Make holograms viewable by white light or by laser . . .our holography kits are flexible enough to give you

a fun learning experience.

Simply Choose the Holography Kit You Need . . .

We offer three HOLOKIT(TM) laser holography kits, each of which let you make many types of holograms from basic reflection (viewable with white light) and transmission holograms (viewable with laser) to more advanced  multiple-image recordings and interferometry. The kits also include booklets explaining experiments you can do and how holograms work.

All kits include the same holographic recording materials used by most holographic artists and professionals today, and can provide high-level consistency, luminance, and clarity.

For best results, we recommend beginners choose the Standard or Student HOLOKIT (TM) set since holographic plates are easier to use than holographic film sheets. The Standard HOLOKIT(TM) set is our most popular kit among universities and secondary schools.


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