Plankton Testimonials

I had back surgery in 1979 and 1982. I spent a year in bed trying to get rid of the inflammation, which didn’t work so I have spent the last 25 years on painkillers and anti inflammatories. I also have high blood pressure, GERD, Fibromyalgia, Pan Sinusitis (operated on in 2005) and heel spurs, and of course a weight problem. I am a walking talking piece of art.

I started taking Marine Phytoplankton two weeks before Easter. I started with a bang! 1 oz. in the morning and 1 oz. at night, with the idea that if it works – great! (I really didn’t expect that it would). I would give it a valiant effort and take one case. If there were no changes, then I wasn’t buying anymore.

This Easter I had 16 people over for dinner. We left on that Wed. for Fairmont for 4 days and on the next Friday I drove to Red Deer for a three-day convention. I usually do the family gatherings here at home as I am always on painkillers and anti inflammatories. Surprise, I didn’t need any and my leg didn’t burn!

While I was in Fairmont we sat around and ate and ate, and then went to the convention and sat for hours and hours and ate way too much the rest of the time. Normally I don’ t sit well, I’m usually the one in the back pacing back and forth, but not this time.

After all this eating for two weeks, I thought if I only put on 5-7 pounds that I would be laughing. I actually lost weight! That is unbelievable for me!

I have lost weight every single week since I started taking Marine Phytoplankton (now affectionately know as Mom’s "joy juice"). I have more energy, the Fibromyalgia is almost non-existent, and my blood pressure pills and my Losec for the GERD have been cut in half. My feet don’t bother me, and my specialist who did my surgery for the pan sinusitis said to keep taking my steroids or I will be back in for another surgery, guaranteed – but it all looks great! Little does he know that I haven’t taken the steroids at all.

My family doctor wants me to take the Marine Phytoplankton at the 2 oz. per day for three months and then see her. She had noticed that I had lost weight, moved better, and looked better (lack of pain will do that for you). She is very interested in Marine Phytoplankton.

My only pain now is sore cheeks from smiling, and I am constantly saying I can’t believe that I don’t have any pain – it’s awesome!

UPDATE: I fell on a sidewalk and badly sprained my foot this past weekend. The doctor said I would be on crutches for 2 weeks. It really didn’t hurt that much, but I did the crutch thing for 2 days. I was bored at the lake (no TV), so I read… without my glasses, as I hadn’t taken them with me. I came home and am still reading without my reading glasses. I didn’t realize that my eyesight had improved. Here is another toast to Marine Phytoplankton!
D. K.

My older brother started taking Marine Phytoplankton some time ago, and began telling me about it and how I should try it. I’m a total skeptic; I never give anything a chance. I figured that it was just another health fad like Melalucka or the Atkins diets. But recently I had a major crash in my thyroid gland, they have been under active for along time and I was taking 50mg of medication for quite some time. Now however, the doctors have me on 100mg and that is only in a matter of 6 months.

My girlfriend then told me I should try Marine. So I started taking two ounces a day, and a day and a half later, I actually had to go on sick leave from work due to the reaction I had. I know that it is this product working, helping my thyroid to produce on it’s own, naturally. Though I had to stop taking it for a few weeks while the new shipment came in, I’m back on it on a smaller dose, and yet again my thyroid reacted to it again. I felt horrible while I was off of it, it was like my body got a taste of good health finally and then denied it all of a sudden. So I’m determined to stay on Marine Phytoplankton for a long, long time.
C. B.

Because I already had headaches and heart burn routinely, it was a few servings before I noticed Marine Phytoplankton seemed to ‘give’ me headaches and heartburn! However, these symptoms diminished after a few weeks. I also noticed that I became extremely sleepy after taking my half ounce or so daily. Why I wondered?

Well, eating poorly, craving unhealthy fast foods and polluted carbs along with a life long coffee addiction had left me in a poor acidic state of health. For years I had kept way too busy to notice the accumulative effects of working nights, sleeping poorly during the day and ‘burning the candle at both ends’. NOW, knowing about "Herring’s Law", I get the picture!

I figure that given the right tools, my body began to heal itself (and I was feeling it). It makes sense that an amazing product would make me listen to my body’s need for sleep, pH balance and diet changes. Using Marine Phytoplankton for about a year now, I no longer crave the terrible diet I had before! Headaches, heartburn and recently, even working nights are all things of the past! I feel much more energetic.

My biggest challenge is to NOT do so much. "Save some for tomorrow" is my new motto. I found that the best nutrition leads to better balance and creates a better life, so I start each day with my Marine Phytoplankton!
Yours in Health, T. L.

In 2004 I began to experience a lot of joint swelling in my hands, shoulders, knees and ankles. That pain would simply jump around in my body without warning and I kept going to the doctor who concluded I had either strained a muscle or had a torn rotator cup. Eventually after CATS and MRIs showed no problems the doctor gave me a blood test and when it came back she said that I had Lupus.

I was prescribed a series of medications that made me very ill. After researching more about lupus it occurred to me that I needed to find a doctor that specialized in autoimmune deficiencies. I found a doctor who specialized in autoimmune diseases and after a series of blood test this doctor told me I had RA, Rheumatoid Arthritis. She said that my RA factors were over 200 and started me on a methotrexate, and other RA combo drugs including, prednisone, cortisone shots and painkillers.

I eventually ended up switching to other RA drugs and weekly injections of Enbrel shots. I was constantly praying for something natural I could take that would cure this horrible and unforgiving disease. My doctor insisted that there was no cure for RA and that I needed to accept the fact that I would be on medication for the rest of my life, that RA was not reversible. The side effects of the medications were at times unbearable.

A friend of mine who at one time had stage four pancreatic cancer introduced me to Marine Phytoplankton and suggested that I talk to a friend of hers for more information. It was suggested that I began with 1 1/2 oz of Marine Phytoplankton a day and after 30 days I should see some change in my body.

