There is fascinating material on the treatment of polio in a booklet by Dr. Neveu, published by Librairie le François, Paris, which is so sensational that we are amazed that American doctors don’t use it. The booklet is entitled Therapeutic Treatment of Infectious Diseases by Magnesium Chloride–Poliomyelitis.

Both Dr. Neveu and Joseph Favier (the prostate man) obtained their magnesium indoctrination from Dr. Pierre Delbet.

Dr. Neveu’s idea is that every household should have on hand a mixture of a certain amount of magnesium chloride in water . . . the mixture being 20 grams of desiccated magnesium chloride to one liter (about a quart) of water, and at the first appearance of a sore throat and a stiff feeling in the back of the neck, or even as late as the first appearance of paralysis, the taking of the magnesium mixture will put the patient out of danger within two days, with an eventual total cure, he claims.

Dr. Neveu says that all sore throats do not predict polio, but when a sore throat is accompanied by a stiffness of the vertebral column, then treatment should begin as soon as possible, under the care of a qualified physician.

Dr. Neveu says that the virus of Poliomyelitis destroys the nerve substance of the anterior horns of the marrow, and that this destruction leaves in its wake sclerotic scars that escape all medical or surgical intervention. The destruction of the nervous substance occurs in a period of time more or less long, and the magnesium arrests the process. In my opinion, wherever the nerves are involved, I would add massive doses of the whole vitamin B complex.

Case 1

Dr. Neveu’s first case occurred in September, 1943 . . . a four-year-old boy, Jean-Claude, who suddenly contracted polio. He couldn’t stand on his left leg. He cried and at noon would not eat. Dr. Neveu was called in and prepared the following solution:

Desiccated magnesium chloride 5 grams

Water 250 cc.

The first dose of 80 cc. was given the child at 1 p.m. The doctor came again at 4 p.m. The paralysis of the left leg was complete. The child was then given the second dose, and was scheduled to be given another three hours later, that is, at 7 p.m. The next morning the fever and the paralysis had disappeared. Jean-Claude was cured! There has been no return of symptoms.

Case 2

Let Dr. Neveu describe his second case of polio two years later. "Yves A, age 11 years, after having suffered some time previously with lumbar pains, is suddenly stricken on Thursday morning, September 1, 1949, with frontal and temporal headache and with painful distress in the neck and the back. He suffered from an inflamed throat, and swallowed his saliva with difficulty. His face was flushed, his eyes bright and moist. He was unable to stand up. He said he had no feeling in his legs, that they were legs of wool. He also felt pains in his upper arms. He could not stand the light . . . Rectal temperature 102º.

Dr. Neveu gave this patient the same magnesium chloride treatment. In this case:

Desiccated magnesium chloride 20 grams

Ordinary water 1 liter

In our terminology it is 0.7 ounce of magnesium chloride and slightly over a quart of water.

The treatment was started Thursday, September 1, at 2:30 p.m. . . . 125 cc. of the solution every six hours.

Thursday night: temperature 103 degrees.

Friday, September 2: Temperatures, morning, 100.1, evening, 101. All previous symptoms are gradually disappearing. The little patient slept well last night, and on waking was able to stand up. At night he asked for food.

Saturday, September 3: Temperatures, morning, 99.3, evening, 99.8. The patient said his head felt heavy, but his condition was definitely improved. The magnesium treatment is given at the rate of 125 cc. every eight hours.

Sunday, September 4: The patient seems definitely cured. Still slightly sensitive to light. I prescribe continuation of magnesium chloride solution, 125 cc. every, eight hours.

Monday, September 5: Recovery confirmed by the satisfactory condition of the young patient. Temperatures, morning, 99, evening, 100. Discontinuance of treatment.

Tuesday, September 6: Temperatures, morning, 98.6, evening, 99.4.

Case 3

The third case was that of Marcelle B., 47 years old whose sickness was a little more resistant to the magnesium treatment. She was completely paralyzed in the right lower leg and in the lumbar region. But after 12 days of the magnesium therapy, there resulted a complete cure.

Case 4

This case is so dramatic that we will give all of it, in Dr. Neveu’s own words:

"Fernand V., age 13 years, took a sea bath Sunday, August 14, 1955. He stayed in the water a quarter of an hour. On leaving he got a chill and started shivering. Monday, August 15, he complained about his head and stayed in bed. Temperature: evening, 40C [37 degrees Centigrade is equal to 98.6 Fahrenheit, which is normal]. A doctor, when called, prescribed cryogen sulfonamide tablets.

