NG-Rx (Maxam Nutraceutics)

NG-Rx (Maxam Nutraceutics)

Neural Regeneration

Experts say we use only 7% to 15% of our brain, and many of us do not even use that portion very efficiently. There are many theories on what causes such vast inactivity, but few solutions have been presented for increasing neurological activity and efficiency. NG-Rx is a neuro-nutrient complex designed to improve cognitive function, increase neurotransmitter production, balance and correct the brain chemistry, increase cerebral circulation, and induce the formation and activation of neuro-pathways.

The Functions Of NG-Rx:

Increases neurological activity.

Balances brain chemistry.

Increases cerebral circulation.

NG-Rx is an energizer that aids in neurotransmitter production, brain function, cognitive function and helps to reduce memory loss and stimulates your immune system. It also helps with weight loss and when you are feeling a little down. Cognitive enhancement has been an area of extensive research for many years, and many exceptional herbs and nutrients have been discovered.

Actually getting these supplements into the cells to do their healing work has until now been challenging. According to the Physician’s Desk Reference, only 15% – 25% of supplements taken orally are actually absorbed. Fortunately, a multi-dimensional technology we refer to as ‘SMART™’ , has been designed to overcome every absorption challenge.

We would all like to think more clearly, concentrate better, increase our memory retention and shorten our recall time. These are the effects of cognitive enhancement, and NG-Rx is an effective neuronutrient complex designed this for purpose. In addition to cognitive enhancement, NG-Rx also increases circulation in and around the brain, feeding the tissues and assisting in the elimination of waist products and toxins.

In balancing the chemistry of the brain, mood swings are minimized or eliminated, and the mood is elevated. Neurotropics make studying and learning new things, and recalling what you have learned, easier and faster.

NG-Rx also feeds the brain with essential neurotropic amino acids and specifically sequenced peptide fractions, which increase neurotransmitter formation. This is the most important human tissue and should be put and kept in optimal functioning order.

Methods Of Action:

The nutrient particle sizes in Maxam-Rx products are formulated in nanometers, and it is a natural colloid which the body recognizes as a nutrient. These colloidal nanometer particles also provide the water carrier with the hydrogen bond angles increased to 180 degrees (linear water) thus lowering the surface tension and making the water "wetter", thereby making the absorption more efficient via the oral mucosa.

Each nutrient particle also carries a negative surface charge, and cells contain a positive surface charge, so absorption occurs electrokinetically. This is a much more efficient method of absorption than osmosis, where 50% is the maximum level achieved.

Distilled Water, Micro-activated Peptide Fractions of Phosphatidyl Choline, Phosphatidyl Serine, N-Acetyl L-Carnatine, DMAE, Acetyl Serine, L-Tyrosine, Amino Acids, Ginko and Mucuna Extracts in a Colloidal Matrix.

Shake well. The suggested dose is (4) sprays in the morning and (4) sprays before bed; for a total of (8) sprays a day. Product should be taken on an empty stomach and held for 1-2 minutes. For best results, do not consume anything within 30 minutes of taking. (8 sprays = 1ml)


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