After being on so many over the counter drugs and prescribed medications I was a bit reluctant but decided to try it 3 days after purchasing it. After all, I really had nothing to lose. Within the first half hour of taking the Marine Phytoplankton I felt. The swelling had left my hands, completely (this is where the RA had settled). Each day I continued to take 1 1/2 oz of the Marine Phytoplankton and I have not looked back.

It has only been 30 days and I have not taken any medications for arthritis. I have been pain free and I have not had any joint swelling. This is truly a miracle for me and it is what I have been looking for. I am recommending it to everyone I know that has RA. I believe that Marine Phytoplankton is the all-natural product that is healing my body from the inside out. You must give it a try.
T. W.

I have been taking Marine Phytoplankton for two weeks, and a few days ago while walking to my mail box I noticed that my knee was not making that "creaking" noise that it had been making for a long time. Not only was it not "creaking", it didn’t hurt! (I had thought I might need a knee replacement soon). I don’t usually try things that I have to drink, but Marine Phytoplankton is very pleasant. I have more energy and have lost about 5 pounds (with no exercise) since I am not as hungry. I can’t help but tell people about it!
D. B.

The story is about my Mum. My mother has OCD (Obsessive compulsive disorder). This disorder makes your mind think that if you do an action, or have a thought, one more time you will feel better. We think Mum has had this disorder since her teenage years. It has never been treated. When I was a child doctors prescribed Valium for her. My childhood was different from others.

She spent her life trying to cover her disorder. Then nearly 10 yrs ago at 67 she fell over and broke her arm. It was too much; she completely lost herself in her disorder. Her days are a series of events that are one string of obsessions. Food must be eaten at exactly the same time each day and the food is exactly the same every day. 8am – Weetbix. 11am – pita bread with cheese. 2pm – a banana (this must be eaten facing the front door leaning against the sink). 7pm – cornflakes (the bowl is tapped and both arms are looked at before each spoonful is taken). She washes the dishes and sink, but only the sink, there could be spider webs past the line onto the bench but it cannot be wiped. She must go back to bed after each activity, take all her clothes off and lay on her right side (during the day) and the left (at night) this is in the fetal position. All water is drunk in the bedroom. Her walk is slow and invalid like. Every 2 weeks she showers and we take her to the doctor for a Serepax prescription. She wears the same clothes every day. These clothes are never to be washed.

She was in hospital about 8 years ago for 6 months, and then the hospital asked her to leave. She would not cooperate with the doctors at all. They said she was the most stubborn patient they had ever encountered.

The other issue that has been happening over the past 10 yrs is she has been reducing the amount she eats, just by a cornflake at a time. She started with a meal at dinnertime of chicken, potato and broccoli. This disappeared about 5 yrs ago. The pita bread as it stood 5 weeks ago had one slither of cheese.

So as you can imagine she was not looking all that good. I went for a visit after I got back from America and she looked dreadful. Her skin was grayish, her cheeks were sunken, she was a skeleton and quite miserable. I spoke to her about the fact that the blue nurses were concerned about her health and that it was possible she would be taken away on a ITO (involuntary treatment order). She said she couldn’t do anything about it. She was unable to swallow anything other than what she eats now. She said the symptoms she was feeling were understandable due to the lack of nutrition. I suggested we put a buzzer on her so that when she fell down from weakness she could buzz me. Then I asked if she would please try my new product Marine Phytoplankton, the kids and I were feeling very good on it and some amazing story’s had been told at the conference and it just might help. "OK but no buzzer Shelley".

That was 5 weeks ago. She started taking a dose in the morning and one at night. It became another obsession. After 2 weeks her skin started to take on a normal tone, the sunken cheeks seemed less. She smiled and had become chatty. After 3 weeks she walked up 2 blocks to the car from her doctors surgery. She has taken on the organizing of the mowing. And last night she rang to order her food – Bread/eggs/yogurt and chocolate. It knocked my socks off. She said she has been eating a lot more than usual and that thoughts of food had started about 3 nights ago when she could not stop thinking about different sorts of food she could eat. Starting she said with egg sandwiches and chocolate.

I took her up a box of chocolate straight away. Evelyn (my daughter) handed her the box and said "Happy Mother’s day". Mum reached out her hand and stroked Evelyn’s cheek, smiled and said thank you. That was the first time my mother has ever touched her 6yr old granddaughter. It bought tears to my eyes. Evelyn later touched her cheek on the same spot and said "Grandma looked younger today".

What can I say; Marine Phytoplankton feeds your body at a cellular level, which allows your body to heal itself.
S. L.

I have had 3 different types of cancer.
1. Mesothelioma – Diagnosed in May of 1989; No cancer treatments would help to shrink the lining of the lung.
Prognosis: incurable; life expectancy – 2 years A lot of prayers, along with a multitude of very costly vitamins and a gallon of bitter taheebo tea daily. February 1991 – no cancer showing in blood test and x-rays showed lung had returned almost to normal.

2. Prostate- Diagnosed in December 2000, because of high PSA.
Prognosis: Stage 3.5; without surgery 2 – 3 years Treatment: removal of prostate and lymph nodes 2 weeks after surgery, blood test – clear

3. Non-Small Cell Carcinoma – Found a mass on yearly medical exam x-ray. Many test later in March 2004 the mass was Diagnosed and it was also discovered that I had a large mass in the lymph node between the two lungs in the sac holding the heart and lungs.
Prognosis: incurable because it had metastasized to the lymph node. 7 or 8 months at best. May get another 1 to 2 years with radical amounts of Chemo and radiation. Treatments ran from August 9th to December 13, 2004 everyday for 5 – 6 days each week. I had no appetite, was exhausted, forgetful, skeleton skinny at 116 pounds and scared to go out for fear of catching the flu that was going around. I did get pneumonia 3 times from April to November 2005. During all this my wife, family and friends thought I would be dead by Xmas as I was sleeping most of the time because of extreme weakness.

