Mai Wei Di Huang Wan, Dry Throat, Dry Cough

Mai Wei Di Huang Wan, bolus of six ingredients including prepared rehmannia with ophiopogon and schisandra, concentrated, dietary herbal supplement, 200-pill pack, 160 mg each pill, Manufactured by Lanzhou Traditional Herbs, Gansu, China

Ingredients: Prepared rehmannia, cornus, dioscorea, poria, moutan bark, alisma, lilyturf root, schisandra fruit.
Actions: Nourishing the lung and kidney to promote the secretion of body fluids.
Indications: Disposis, dry throat, dry cough and bloody sputum, asthma, hectic and night sweating, seminal emission and chronic diarrhea, fidgetiness, insomnia, neurasthenia, diphtheria.
Manifestations Explanations
Cough with thin sputum
Shortness of breath Deficient yin in the lungs and stomach which leads to upward attack of fire and upward perversion of lung qi.
Afternoon fever
Feverish sensation on the palms, soles and in the chest
Night sweating

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