"Tuesday, August 16: Temperature: morning, 38.8°C. The child’s condition became aggravated during the night. He could not tolerate the tablets prescribed and vomited. The headache became very painful and the patient began to suffer in the neck and back. He could no longer stand the light. "The light hurts my eyes," he said. Temperature: 40.4 C. The physician, when summoned, told the mother: I suspect poliomyelitis: He said he would return Thursday morning, if called.

"Wednesday, August 17: Temperature: morning, 38.5 C. The child was no better. The preceding night had been very bad and this morning the headache and the pains in the neck and the back had become insufferable. The child was highly agitated. He cried. His mother, literally quite beside herself, believed him doomed.

"Just then someone brought her a newspaper which had just published a story about the treatment of poliomyelitis with magnesium chloride, a treatment that I had been studying since 1936 in the case of dogs and since 1943 with people as my subjects, and with which I was just beginning to have very satisfactory experience.

"The poor mother came to my house to see me. She arrived breathless and begged me to come to see her son, to heal him. She was highly excited. She would pay, she said, whatever the cost would be. I just read, she said, that you can cure poliomyelitis; come and cure my son.

"I asked her to come into my consultation room an made her sit down. She calmed down. I questioned her and she related to me the preceding events.

"It was evidently an acute case of swiftly progressing poliomyelitis, but it was of recent beginning, which permitted me to tell this mother that her little one would be out of danger in 48 hours. I told her to wait for me, and she waited with complete trust.

"I prepared the following solution:

Desiccated magnesium chloride 20 grams

Ordinary water 1 liter

"To begin, the patient was to take 125 cc. Every six hours. The treatment began at noon. In the evening a slight improvement. Temperature: 39.6 C. The next morning, Thursday, August 18, the pains in the head, the neck and the back subside. Temperatures: morning, 37.1 C.; evening, 37.8 C. The child believes him self cured, raises himself and begins to divert himself in the afternoon in the garden.

"Saturday, August 20: He takes no more than two doses of the solution during the day. In the evening he complains of his head. Temperature: 38.2 C. Was this slight return of a temperature and of the headache of which the child complained, due to his playing yesterday afternoon or to some other reason? It matters little. The doctor treating him, when called, was told of the treatment which I had prescribed. He himself then prescribed tablets to soothe the head pains, and without hesitation advised continuation of the magnesium chloride.

"Sunday, August 21: The child took three doses the of magnesium chloride solution during the day. Temperatures: morning, 38.6 C.; evening, 38.1 C.

"Monday, August 22: Everything was back to normal. Discontinuance of the magnesium treatment. Temperatures; morning, 37.2 C.; evening, 37 C. The child was definitely cured.

"I saw this child Wednesday, September 7, in good health, but he had grown thin and taller during his illness, his mother told me.

"The first doses prescribed–125 cc. of the solution every six hours–had reduced to 100 cc. then increased again to 125 cc. Thereafter the child tolerated them perfectly.

"The mother came every day to keep me posted on her son’s condition. When she understood, on Friday morning, August 19, that her little Fernand was out of danger and when she saw him play in the garden in the afternoon, this woman, who had progressed in 48 hours from the most frenzied anguish to the greatest joy, was seized with a vociferous frenzy when she came to my office to see me.

"The cytophylactic method of Professor Pierre Delbet by means of magnesium chloride, which I had been practicing in the treatment of infectious diseases with unexpected results, had just saved little Fernand."

I wish there was space here to cover fully all of the 15 cases of complete cures of polio, but I will just have to touch upon them.

Case 5

Bernard L., age 9. Right lower leg became paralyzed. The regular doctor prescribed Sanclomycine, only to raise the boy’s temperature. Cured with magnesium therapy by Dr. Neveu in a week.

Case 6

Françoise B., age 13. Stiffness of the dorsal vertebral column. Two doctors called. Lower limbs agitated by nervous trembling. Neveu called. The therapeutic effect of the magnesium chloride was rapid. The next day all symptoms began to regress . . . but her parents stopped the treatment too soon . . . Dr. Neveu continued it. There was a cure, but in this case there is still a paralysis of the extensor muscle of the big toe in the left foot.

Case 7

Yvette R., age 20, suffered a persistent headache which progressed to vomiting and stiffness of the neck and dorsal vertebral column. Family physician suspected polio, prescribed optalidon suppositories. Pain became unbearable and patient threatened suicide. Treatment with 125 cc. of magnesium chloride solution was, begun by Dr. Neveu. An hour after the first glassful, pain began to abate and the patient was able to sleep. Treatment began on May 24, and by June 5, Yvette R. was completely cured.

