pain, polio, paralyzed – part # 2

How Its Possible to Speed-Heal (Part 2)
1:01:25 – 2 years ago
These demonstrations are of the healing techniques originally taught by Dr. C. Samuel West for his Complete Course in Applied Lymphology. The production of these videos in 1998 was paid for by the IAL however before they were completed there was incorrect credentials given to each of the participants in the credits, incorrect copyright notices (Should say Samuel Publishing), the credits gave an illegitimate notice to exclusive marketing for TTH (no longer in existence), and in my opinion although my brother Stephen does a good job reiterating the words of our father, he does not provide him sufficient credit. So for these reasons and other problems not worth mentioning here the final product was never officially approved for dissemination by Dr. West. In spite of all the faults I have decided now to upload it to the internet because it is a very concise and helpful way to learn how to do the self-help healing techniques.

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