Lupus Protocol


Lupus is a chronic, inflammatory, connective tissue disorder that can involve joints, kidneys, mucous membranes and blood vessel walls.
Certain medications can also lead to the disorder, such as certain heart medications, medications to treat tuberculosis and some antibiotics.

After speaking with Jim, he and I have several suggestions for the use of our products for recovery from lupus.

First of all, eliminate sugars of all kinds, even fruit sugars.  Create an inner alkaline environment.  Eat lots of raw veggies and drink lots of pure water.  NO TAP WATER!!  Avoid stress like the plague!!  Get plenty of sleep because the pituitary, which is most active at night, secretes HGH, which is our healing hormone.  Avoid all chemicals and other toxins.
As for the Maxam products, start with Probiotics-Rx and the BioGuard.  This is to re-establish gut flora and to wipe out any bacterial, fungal or microbial infections.  I would suggest using the Probiotics at 3 capsules twice daily for 10 days, while using the BioGuard at 8 sprays twice daily for those 10 days that you’re taking the Probiotics.
When finished with the Probiotics/BioGuard combo, move on to the PCA-Rx and the AV-Rx.  The PCA-Rx is suggested to help detox the body of any and all toxins in the body.  This is accomplished very safely and effectively through our unique patent-pending process known as clathration.  There are no chemicals or drugs used in ANY of our products.  The PCA-Rx encapsulates the toxins from the blood, lymphatic fluid and the CSF in an irreversible bond, thereby making a clean sweep of your entire system.  The PCA-Rx is also indicated to prevent thrombosis and embolism, which can occur with lupus.  The lymph nodes may also become very enlarged with lupus flare-ups.  Once again, the PCA-Rx is indicated here because it will scrub through the lymph.  I would suggest getting some age-appropriate exercise while undergoing this course of products, because the only way to move lymph is by moving your body.  The lymphatic system does not have a pump, like the heart is the pump for the circulatory system.  So, mild exercising is suggested.  Rebounding is often the choice in many cases.  It’s easy and affordable and gets the entire lymph system in motion.  The PCA-Rx is also indicated to prevent proteinuria, a condition where too much protein is found in the urine, which can lead to progressive kidney impairment.  I would suggest a therapeutic dosing of 4 sprays twice daily. The PCA-Rx should be used for 3 to 4 months consecutively.
The AV-Rx is suggested because of its ability to irradicate viral loads.  Even people with auto-immune disorders, such as lupus, can use this product.  The effects of our products on the body is not to supplement, but to educate the targeted cells with the information they need to function properly through our specifically sequenced peptides.  This is huge!!  I would suggest using the Av-Rx at a therapeutic dosing of 4 sprays twice daily for 1 month.
Lastly, after using the PCA-Rx for 1 month, I would suggest starting on the Cellaflex.  This is our anti-arthritic/anti-inflammatory product.  Lupus can cause inflammatory reactions in many different areas of the body, such as, pericarditis, pleurisy, retinitis, arthritis, etc.  The Cellaflex should effectively shut this down, while helping to relieve pain at the same time.  The Cellaflex is our first product to have natural analgesic stimulators.  The Cellaflex is also indicated in the strengthening of vital organs that can be affected by lupus, such as, the skin, heart, lungs and kidneys.  I would suggest using the Cellaflex at 8 sprays twice daily until pain and inflammation is noticeably improved.  Then I would suggest tapering to 4 sprays twice daily for a total of 4 months.

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