My wife’s friend had sent an email to her about Marine Phytoplankton around the first week in November, but due to her worry she never took the time to go to the websites. Finally our friend called my wife and us and I listened to "Another Day" and read other testimonials.

I started on it about the first week in December and within a few days my wife noticed that the grey paler parts of my skin were being replaced with a rosier glow, and the twinkle was back in my eyes. I noticed that I was not sleeping through the day anymore, and that I had more energy. The next few days my appetite returned and I was eating 3 meals a day and snacking in between. I started to gain weight again.

Today February 16th, 2006 I went for my check up at the Cancer Clinic were my blood work was a-okay, my x-ray clear and the Doctor could not hear any rattling in my lungs. I am now 134 pounds and feel fit as a fiddle.
Thank God for Marine Phytoplankton. K. F.

When my husband started to take this amazing product and I saw he was feeling better with his cancer, I thought I should try it also.

Over the years I wasn’t kind to my body and ran a gamut of health issues. Friends and co-workers told me that if I had been a car they would have to crush me.

1. Car Accident – 1997 – someone ran into the back of me as I, along with another car, had stopped for a transit bus. I was pushed into the back end of the car ahead of me and sustained injuries to a total of 5 vertebrae in my upper and lower back. I was on mega doses of pain meds and ended up taking Zoloft 100mgs per day for depression.
2. Reflux – Put on Pantoloc 40 mgs per day because of the stresses of my depression and the meds I was on.
3. Mini-Strokes I had 2 of them in 2003 and now I take Aggrenox 25 mgs twice a day.
4. Obesity – Have been severely overweight since 1998, Tried every kind of diet known to man since.
5. Cholesterol – very high; taking a statin Lipitor 40 mgs per day.
6. High Blood Pressure Hard to control without Ramapril 20 mgs per day.
7. Type 11 Diabetes – Controlled by eating better.
8. Broke Tibia Plateau – actually had major work to repair damage from a fall in June 2004. On bed rest for months and the pain was terrible. I had to have the screws taken out this January as they were trying to come through my skin.

I started taking 2 ounces per day in December but had to quit so my husband would have enough to last until the New year. I made a decision to forgo buying my Lipitor and Ramapril so we could afford more Marine Phytoplankton.

I have noticed a substantial weight loss of about 25 pounds, the pain in my neck, back and leg was not unbearable. Now I have energy, my tongue has cleared of the horrid dirty yellow coating.

I went to a Doctor for a total check up before my surgery the end of January because they had to know if it was safe for me to be put out or not. I have never had a doctor tell me that I was a very healthy person and that every test came back normal. I also noticed that I didn’t need pain meds after I got home the day of my surgery and the healing process was amazing.

Please everyone do your body a favor and take this amazing Marine Phytoplankton even if you are healthy now because as the years go by your body will start to slowly fall apart. Those of you who already have health issues GET ON THIS!! It tastes great and is the easiest fully loaded whole food product we have ever taken. Give it a good try of at least 3 or 4 months and see the difference. "HERE’S TO MY HEALTH AND YOURS"!!
M. L. F.

After taking Marine Phytoplankton for only 2 1/2 weeks, my mom noticed a significant change in both her eyesight and her arthritis pain. For as long as I can remember, my mom has always had to wear reading glasses when working on the computer, but after starting Marine Phytoplankton she could go almost the whole workday without wearing them. She also has very bad arthritis in her knee and has walked with a cane for quite awhile. She has not used her cane since her first month of using Marine Phytoplankton. As an added bonus, her blood sugar has dropped 20+ points! Even after indulging in all the holiday party foods! This product has definitely been a blessing in disguise for her.

My wife is diabetic and after she got breast cancer we hit some hard times and could not afford her medication. Her sugar count went to 318, which is high. I told my sister about this, and she had a bottle of Marine Phytoplankton. She stated that Marine Phytoplankton has been known to lower sugar count for diabetics. I picked up the bottle and gave Juanita one ounce that evening. The very next morning her count had dropped 88 points.

I told a friend about Juanita’s experience with Marine Phytoplankton and had him try it. His sugar count dropped 103 points the next day.

We kept track of Juanita’s a.m. and p.m. tests for two weeks… up and down, up and down but the highs were not as high and lows were lower. After 10 days the lows were in the 120’s & highs were 212 to 250. Her Dr. started her on penicillin shots so she stopped taking Marine Phytoplankton.

Her sugar count went up, and then up some more until one night it hit 382. I told her flat out that she was going to take Marine Phytoplankton with her. First night she had a 142-point drop. Three days later her readings were in the 170s and going down little by little.
Sincerly K. W.

I have been feeling more spring in my step and more energy for biking, hiking and in all types of movement. I feel more power in my movements. I feel that I am able to be more disciplined when exercising and meditating and my food choices have improved.
Thank you very much, T. P.

I have been using Marine Phytoplankton for 1-1/2 months now. My wife noticed in the second week that I was growing hair in my bald spot (a lot of it!) and 2-weeks ago I walked out to the mailbox and got the paper and was reading it on the front porch and suddenly it dawned on me that I was not wearing my glasses! I haven’t been able to read without glasses for years. The gal that cuts my hair also asked if I had changed conditioner and I said "no" and she had noticed that my hair was much healthier and thicker. I also sleep like a baby at night now and wake feeling rested. I use to get up for a few minutes and then head back to bed for a couple hours and since taking Marine Phytoplankton I stay up and feel great!
Thank You Marine Phytoplankton! F. K.

Well, I have been using the product for a week now and my eye vision has cleared up. It used to be blurry & it was getting worse, so I was almost about to get my eyes checked. This is simply amazing, I have always been pretty healthy, but now I am noticing I am sleeping more soundly. Amazing product!!!
Thank you L. B.

