Kidney Failure Folk Remedy

Folk remedy for kidney failure undergoing dialysis

7pcs Fresh Lychee Seeds
2pcs Fresh pork kidney
2 cupsĀ Rice water from 2nd washing

Halve the kidneys cutting the vertical side to show the inside of kidney,
slice off the white parts and clean fully,
pulverize the lychee seeds and place inside a linen bag,

Place the cleaned halve kidneys, pulverize lychee seeds, and 2 cups of rice washing in a clay, glass or stainless pot. (Do not use aluminum).
Fast boil and simmer for 30 minutes.
Drink the soup daily.

After one (1) week of daily soup intake, one may or may not eat the cooked kidney.

This will improve the kidney function. One testimonial said that it has improved the kidney function and discontinued the dialysis after one week of above.

It will increase urine volume discharge.

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