Holographic Technology- The Medicine of the Future

Here is a new STAR TREK technology that works!
Just an idea. Print pictures of young healthy male or female on transparencies like the ones on the billboards, life-size, plaster on glass. Let the sun rays pass through it and place yourself receiving the shadow imagery. Let us see what happens.

If John Otts was able to change plants and animals using colored rays, it should also work well for us. Just being a kid with wild ideas based on this letter.

Article on Holographic Technology- the medicine of the future


Light: Medicine of the Future: How We Can Use It to Heal Ourselves NOW (Paperback)
by Jacob Liberman O.D. Ph.D. (Author)

Light: Medicine of the FutureDr. Jacob Liberman O.D. Ph.D

Light: The Final Frontier
by Jacob Liberman, O.D., Ph.D.
Life is basically an energy experience. All of our human interactions, as well as our physiological functions, are vibrational in nature. The sun’s vibrational energy is the most potent life-sustaining force in our very immediate “universe”, which we call the solar system.

It is now clear that different aspects, or frequencies, of this energy have different effects on our moods, behaviors, and vital functions. Therefore, the biological receptivity of an organism to these different frequencies will determine which aspects of its functions and awareness will be stimulated and nourished.

Each separate frequency, or color of the spectrum, has nutritional value, and is the food for the initial development and constant evolvement of certain aspects of our being. Together, these frequencies unite into a rainbow of balanced nutrition that connects and synchronizes the vital functions of all organisms with the natural chronology of the cosmos.

It is my experience that our constantly changing states of consciousness determine the degree to which we are emotionally and biologically receptive. This, in turn, determines which portions of the spectrum we are attuned to (our vibrational experience) and, therefore, which ones we are more receptive to. Our total development is dependent upon the quality and specific aspects of universal light to which we are receptive. Light is that superterrestrial, natural force under which all life on Earth originates and develops.

Bringing In The Light
It is possible to change your own biological receptivity by bringing in the light. Imagine a transparent bar graph, as tall and wide as your body, with seven vertical columns of color, in the following order from left to right — red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. Now imagine looking at yourself in a mirror. The transparent bar graph is on the surface of the mirror so that it is superimposed on the image of your body.

Now close your eyes and visualize bringing in a beam of white light down through the top of your head, and notice that somewhere in your head the white light is prismatically broken into the seven colors of the rainbow so that each begins to fill up its respective column on the bar graph with a liquidlike paint. Wait for the columns to be filled to whatever degree they naturally fill, and then notice the level of each color in its column. Observe which of these nutritive color columns are filled and which ones seem to be lacking. How do you feel?

The colors that are low are like nutritional supplements that you are lacking and need. Visualize bringing each of these colors into your body one at a time, as if you are breathing them in through the top of your head, until each column is filled. How do you feel now?

Whenever you are feeling physically ill, emotionally upset, or just tired, consider taking yourself through this guided imagery. Notice what colors you are lacking, fill up your tanks, and you will probably find that you feel better. Do this at least once a day during stressful periods or just to occasionally check the levels at which you are assimilating light.


Health and Light: The extraordinary Study that Shows How light Affects Your Health and emotional well being. (Paperback)
by John N. Ott (Author)

Ott also discovered that the movement of plants could be manipulated by varying the amount of water plants were given, and varying the color temperature of the lights in the studio, with some colors causing the plants to flower and other colors causing the plants to bear fruit. Ott even discovered ways to change the gender of plants merely by varying the light source color-temperature.

By using these techniques, Ott time-lapse animated plants “dancing” up and down in sync to pre-recorded music tracks. The film, completed in the 1950s, was titled, simply, ’’Dancing Flowers’’.

His cinematography of flowers blooming in such classic documentaries as Walt Disney’s ’’Secrets of Life’’ (1956), pioneered the modern use of time-lapse on film and television. Ott wrote a book on the history of his time-lapse adventures, ’’My Ivory Cellar’’ (1958).

Ott’s experiments with different colored lighting systems and their effects on the health of plants led to experiments with colored lights on the health of animals, then humans, then on individual cells, using time-lapse micro-photography. Ott discovered that only a full spectrum of natural light (including natural amounts of infra-red and ultra-violet ) worked to entirely promote full health in plants, animals and humans. Ott made a second film, ’’Exploring the Spectrum’’ http://www.exploringthespectrum.com completed in the 1960s.

Ott also discovered that the color temperature of lights affects mental health, with balanced light reducing hyperactivity in classrooms and reducing negative behavior in prisons and mental health facilities. Ott discovered that even individual cells’ ability to properly reproduce in both plants and animals (including human) is affected by variances in lighting as it entered the body through the eyes. A second book, ’’Health and Light’’, detailing these experiments followed in 1973. Medical research facilities, such as in the The University of Oregon University of Oregon Health Sciences Center (OHSU) in Portland, Oregon, and others, experiment with his lights for both physical and mental health benefits.

In the 80s and 90s, Ott also published a series of seven articles in the International Journal of Biosocial Research, a medical journal out of Tacoma, Washington that studies links between physical and mental health. Titled ’’Color and Light: Their Effects on Plants, Animals, and People’’, the articles summed up Ott’s decades of independent research, which was contrary to the established “wisdom” of sunglasses manufacturers who warned of the “sudden” negative effects of full, natural sunlight on the human eyes and skin.


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