My partner has suffered from chronic dandruff for years needing to wash his hair daily with anti-dandruff shampoos, and after taking Marine Phytoplankton daily for 2 days he noticed that his dandruff was almost gone, now after 6 days good-bye dandruff!!
This product is great! A.

Here is the information on my friend Laura:
Laura is 76 years old. About three weeks ago she underwent surgery for a bowel obstruction. It turned out to be cancer with metastasis to the liver and kidneys. She did not do well after surgery and for about a week and a half after surgery refused food or drink. The doctors told her daughter that she would not go home and her daughter had begun to look at the possibility of Laura going to a hospice facility.

Laura had ordered a bottle of Marine Phytoplankton but never got around to trying it. I encouraged our friends to go get it from her home and give it to her in sips, even if she just sipped on an ounce all day just get it in her system. Well, she drank the whole ounce at a time and they began to give her and ounce a day.

After three days she was alert and eating, taking care of her own bath and has now been moved to the rehabilitation floor. They are continuing to give her an ounce a day, however when her new order comes in it will be increased to two ounces a day.

I am so very much encouraged. I talk to her everyday and now she is talking about coming to Dallas for a visit when she recovers. I will keep you posted.
J. C.

I have been taking Marine Phytoplankton for almost two weeks now and have found that my arthritis pain has disappeared.

I had psoriasis for many years in a scar on my forehead and it also ran up into my hair from that spot, that is gone!! I can’t believe it. Doctors tried everything for years to get rid of that psoriasis and nothing worked.

My feet used to be so sore everyday, my wife would have to massage them with cream so that I could fall asleep, now my feet don’t hurt.

Finally, every morning as the sun came into the bedroom my eyes used to hurt so badly that I had to close the blinds. It felt as though I had needles going into my eyes as soon as the sun hit them. My eyes are fine now no more sensitivity to the sun!!!
W. E.

I’m "only" 48 years old, and have been struggling with hypothyroidism for years now. My doctor has gradually increased my dosage over the years to where I have now been at a whopping .212 mcg/day. I have been using Marine Phytoplankton since August 2005 and have noticed significant and amazing improvements in so many areas of my life (including people who literally didn’t recognize me from 6 months ago)… but the most measurable is this: Last week I started feeling jittery and anxious, and I suddenly realized that’s how I felt whenever I was on too much thyroid medicine. I made an appointment with my doctor for a blood test to check the levels. When I got there, the nurse told me I was early and I thought she meant I got the appointment time wrong. Then she told me I was 3 months early; the doctor didn’t "need" to have my levels tested for another 3 months. I told her I had been on a nutritional supplement that has been known to normalize thyroid levels, and since I’d been feeling jittery, I felt I should have it checked. I could tell she thought I was nuts, but who cares???

Well, I got my results today, and here’s how they were initially presented to me by the nurse: "Mary, we got the results back on your thyroid test, and the doctor wants you to stop taking the nutritional supplement."

I’ll confess that years of indoctrination created an initial split-second reaction of "Oh, no! It’s not good for me!" Then logic, reason and common sense immediately took control and I asked her for more details. She said that my thyroid number was low, indicating I’m overmedicated, and that whatever supplement I was taking was to blame (not her exact words, but the inference was there). I explained that it was not just any old supplement for thyroid, but a complete nutritional supplement… and that I’d hoped for the results I’d just gotten! I then told her, laughingly, to tell the doctor "No, you’ll have to shoot me first before I’ll go off of it!" and, instead, could he reduce my dosage. She called me later and said the doctor had lowered my dose from .212 mcg to .100 mcg/day! That’s less than half of what I’ve been taking! Yippee! The doctor wants to recheck my levels in 6-8 weeks… I’ll not be surprised at all if he tells me I no longer need thyroid meds! And you’d better believe that his office manager, with whom I have a great long-standing relationship, now has info on Marine Phytoplankton!

But that’s not all…
I was telling this story to a friend of mine who started on Marine Phytoplankton about 2 weeks ago. She has a non-functioning thyroid due to radiation therapy she had years ago. After I told her about my lab results, she said, "That’s really interesting… I haven’t been able to afford my thyroid meds (she recently lost her job), and have been out for 2 or 3 weeks. Usually by this time I’m totally wiped out. But I haven’t felt that way at all… it must be the Marine Phytoplankton!" And yes, I’ve been talking to her about the business opportunity!!!

I was diagnosed with breast cancer 4 years ago. Nobody tells you that chemo can cause osteoporosis. I stress fractured my foot twice and had 2 surgeries on my foot (not including the lumpectomy and hysterectomy also due to the chemo) in one year. I have been in chronic bone pain due to the Evista that I was taking for my bones and as a breast cancer preventative. A dear friend knows what I have been through and offered that I should try Marine Phytoplankton. I was in such a desperate position that I was willing to try ANYTHING to restore my health. I wanted something natural without weird side effects! It is pretty bad when the cure is worse than the disease! Shortly after finishing my first bottle, I noticed that I was not as tired as I have been for years. I started sleeping better at night and I have even lost some weight. Energy has been an issue for me for years now. It feels good to be able to keep up with my husband and Grandbaby! After the 2nd bottle, I went to the oncologist; during the exam, he asked, "what are you taking?" He could tell that something had changed. I have atypical hyperplasia with numerous tender benign cysts. My breast are no longer hard as rocks, painful and lumpy. The doctor noticed the difference immediately! He is skeptical that "plankton" works better than tamoxifen, but agreed with me that "as long as it works! THAT IS WHAT REALLY MATTERS!" I take 2 oz a day and while it is not an instant cure… it does make a difference in how I feel. It has changed my life for the better! I HIGHLY recommend this product to anyone having health issues. It works!! It is a product that treats the patient as a complete being; nurishing our depleted, distressed and diseased bodies! "Thank you" cannot express how strongly I feel about your product! I seriously think that the combination of exercise, meditation, prayer, Marine Phytoplankton, tolerable cancer drugs and faith in myself and body will help my body, mind and spirit beat cancer and if not… at least I felt good until the end! Again, all I can say is Thank You!
R. B.

