated to ensure that there are no micro-organisms present in the formula, then put into capsules.

Decrease cartilage breakdown  by up to 73 percent in  just one week

The idea of volcanic rock used as a supplement to relieve arthritis pain struck us as odd, to say the least. So we checked in with our medical adviser, Dr. Martin Milner, to see what he could tell us. According to Dr. Milner, minerals derived from rock rather than plants are relatively difficult to absorb (usually 10 percent at best). He also cautioned that the distribution of elements in the volcanic rock may or may not be in safe concentrations and ratios. We went back to Sierra Mountain Minerals for additional explanation regarding these concerns. At the time of publication, they didn’t have any assays available to demonstrate the distribution of minerals in SierraSil. However they did offer results of a clinical trial performed on the product.

An in vitro study using human cartilage tissues and cells from osteoarthritis (OA) patients found that SierraSil reduced the breakdown of cartilage cells by 68 to 73 percent in just one week. According to the lead researcher of the study, Mark Miller, Ph.D., “SierraSil… may offer exciting new approaches to limiting the joint destruction and lack of mobility associated with arthritis.”3

Based on results of this pilot study, the mineral complex is currently being investigated in a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled human clinical trial involving 120 patients with OA of the knee.

In the meantime, testimonials have been flooding in. They relate some pretty powerful stories. One woman’s letter said, “I cried when I noticed for the first time in years I wasn’t thinking about my pain.” Another person commented, “After getting partial relief from natural remedies for joint problems I have finally found complete relief.”

SierraSil is available in two formulations-SierraSil and SierraSil with vincaria (cat’s claw, an herb well-known for its arthritis-relieving effects). And it also comes in either capsule or powder form. They’re both available in many health food stores across the country, and we’ve offered a phone-order source in the Member Source Directory below as well. The recommended dosage for SierraSil is one capsule three times daily or one scoop of powder daily, mixed into juice, water, or food.

We’ll no doubt have more natural arthritis relief breakthroughs to report to you in the future. For now, though, it’s nice to know that you can breathe a sigh of relief instead of one of frustration over the lack of access to Vioxx. With two more effective-and safe-weapons to add to your arthritis arsenal, relief and healing have never been more accessible.

Citations available upon request and on HSI website

And another thing…

…Cancer may be prevented by simply getting the right amount of sleep. According to Professor David Spiegel of Stanford University, the proper amount of sleep promotes hormonal balance, which plays an important role in regulating the immune system. Mice studies have already shown that tumor growth is accelerated when sleep rhythms are disrupted.

…Women who drink coffee throughout the day do not put themselves at higher risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis (RA), according to a 20-year study of more than 80,000 women. Tea and other caffeinated beverages were also shown to have no effect on RA. But smoking did. Results showed that heavy smoking may increase RA risk.

…Most arthritis patients who took daily cod liver oil capsules in a UK study were found to have significantly reduced levels of enzymes associated with cartilage damage. Enzymes that have been linked with joint pain were also reduced. Previous studies have shown cod liver oil to be effective in slowing the destruction of joint cartilage in osteoarthritis patients.

…Vitamin K intake has been shown to help prevent osteoporosis and arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries). Now a new study from Japan shows that vitamin K may also offer prevention against liver cancer in patients with viral cirrhosis, a debilitating liver disease associated with hepatitis C, the most common chronic blood-borne infection in the U.S.

…Just how bad is the obesity problem in the U.S.? Over a 10- year period, the rate of tobacco-related deaths increased by just under 10 percent. During that same period, deaths associated with poor diet and physical inactivity increased by more than 30 percent. If these trends continue, obesity will soon be the primary cause of preventable death in the U.S.

And, in case you didn’t see it in the e-Alert…

…Intake of dietary zinc may help men maintain a healthy bone mass density (BMD). According to recent research, dietary zinc intake and plasma zinc both had a positive association with BMD in men. In this study, the average dietary zinc intake was just over 11 mg per day, which is the recommended daily allowance for males over the age of 19. The best source of zinc is animal protein.

…In a trial of nearly 60 multiple sclerosis (MS) patients, researchers used “cognitive measures” to assess mood, anxiety level, fatigue, and health-related quality of life. Subjects who either practiced yoga or participated in aerobic exercise classes reported a significant improvement in energy and relief of fatigue, compared to a non-exercising group.

…Can antioxidants help protect smokers? Researchers examined medical and dietary data of more than 27,000 Finnish, male smokers whose records were followed for nearly 15 years. Those who had the highest intake of a variety of antioxidants (vitamins C and E, carotenoids, and flavonoids) had a 16 percent lower risk of lung cancer, compared to men with the lowest overall antioxidant intake. The conclusion: A high intake of beta-carotene alone may pose a risk for smokers, but the drawbacks may be minimized when beta-carotene is consumed with other antioxidants.

…Here’s another reason to make sure you’re getting enough vitamin D In a new study, more than 3,000 subjects, ages 50 to 75, were screened for colon cancer. Using dietary questionnaires, researchers found a clear association between vitamin D intake of more than 645 IU per day and a reduced risk of colon cancer. Those who had the greatest protection also used multivitamins, exercised regularly, and had diets with high fiber content.

To your good health,

Jenny Thompson

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Kaprex, Center for Natural Medicine Dispensary; tel. (888)305-4288 or (503)232-0475;  fax (503)232-7751; A 30-tablet bottle costs US$21.12 plus shipping; A 90-tablet bottle costs US$50.60 plus shipping.

Osteophase, Tango Advanced Nutrition; tel. (886)778-2646 or (605)275-3589; . Special HSI-member pricing: A 30-capsule bottle costs US$26.95 plus shipping. A 60-capsule bottle costs US$45.95 plus shipping.

Seditol, available in health food stores. Retailers can contact Next Pharmaceuticals at (949)450-0203 for information on becoming a distributor.

SierraSil, Age Erasers; tel. (877)412-5676; A 90-capsule bottle of SierraSil Joint Formula is US$40.00; A 120-gram container of SierraSil Joint Formula powder is US$38.00; A 90-capsule bottle of SierraSil with Vincara Joint Formula is US$38.00. Free shipping on all orders.

Somamax, Healthy Hotline; tel. (800)603-0339 or (562)434-0063; fax (562)439-4163. A 30-day (60-capsule) supply is US$34.94 plus shipping. Buy one bottle, get one free (offer expires January 21, 2005).

Tryptophan, LifeSpan Products; tel. (866)856-5445; fax (415)479-3552; A 60-capsule bottle costs US$39.75 plus shipping; A 120-capsule bottle costs US$68.95 plus shipping.

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Ant-aging therapy so easy you can do it in your sleep

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Replace Vioxx with the 2 latest all-natural arthritis remedies

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And another thing…

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