Medicinal Values of Chinese Dates

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Chinese date is the fruit of a deciduous tree or shrub, not the date palm of the Arabian Desert. Chinese date is sweet and warming and when added in a formula, prolongs, enhances and harmonizes the effects of other herbs. Likewise, it ensures that the herbal essence is well circulated and the energies of the herbs are evenly distributed. It is used by the Chinese to invigorate the spleen and stomach and is indicated for those with poor appetite, fatigue and loose stools. Chinese date also nourishes the blood and calms the mind. However, those with epigastric fullness and abdominal distension should avoid taking it.

The Chinese date is processed in different ways:

Black date – The ripe food is first smoked and dried. As a result, it is black in color. It has the most medicinal value among the three types. It tonifies the yang of the stomach and spleen.

Red date – It’s red in color after being harvested and dried. The fruit comes with or without kernels.

Brown date – this has the least medicinal value. It is often added to soups for sweetness and also taken as candies and sweetmeat.
Studies have shown that:

It is particularly effecting in quelling digestive upsets caused by viral hepatitis.

It stops the destruction of the liver tissues caused by viral hepatitis.

It protects the liver from toxins and the ill effects of free radicals.

It is rich in vitamin C.

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