A client with interstitial cystitis, (IC is a rare chronic pelvic pain disorder resulting in recurring discomfort or pain in the bladder and the surrounding pelvic region-there’s no known medical cause or cure.), recently e-mailed me:

"I have been noticing more and more improvement since taking the Marine Phytoplankton. I have started working out again… after 2 years! (I used to work out consistently for years and hike and all sorts of active things. I even went on some hikes recently and have another scheduled for this week. I also noticed that I have limited soreness after. I have been sleeping much better too. I had to skip taking this for 5 days (I was on a trip) and today I start back up. My body is really wanting it. Thanks so much for turning me on to this product… I believe it is really supporting my body better than any other thing that I have tried. It feels like my body can absorb it!

My dear friend and business associate, Sam, is now retired and living in Carmel, California. He is 72 years old and enjoying his retirement. The only downside was about 3 years ago during a routine visit to the ophthalmologist he was diagnosed with glaucoma. He began taking the prescribed medication and eye drops to hopefully stop the progression of the disease. Last week I had the opportunity to tell him about. I gave him a bottle to take home along with the "Another Day" DVD.

That was last Monday, 10 days ago. This evening he called and said, "Where can I buy more of this stuff? I’m not only feeling better but the amazing thing is that my vision seems to be improving! I have a doctor s appointment next week and I want to be sure this is in my system when they run all of the blood tests, etc." He just ordered a 4 pack to be sure he won’t be without!

A friend of mine was talking about Marine Phytoplankton and that this is a really good product with all kinds of health benefits. I am a massage therapist and I had developed adult onset eczema. I started taking Marine Phytoplankton orally and I wiped some of the liquid on my hands to see if it would help clear up my eczema. I could see a difference over night and within 2 weeks my skin had completely cleared up. I also noticed that it takes away the itchiness that comes with eczema when I use it as a lotion. My husband is also on Marine Phytoplankton and it has helped him with his joint pain.
K. W.

I started taking Marine phytoplankton exactly two weeks ago and I cannot believe what it has done for me in such a short time, my Chron’s Disease, which was active for the last thirty years, is finally in remission after only four days on the Marine Phytoplankton it is so nice to be (normal) once again!! I had forgotten. My almost hourly "hot flashes" are gone, pain from Fibromyalga and Arthritis has practically disappeared, my right shoulder was so bad that it used to snap whenever I lifted it above shoulder level or back and forth, my doctor told me that I had bone rubbing on bone, since the first seven days on the product I can swing my arm in any direction I want with no pain and no snapping! I had Psoriasis on both my elbows and that disappeared in my first week on the Marine Phytoplankton, I have lost 2" off my hips, 3" off my waist and 8 lbs in two weeks. I have gone off Zoloft since day one of taking Marine Phytoplankton and had no side effects, I feel so well that I do not feel that I need an antidepressant and I have so much energy that I am like a live wire.
I. S.

I have a rare cancer, called Carcinoid Tumor, I was diagnosed on 10/31/03, at 40, mother of three, my youngest now almost three, I have been facing the unthinkable early death. There is no known cure for Carcinoid, it is managed by being surgically removed and then attempts are made to stabilize existing tumors or new tumor growth by an injected drug that has been developed to "fence the disease in" thus buying time for the patient. On December 8th, 2003, I had a major nine hour surgery at The Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN, successfully removing 98% of the tumors. I was left with a tumor in my spleen and one on my lung. Nine months later I was begun on the 30-mg. injection to try to keep the cancer from growing. In the past 22 months, I have returned to The Mayo, every twelve weeks for CT scans and blood and urine tests. I have been seen to develop seven new tumors to my liver, giving me a total of nine known tumors total. Then on October 4th, just 30 days ago, I took my first ounce of the Marine Phytoplankton, I have taken four tablespoons or 2 ounces per day; one on an empty stomach in the morning and one before bed, I have not missed a single dose. Beside sleeping better, feeling better and looking better, I have just returned from my three day trip to The Mayo Clinic where I had a CT scan to monitor the seven spots on my liver, so that it could be decided if I should undergo RFA or Radio Frequency Ablation, a surgical technique to remove these tumors from my liver. This is what happened instead. My husband and I sat in total disbelief as we were told that there are no tumors on my liver, and the tumor in my spleen has also vanished!!!! Eight out of nine tumors are GONE! I have never written a testimonial in my life, but at this point, I feel it is my responsibility to do so. Is my Sandostatin injection the sole reason for this miracle? I doubt it, since I have managed to develop seven new tumors in spite of it, and research shows that the injection to act mainly as a band-aid, and NOT a cure. Have I just been blessed? Yes, because in my opinion, The Marine Phytoplankton drink was divinely inspired, and it seems about as clear as my CT scans, that the answer is YES! In writing this I hope you and your family will find the healing you are hoping for, or at the very least, will become healthier and feel better while you’re looking.
Cheers! C. H.

18 months ago I was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder or manic depression. I have been taking Marine Phytoplantkon every day for 2 months now and I have to say I feel great on it. I have a much for positive attitude toward life and seem far more able to look to the future. Personally I feel that, coming from the base of the food chain, Marine Phytoplankton supports and nourishes our most basic instincts and provides much needed neurological support. My mood swings seem much more stable now, and depressive episodes seem much easier to shrug off. My thinking is much clearer, as are my levels of concentration. Marine Phytoplankton has definitely improved the quality of my life, and long may it continue! In my experience it is ‘food for the soul’.
T. S.

