Polyerga Plus

Polyerga® Plus is a dietary supplement that provides nutritional support for the immune system. Polyerga® Plus is an immunostimulant made from porcine peptide extracts which help regulate healthy cell growth and stabilize cell functions throughout the body. It was developed from a German immune support peptide technology that patients all over the world have been using successfully and safely for more than 40 years.

Many factors can compromise your immune system– age, physical and emotional stress, and other conditions beyond your control.
Polyerga® Plus provides additional support for the challenged immune system of the aging baby boomers, the elderly, and those experiencing physical and emotional stress.
Polyerga Plus®  is highly recommended by well-respected alternative medicine practitioners, international research institutes, university medical centers, and authors.

Polyerga Plus
: $79.99
Packaging: 90 polypeptide tabs & 15 oligopeptide caps
Description: This is an enzyme supplement which reinforces the body’s defense mechanisms in the guarding against the formation of fibrin, cleansing the blood of debris, maintaining blood health and immune systems, promotes healthy blood circulation an enzyme that will help pancreas function.
Dosage: 3 capsules x 3/day, BEFORE MEALS. 1 capsule every 2 days both before meals.

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