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Article 18 -Pregnancy and Aging

By Sang Whang

The following is an e-mail message I received from Sandy Peppersack on August 20, 2002.


After having my son 3 1/2 years ago, I became ill–severe bleeding/hemorrhaging for 6 months per period, severe weight gain, loss of hair, migraines, joint aches and pains just to name a few.  I tried dietary changes, exercise changes, herbs, medication, etc.  All helped a little, but not enough.  We found the AlkaLife drops and within weeks, the bleeding slowed, after 5 weeks, the bleeding stopped and I actually have a cycle.  I have started to lose the weight, the hair is starting to come back.  Shortly after starting the drops, I became pregnant and the drops settled my morning sickness, although I am confident this would help throughout pregnancy, I did miscarry (problems from before).  Thank you so much–I am getting my life back and my son is getting a mother that is fun!

 When a woman gets pregnant, she loses quite a bit of alkaline minerals to the fetus.  In creating mankind, God made sure that the new life gets priority in alkaline minerals.  The fetus stays in a water bag (placenta) for 9 months, until the water breaks.  During that time, the fetus receives nutrients through the umbilical cord for energy and growth.  When the nutrients are burnt, they create acidic wastes, which the fetus must discharge into the placenta. Since the mother’s blood vessels are not connected to the fetus’ blood vessels, her blood vessels cannot carry out the wastes that the fetus makes.

In the early stage of the pregnancy, mother’s body loses alkaline minerals to the placenta to make sure that the adequate amounts of alkaline minerals are there to neutralize all the acidic discharges from fetus for the next 9 months.  This causes her blood to become acidic rather suddenly, which is the cause of morning sickness, as discovered by Japanese doctors.  This is why drinking alkaline water immediately relieves morning sickness.

If the mother had adequate alkaline reserve, i.e., plenty of alkaline mineral supply in the form of alkaline buffer in the blood, she would not even have morning sickness.  Otherwise, not only would she have a severe case of morning sickness, but the placenta will not have enough alkaline minerals to neutralize all the acidic discharges from the fetus during the pregnancy.  In this case, the baby’s chance of having jaundice upon birth is very high. 

Before a woman becomes pregnant, she should drink ample amount of alkaline water to avoid morning sickness and have a healthy baby.  Without enough alkaline minerals, the woman ages considerably during pregnancy and may experience all kinds of post-delivery problems, such as those mentioned above. I know a woman who lost her teeth after delivery, because she lost so much calcium to the new-born during pregnancy.  Pregnancy is a major cause of osteoporosis among women.

Lack of alkalinity brings about many diseases; over acidity creates solid wastes such as cholesterol, fatty acid, uric acid, kidney stones, plaques, etc.  Excess acid thickens the blood, which slows down the blood circulation, and poor blood circulation invites all kinds of pain and diseases.

From the time we are in our mothers’ womb to the time we die, our lives go through a constant balancing act of acid and alkaline.  Acid leads to pain and sickness and eventual death; alkaline leads to health and longevity. Even with diet and exercise, acidity usually wins.  We need an external boost of alkalinity to offset the imbalance of excess acid.  The best alkaline booster is alkaline water.  Each glass of ordinary drinking water with 2 drops of AlkaLife® contains 1021 the number of hydroxyl ions (OH-) that will neutralize an equal number of hydrogen ions (H+ ).

It is your body, your health, your life.  It is up to you.


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