I am so impressed with how I feel and what has happened to me since starting on Marine Phytoplankton. I have been battling Type 2 Diabetes and had not found a way to reduce my levels even with taking Amaryl. A week and a half ago I had sugar levels of 312 they are now registering 140 after awakening, and 122 during the day. If this is just one week… WOW! And to top it off I have dropped 9 1/2 pounds in one week. I have been on every product a marketing company has to offer with no results. It is absolutely amazing! I Have Results in 1 1/2 weeks. What is going to happen as I continue? Marvelous Results… I thank you for your passion and courage to create a company with integrity and products that work….
M. K.

My husband had a considerable-sized rash on his back for about 20 years that he would scratch everyday. Yesterday, just three weeks since he began taking Marine Phytoplankton, I noticed the rash had disappeared and the skin that had replaced it was so soft! I’m Impressed!
C. G.

A recent client of mine is a woman with breast, bone and liver cancer who started taking Marine Phytoplankton about two weeks ago. Previously unable to keep anything down and having very little energy, she is now very excited and is experiencing a complete turnaround. She has worked up to two ounces a day, has much improved energy, and can now eat with no problem. Her pH has come up from 5.6 to 6.2 as well. Prior to starting on this program, she had undergone chemotherapy and radiation, which made her quite ill. Her blood work, after about 10 days, has improved. Needless to say, she is ecstatic and grateful to have been exposed to Marine Phytoplankton. Her family can’t believe the change!
D. W.

I sold one bottle of Marine Phytoplankton to a lady who suffers from severe food allergies one week ago. Yesterday, she phoned me to order four more bottles because she has been feeling so good! Also, I was worried my daughter with food allergies may not be able to take Marine Phytoplankton, but it has not affected her negatively at all. In fact, if I forget to five it to her in the morning, she reminds me to!
V. G.

As of my sixth day on Marine Phytoplankton, I have experienced the following health benefits:
I lost six inches off my waist, hips and abdomen, lost at least three pounds, got rid of a sinus infection in four days that had been lingering for about five months since enduring a root canal, my acne finally cleared up, and I have no more cravings after supper. All I can say is WOW!
C. M.

I am taking one ounce of Marine Phytoplankton a day, one-tablespoon twice a day. After only 10 days I was sleeping through the night instead of waking up multiple times a night like I was previously. Also, I’m waking up rested, my hot flashes have all ceased and the frequency and intensity of my migraines has greatly diminished. I used to have one migraine a week that lasted at least two days even with medication. After day 13 and 14 of taking Marine Phytoplankton, I had the first headaches I’d had, but they were not migraines. I think it may be a result of my body detoxifying itself, and they have not required any medication! Additionally, I noticed my right shoulder was not bothering me much anymore, which has allowed me to sleep on my right side comfortably. I have a small tear in my right rotator cuff, and after having my left one surgically repaired two years ago; I chose not to have this one repaired. I wonder what I will notice next!
B. D.

Since beginning my intake of Marine Phytoplankton I have noticed that I sleep much more soundly and deeply instead of getting up several times throughout the night like I was before. Also, I’ve noticed that even though it’s been quite hot here in the Sacramento area, I do not overheat when I go running outside. There have been several days that I have not made it out the door until late morning and my mile lap times have still improved! In general, I have noticed that my body temperature has decreased making it less necessary to run my air conditioner, which in turn reduces my utility bills. That is HUGE! Plus, I have used a large amount of supplements as part of my healthy diet for a long time to make up for the nutrients I lose as I perspire while running, but now I feel like Marine Phytoplankton does that for me. At first I really didn’t think I would feel much different physically with Marine Phytoplankton because of everything else I take, but I do. I am delighted with the positive changes… could it get any better than that?
L. S.

My husband and I both do not feel as achy and tired as we usually have since starting to take Marine Phytoplankton a little over one week ago. I also have not had the food cravings I had previously and am eating smaller amounts of food and still feeling satisfied. I really hope that this continues and maybe I might lose enough weight to be where I believe I should be. I’m feeling better already!
D. K.

I have a friend with an 8-year-old daughter named Chelsea. Chelsea has had severe food allergies and asthma her entire life. Last week she went to the doctor to refill her inhalant prescription for her asthma. He asked her to take deep breaths, and by the fifth one she needed the inhaler because she was wheezing so badly. The day after the visit, Chelsea began to take half an ounce of Marine Phytoplankton daily added to her juice. After a week, she was able to endure over an hour of exercise on a trampoline without the use of her asthma medication, which would not have been possible a week prior. She visited the doctor again today and he said he could not explain why she was no longer wheezing and has reduced her need for the inhaler from several times a day to two times a day. Because of Marine Phytoplankton, her moods have significantly improved and she seems to be feeling much happier!
V. G.

My daughter has some health problems that include tens of thousands of pinholes in her bladder, which cause infections and make it extremely painful to use the bathroom. For a year now she has been going to specialists and trying medications that have not been very helpful and often cause side effects. Although her first bottle did not show her much improvement, her continued use of the product has given her significant results. Although it’s too early to proclaim she is healed, she has had better results with Marine Phytoplankton that with anything else by far. Thank you.
Dr. K. L.

My husband and I have been taking Marine Phytoplankton daily for the past two weeks and we are simply amazed by this product! I have recently had to begin wearing reading glasses when my vision had never before needed correction. After taking Marine Phytoplankton just once, I have not needed to wear them at all! I have not felt this wonderful in years and am full of energy, feel very clear, and have a sense of vitality unlike before. My 83-year-old mother has also been taking Marine Phytoplankton and has become a walking testimonial. Since taking the product she is full of life and has much more energy in the afternoons, which were usually spent napping. She claims now she doesn’t need to! Her family looks amazed and she looks younger and much livelier, and this is a woman who went to aerobic classes three times a week before taking Marine Phytoplankton! I am so impressed, and feel so blessed – even honored – to be able to take this product and feel such a wonderful sense of well-being. I find myself telling everyone about it and am even more proud that is comes from the magical island on which I live, Vancouver Island.
M. F.

