Nutrient Deficiencies or Overload

Signs & Symptoms of Six Common Nutrient Deficiencies or Overload

NutrientSigns and SymptomsRemedy

Vitamin C
Affects 100% of non-supplementing adultsEasy skin bruising, black and blue marks on back of hands, bleeding gums, iron deficiency anemia, blood clots in legs, aneurysms (bulging blood vessels), peripheral vascular disease (pain in legs and feet when walking), blood clots in legs, allergy, poor wound healing.Consume supplemental vitamin C 3-5 times a day; results often better with bioflavonoids, Dosage 500-1000 mg at a time. Stop smoking which depletes vitamin C.

Vitamin B12
Affects ~40% of American adultsFatigue, short-term memory loss, burning feet, sore tongue, low back painSupplement with vitamin B12. Methylcobalamin form preferred over cyanocobalamin. 1000-5000 mcg

Iron deficiency anemia
Primarily affects young menstruating femalesFatigue (sleepiness), mental fatigue, cold hands and feet, pale skin, dizziness, restless legs during sleep (jerking legs), craving acidic foods (tomatoes taste great), accompanied by insomniaIncrease vitamin C to improve iron absorption from plant foods; increase red meat consumption (highly absorbable heme-iron). Vegetarian sources of iron are molasses, spinach. *Anemia may be caused by chronic infection, inflammation or hidden tumors. Supplemental iron may worsen these conditions.

Iron overload
Primarily affects full-grown males, esp. if alcohol drinkersFatigue, infections, hemorrhoids, elevated liver enzymes, high ferritin (iron storage), tumors.Donate blood; reduce supplemental vitamin C or take on empty stomach; avoid red meat; utilize iron chelators (IP6 rice bran, quercetin, grape seed); stop alcohol consumption.

Lack of essential oils
Affects low-fat dietersSkin dryness (elbows), thinning hair, brittle nails, dry eyes.Supplement with omega-3 flax or fish oil + GLA oils from borage, black currant seed or evening primrose

Vitamin D
Affects people living in northern latitudes or sun-phobic individuals (cease using sunscreens)Wintertime onset of health problems, infection (flu, colds), weak bones, wintertime weight gain, high blood pressure, autoimmune problems, cancer, heart problems (heart failure), calcifications (kidney stones, hardening of arteries), wintertime depressed mood, dental cavitiesSupplement with vitamin D3 2000-5000 IU. Take 50,000 for first 3 days with onset of a cold

Affects people living in northern latitudes or sun-phobic individuals (cease using sunscreens)Migraines, calcifications (heart valves- mitral valve, kidney stones, muscle spasm, fatigue, heart rhythm problems (fibrillation), anxiety, PMS symptomsSupplement with magnesium (mag oxide is poorly absorbed and should be avoided). 200-400 mg. Excess may induce loose stools

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