…Plans for Swine Flu Vaccination Campaign Begin

Beware of this swine flu vaccination;  read  The graph below that shows with the increase percentage of people receiving the flu vaccine the mortality rate from flu and pneumonia has been increasing.

July 10, 2009

From the desk of Mayer Eisenstein MD,JD,MPH
…Plans for Swine Flu Vaccination Campaign Begin

Concerned that the current H1N1 swine-flu pandemic will intensify in the fall, the Obama administration said Thursday that it is pushing ahead with plans for a government-funded vaccination campaign, and urged public-health officials across the U.S. to prepare for the potentially massive effort.
Officials say that they are confident a vaccine will work, and that a campaign will go ahead, with vaccine production and clinical trials occurring at the same time.

The first doses — as many as 100 million — would likely be ready by mid- October. “At this point, we and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius told the gathering. Mixing the vaccine with an imare anticipating a voluntary fall vaccination program.

Dr. Eisenstein’s Comments: Flu:

No one knows what treatment will be effective against the H1N1 Flu. However, we know that the flu vaccines have never worked and now they want to inject us at the same time that they carry out safety trials. You have got to be joking. My recommendation stay as far away from this experiment as possible.

Vitamin D, Probiotics and Chicken soup have been effective in the past. Our hope is that these remedies will continue to be effective.

The evidence does not support any flu vaccine effectiveness.


Avoid Flu Shots, Take Vitamin D Instead

Is chicken soup an essential drug?

Probiotics to Prevent Flu and Colds

Dr. Eisenstein’s Daily Vitamin D Recommendations
for this seasons Flu
1. Get a Vitamin D blood test 25(OH)D

2. Make sure your whole family has adequate blood levels of
Vitamin D this flu season(>50-80ng/ml).
Most children and adults vitamin D blood level is

2. Adult (and children >100lbs) maintenance, 2 Pro-D 5 capsule daily

3. Children maintenance,

4. At the first symptoms of a cold or flu 1,000IU/ lb. daily for 7 days.

Examples: 50 lb daily 1 ProD50
100 lb daily 2 ProD50
150 lb daily 3 ProD50
200 lb daily 4 ProD50

5. And of course Chicken Soup

Facts suggesting that Vitamin D was somewhat protective against the Flu of 1918:
From: Vitamindcouncil.org

1. The mass of deaths in the Northern hemisphere occurred when Vitamin D levels were low (fall and winter).

2. While infection rates were similar for sailors and troops on infected troop transport ships, the sailors had 1/4 the mortality of the troops. One has to assume the 25(OH)D of sailors aboard 1918 troop transport ships was higher than the troops inside.

3. Underground coal miners in North America had the highest mortality of any occupation.

4. Open air hospitals in North America allegedly had lower mortalities than regular hospitals.

5. Mortality for sailors at sea was markedly lower than sailors ashore, despite the crowded conditions on board.

Make sure You Have Adequate
Vitamin D Levels This Flu Season

The graph above shows that with the increase percentage of people receiving the flu vaccine the mortality rate from flu and pneumonia has been increasing.

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