As of last week, I’ve increased my dose of Marine Phytoplankton to one ounce before my morning run. Tuesday, I ran six miles; Wednesday, four miles (in the late morning heat); and six miles again Thursday. I am consistently running 20-30 seconds faster per mile and that is very significant! I think that it is all because I am providing my body more oxygen with the use of Marine Phytoplankton and also sense that my body is using the oxygen more efficiently. I really don’t know or care how it’s happening… I’m just excited that it is!
L. S.

My former doctor once told me that I had hypothyroidism and would have it, and therefore need to treat it, for the remainder of my life. Last week, upon having my blood retested, my current medical doctor discovered I no longer have hypothyroidism and will not have to continue any more treatment for it! I believe increasing my pH levels is to credit for my recent health turnaround. Following a doctor’s guidelines closely as well taking Marine Phytoplankton daily has also helped me to lose almost 15 pounds and lower my body fat percentage significantly without changing my diet dramatically. Now that Marine Phytoplankton is available, keeping my pH levels up has never been simpler!
C. W.

I have several good things to say about Marine Phytoplankton. First of all, my mother has had a Candida infection in her mouth for the past year. When many prescriptions and remedies did nothing to get rid of it, she tried Marine Phytoplankton and it was gone after two weeks! I also have a few friends that have benefited from taking Marine Phytoplankton. One suffered from a yeast infection that would not go away, ever after taking three prescriptions. It is now gone, and she had only been taking marine phytoplankton for a little over one week. Another friend of mine has had gallbladder pain for several years. After taking Marine Phytoplankton she has experienced two weeks of no pain, which has never happened before. One friend had tenderness on his big toe from stepping on Coral in Belize almost a year ago. Marine Phytoplankton has completely gotten rid of the sensitivity! Lastly, more than one person I know has lost weight simply by adding Marine Phytoplankton to their diet- one has lost seven pounds in less than two weeks! What an unexpected surprise!

I’m finding that the most amazing thing about what we have with Marine Phytoplankton is how universal it is. People just seem to "get it". What’s that about? Is it that 8th-grade science class we all took that we studied this basic food source for the planet, this magic process of photosynthesis, this turning of light into life? I can’t believe that nearly everybody I talk to has a basic acceptance that marine phytoplankton is a powerful and enviable nutritional source – from health practitioners, to aunt Suzy, to my hairdresser – they all get it! All of my contacts have similar amazing results and all want the product. I just wish there were more hours in a day! I’ve never seen anything like this, and I’m loving it!
R. J.

We had a call from a lady in California who has suffered terribly with Lupus for many years. After ten days on Marine Phytoplankton, she called to tell us that her pain and discomfort have diminished to the point that she has taken the product to her physician and to her Lupus support group.
B. S.

This is just wild! I had my first delicious taste of Marine Phytoplankton this past weekend and have had one to two ounces a day since. Yesterday morning I couldn’t believe my scale when it said I was down four pounds! This is something that doesn’t happen to me very often.
D. W.

I have been using the new Marine Phytoplankton and I am feeling great within four days of taking it. I am about to turn 56 and have the usual complaints of aging such as stiffness, but I notice them diminishing by the minute. The most amazing effects I am feeling are that my food cravings are decreasing more and more as I continue to take Marine Phytoplankton. Thank you to all of those that are responsible for this amazing product. By the way, our business in the last 10 days is at the level that we were at during our last 30-day period! Thanks again.
T. P.

Upon arriving home from my J.O.B. last week, I was surprised to find I had received my first order of Marine Phytoplankton. At work the next day, one of the accounting staff members showed up with a huge headache. I recommended that she try some Marine Phytoplankton and15 minutes later her headache was gone. Needless to say she bought a bottle!
W. S.

Here is a quick testimonial for this fabulous new product my friends and I are on. Yes, it’s very new & we’ve all just begun but we are already having results. One friend is thrilled to not have as many "hot flashes" in the night and better sleep. Another friend has liver trouble & had the product checked out at one of the leading vitamin outlets in Victoria. They were impressed and supported her on using Marine Phytoplankton. My skin has become a lot nicer, even had compliments on how much younger I look (that’s great when you have reached the 60 mark!).

I started taking Marine Phytoplankton approximately late November of 2004. Within 3 weeks I was feeling more energy and mental clarity than I had experienced for quite some time. Within 5 weeks, I no longer had any Acid Reflux pain and was able to go off all medications for it (Losac). Also for the first time in 20 years, I am no longer feeling any effects from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) that I suffered with for 10 years.

I have had an amazing experience with the Marine Phytoplankton. You see, I do not believe in magic potions, nor do I believe there are any true quick fixes. But I had a friend that told me Marine Phytoplankton was a good product and that I should try it, if only for the fact that it is loaded with rich nutrients that could help improve my life. I began taking Marine Phytoplankton. My friend suggested that I could put it (the Liquid) on any skin problem. I had a growth on my face, very close to my eye. It has been there for about 5 years. It appeared to be a very light mole that was growing. The size of the growth was about 2 millimeters in height, and about 4 millimeters in diameter. I began applying the Marine Phytoplankton directly to the growth. In a period of 1 month the growth had completely shrunk. It was no longer raised at all and now it looks just like a tiny scar. Now, I would never believe that a product could take away such a growth. It did and I am so grateful. I did not want to go for surgery and have it removed; it was close to my eye. I have also experienced increased energy, and my overall skin tone has improved, especially on my face. Thank you for a wonderful discovery.

I must be one of your oldest to try Marine Phytoplankton! Since I have had two relatives live over 100, I thought it was worth a try. Like the whale, I’m willing to try it (even if I have to swim and spout). I had open-heart surgery 3 months ago. As a very active person, I have little patience with slow healing. After just over 1 week of taking Marine Phytoplankton, I noticed my sleep pattern had changed. From 3 to 4 hours per night, I now have a more restful sleep of 7 to 8 hours. I find that I sleep better if I take it in the evening. The second and third week I was more rested, relaxed and my circulation was far better. After the operation I was very depressed I had never been that way in 83 years. Now I’m too busy for such a thing. If I feel this good the first 3 weeks, I wonder what the future will hold. Move over world – let me get on with it!