Case 8

Brigitte M., age three, was hospitalized for polio and returned home paralyzed in both legs. Magnesium chloride treatment was only begun 25 days after onset of the disease. In two weeks there were striking results, with much leg mobility restored. Physical rehabilitation has been excellent. She walks with a slight limp.

Case 9

Remy T., a farmer of 20, was paralyzed in both lower legs and the right arm. Magnesium chloride treatment was begun 32 days after the attack. There was noticeable improvement. After four months of treatment, he was once more able to walk with the aid of crutches. Two years later, he could discard the crutches and walk with a cane.

Case 10

Mariette B., age 19, was brought to Dr. Neveu four months after a polio attack. Her left leg was paralyzed, and had already begun to atrophy. She was treated with 125 cc. of magnesium chloride solution every six hours, then every eight hours after 15 days. There was marked improvement of the paralyzed leg though it could never be returned to normal. She can ride a bicycle and walk with a limp.

Case 11

Marie-Madeleine M., a child of 26 months, received Dr. Neveu’s treatment after a delay of 17 days. She was unable to stand or move her right arm. He prescribed 60 cc of magnesium chloride solution every four hours. Her legs recovered perfectly. Her right shoulder remains paralyzed.

Case 12

Frances B., age four, was paralyzed in the right arm and leg. Ten days after the attack began, she started magnesium chloride treatment She recovered 100 percent of her arm function and 60 to 75 percent of its strength. In the paralyzed leg, there was a 75 percent recovery of function and 50 to 60 percent of its strength.

Case 13

Christopher C., age two-and-a-half, was brought to Dr. Neveu 10 days after a comparatively mild attack of polio with a good prognosis. In two days he showed definite improvement of his abdominal paralysis. In two-and-a-half months he had made a complete recovery.

Case 14

Jean-Yves M., 20 months, was attacked by polio which was not diagnosed until a spinal tap and analysis was made 12 days later. His left foot was completely paralyzed. Magnesium chloride treatment brought improvement. After five months he was nearly normal, but required orthopedic shoes.

Case 15

Jocelyn C., age 12, was brought immediately to Dr. Neveu as soon as she complained of a sore throat and stiff neck. That day, even after commencement of magnesium chloride treatment, neck stiffness increased and spread down the spine. Treatment was continued. Stiffness disappeared the, next morning. The following day the sore throat was gone. She was cured except for needing time to convalesce and regain weight that had been lost.

Here is another confirming bit of evidence, in a letter (February 4, 1958) to Neveu from D. Jean Desoutter, member of the Academy of Agriculture of France, a biologist like Pierre Delbet:

"Permit me to offer you my best wishes for the year now beginning, with the hope that the ideas which you defend will finally be disseminated among the public, despite an ostracism which, if not incomprehensible, is at least indefensible.

"For my, part and to the limit of my means I spread and practice magnesium chloride therapy, and as I believe you too have said, it has given excellent results in the case of an infant attacked by poliomyelitis. This child was the daughter of a friend and was attacked by the disease twenty-five days ago.

"My friend did not hesitate to have magnesium chloride administered to his child for a long period, and of all the children attacked at the same time as she, it is she who made the best recovery, and her parents hope to see her become normal again, despite the too tardy intervention of the chloride. In any case, the father has recently confirmed to me his conviction that the magnesium chloride has had the best result in the case of his child."

In spite of this evidence, Dr. Pierre Lepine, chief of the virus service at the Pasteur Institute, writing in The Republic of the Center, said:

"In my laboratory we have tested the so-called treatment of Dr. Neveu, as we test without exception all treatments that have been proposed for the prevention or the treatment of poliomyelitis. I affirm from my 30 years of uninterrupted experience in researches on this subject that the treatment of Dr. Neveu is totally without efficacy in poliomyelitis. To set oneself up as the apostle of a method resting on inconsistent theories and defeated by established fact, is to make oneself an accomplice in a veritable moral swindle with respect to one’s kinsmen.

"There are the facts, which do not prevent us from being in a Republic."

Doctors who do not wish to give up the current accepted treatment for polio could add magnesium chloride therapy to it!

In closing, how many people are going, about today crippled because of polio, who could have been whole of limb had they been given the magnesium chloride treatment?


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