How To Get Rid Of Stress – Action Not Words

Not in words, but in deeds.

Below is a real life practical stress relief from Dr. Jimmy Dy-Liacco.
You probably have seen this email before but without the illustrations.  The advice is good, but not enough.  To really shake off stress, don’t just put the glass down.  Drink the water, 8 oz of it, plus 2 more glasses (3 glasses altogether) and eat 1/2 teaspoon of rock salt.  Then you won’t feel the stress.

Here’s why, when you are under stress, all your cells are metabolizing very fast so the body can cope with the stress, and are using up their water (the cells are 80% water, with the exception of the brain cells which are 85% water and the bones which are 19% water).  With your water level dropping fast, you feel distressed.  Restore your water level to the way God made it, and the distress goes away.

This works for all kinds of stress, financial, emotional, romantic.


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