Having used Marine Phytoplankton for only four weeks I have the following comments. I am 85 years old. I was in the Canadian Army from 1940-1946 with the 3rd Division – D Day till VE Day (May 1945). Poliomyelitis, spent months in the Veterans hospital – slowly got back on my feet. Much damage to my left side. Today I have severe Scoliosis of the spine and suffer backaches and other discomforts. My opinion of Marine Phytoplankton is that I feel I have a little more energy and in general a feeling of uplift of spirit. I will continue using Marine Phytoplankton.

My results from taking Marine Phytoplankton have been exquisite, both physically and mentally. I noticed my mental clarity dramatically increase within four days of taking the product. My energy levels have soared, and my sleep patterns are better. I have suffered with Hypothyroidism my entire adult life, along with HUGE carbohydrate cravings! Since taking Marine Phytoplankton I have noticed my blood sugar levels starting to level out so drastically that the awful cravings and afternoon sugar crashes have all but disappeared, and my Thyroid has stabilized. Three months later I am 17 lbs. lighter, going from a size 12 to a size 8! Another wonderful benefit is that my sex drive has increased. (This is great after 16 years of marriage!) My husband and I can both attest to an overall feeling of calmness, even during stressful times. I feel truly blessed to be nourishing my body and mind with this remarkable whole food – Marine Phytoplankton.

I am a very active individual both in business and sports. I started taking Marine Phytoplankton about 1 month ago and noticed differences in my body almost immediately. As I’ve gotten older, I just assumed the aches in my joints were part of life, and accepted them as is. I have a pretty lean body, and good muscle mass for my height (6 feet). Since I’ve been on the product, my joints no longer ache and my muscle mass has increased. I have had a huge increase in my endurance, both mental & physical. Due to the stresses of owning and operating large-scale businesses, my adrenal gland has run at full throttle since I was 18 years old. This has led to bouts of depression as I depleted myself mentally a great deal. I’ve noticed my general moods have elevated, with an overall sense of calm within about 1 week after taking Marine Phytoplankton. My bouts of depression are almost non-existent. I can think with greater clarity, later into my days, and am much more patient with my wife and children after a long day at work. I actually look forward to taking them to their evening sports events, and still have energy to burn late into the night (if I so choose). My sleep is VERY restful. I ran out of Marine Phytoplankton for about 1 week. My joints started to ache again and my old negative mental patterns started creeping back in. So, I’m back taking Marine Phytoplankton and grateful to have found this great product. I highly recommend it!

- Blemishes are going away
- Dryness going away
- Dryness behind ears almost gone
- Behind neck – healing

- Slight reduction with several inches coming off waist

- Very good energy

I retired because "I WAS TIRED!" I had accepted feeling fatigued as a way of life. After being introduced to Marine Phytoplankton. I noticed my energy increase almost immediately after being on the product for only a few days! Within 2 weeks, my clothes started to fit looser, and curiosity got the better of me. I got on the dusty old scale and found I had lost 6 lbs. I had tried several weight loss programs in the last 10 years with NO SUCCESS, even when going to the gym on an almost regular basis. I realized that my carbohydrate cravings had disappeared. I am now working full time again (by choice) and am an active Volunteer in several organizations. My family and friends have noticed huge differences in my overall well-being and have begged me for information on where to purchase the product.

My son, who has food allergies, is for the first time having normal bowel movements. My daughter slept through the night for the first time since I can remember. And as for me, it seems as though my body has decided to get rid of a whole lot of waste and toxic build up because my body has gone into a cleanse mode and I feel wonderful. I have had the best sleep of my life and can’t say enough about Marine Phytoplankton already. I have been on the phone non-stop to as many people as I know, and so far everyone I have talked to can’t wait to get on the product.

About 5 years ago my eyesight had deteriorated to the point of requiring glasses. Suffering from astigmatism I worked for years on computers not noticing that I was squinting all the time trying desperately to focus on the screen. I am a graphic designer and my eyes are everything to me. I started taking Marine Phytoplankton less than a month ago and my eyesight has improved greatly. I still require glasses, but I can focus easier, my vision is much more focused with no squinting, and it gets better everyday. I use to perform eye exercises daily and had noticed only a slight difference after a few months. But after a couple of weeks on this product, the exercises are giving me dramatic results. I can now read the directions on the back of the shampoo bottle, which is something I haven’t been able to do for years. Along with vision clarity is the brain clarity as well. I have taken greens for years and saw improvement in mind focus and energy. With the addition of Marine Phytoplankton in my diet, I am seeing dramatic differences in my ability to focus on tasks and the amount of energy I have to take them on – plus I sleep better at night. I am looking forward to updating this testimonial with exciting and dramatic improvements in other areas of my wellbeing in the near future.

I have been on Marine Phytoplankton now for 2 weeks. Before I started, my oxygen level was set at "4" on the machine and now it is down to "2". If I am sitting I can now take the air off completely. Before, without the air I could only walk about 10 feet, now I can walk about 200 feet. Before I would start huffing and puffing.


"My husband and I both do not feel as achy and tired as we usually have since starting to take Marine Phytoplankton a little over one week ago. I also have not had the food cravings I had previously and am eating smaller amounts of food and still feeling satisfied. I really hope that this continues and maybe I might lose enough weight to be where I believe I should be. I’m feeling better already!"
D. K.

"This is just wild! I had my first delicious taste of Marine Phytoplankton this past weekend and have had one to two ounces a day since. Yesterday morning I couldn’t believe my scale when it said I was down four pounds! This is something that doesn’t happen to me very often."
D. W.

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