Instructions On How To Spread Hedyotis Herb Injection Solution

1.      First apply intramuscular injection (IM). Two vials each time (4ml) and twice a day. If no allergy is observed, change to intravenous dripping. If allergy is observed, immediately apply 10-mg to 20-mg Dexamethasone by using intramuscular injection or intravenous dripping. So far no allergy has been found among thousands of users.
2.      Application of intravenous dripping depends on the severity of the case. Generally, six (6) vials are used for the first time (150-cc 5% glucose solution), 12 vials for the second time (200-cc 5% glucose solution), 18 vials for the third time (250-cc 5% glucose solution), 24 vials for the fourth time (300-cc 5% glucose solution), and 30 vials for the fifth time (350-cc 5% glucose solution). Two-to-five-mg Dexamethasone might be added each time to prevent allergy and fever.
3.      10% glucose is used for cerebral edema, pleural fluid and ascetic fluid patients and saline is used for diabetes patients.
4.      The product can also be used through intrathoracic or intraperitoneal injection. Twelve (12) to thirty (30) vials each time.
The product can also be used through enema. Place the urinary catheter inside the anus by 20 cm and push forward 12 to 30

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