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Strong Results For A HEP-C Victim

Dear Jim Cole

I am writing this to you, out of gratitude to God for healing me, and your Nutraceutics PCA-Rx, AV-Rx, and Anavone. I contracted HEP-C from the medical field, and I found out about it from the Red-Cross several years ago. I was diagnosed at a time when Hep-C was relatively unknown, and there wasn’t much of a treatment for it.

I wasn’t much affected by it in the beginning, but I got to the point that I was tired a lot, and my joints hurt quite a bit. I fell in 1996 and I broke my back and had a bad commpression fracture which laid me up for almost 2 years.

In this time period my doctor put me on a lot of Tylox, and Percocet, and then Methadone for chronic pain. These drugs destroyed my liver over a 6 year period and I started to retain fluid in my legs and body. At my highest weight, including fluid retention, was 464 pouinds of which 130 of that was fluid. I was so full of water that I couldn’t walk across the room without gasping for breath. My calves were about 26 inches around, and the fluid stretched my body out to morbid proportions.

On September 14th of 2004 I went to my Gastrologist because my calves were so tight with water that I started to have water shoot out of my skin like a water gun. My legs beacame very infected and I was put into the Hospital. That is where I found out that I had stage 4, or end stages Cirrhosis of the liver.

In December of 2004 a friend of mine contacted you, and you called me back. You sent me your Nutraceuticals, and they have tremendously built up, and detoxified my body. I hardly ever get over fatigued, and I no longer have a bulging liver. I have taken off 98% of the fluid and am losing weight with the Anavone.

I know that my body is rid of most of the Hep-C, if not all of it. I can walk about 2 miles now, and not get over exerted. I know that I am only going to improve more and more. I am now getting my life back, thanks to you, your products, and your advice. God bless you. Thank you for your PCA-Rx, and AV-Rx with the Anavone. I am looking forward to going to the next step with other body and organ healing Nutraceutucals. I also am following a good organic diet. Thank you God for your love and healing. And thank you Jim Cole for your wonderful products, and for the hope you have given me.

By God’s Grace – Duane B – Tucson Az

Success With Candida Problems

Dear Maxam Labs,

I am 76 years old and have had Candida problems all of my life and I want to tell you about my fantastic experience with your PC3x and Bioguard.

I’ve been treating a severe case of Candida, parasites and allergies for one full year with no significant results, plus it seemed that I had no brain power.

I started taking your PC3x and BioGuard two months ago. I took them the first evening. The next morning, my mind was more clear and my whole body felt better.

My blood test now shows I no longer have Candida or parasites in my blood and I am definitely thinking more clearly. This is also the first Springtime in many years that I have not been sick in bed with allergies!!

Your products are the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me and I am looking forward to starting your NG-Rx.

Thank You,
Helen J.

Fast Results

I have had paralysis of the left side of my face for many years. I began using your NG-Rx product on the advice of your friendly customer service staff. I am happy to report that after only ten days of being on your product, I am seeing changes in the amount of facial paralysis. I can’t tell you how happy this makes me. I have ordered another bottle so that my condition will continue to improve.

Thank you for such a wonderful product.

Lillian A.

This Isn’t By Chance

Dear Jim,

I wanted to tell you what a big help the PCA-Rx spray has been to me.

I’ve been trying to gain ground for 3 1/2 years now and it has been a very slow and frustrating process…I’ve tried many avenues of healing including algaes, massage, supplements, juicing, stretching and breathing techniques, and the PCA-Rx has been the most effective result producing product…second only to prayer.

Within the first week, I noticed a dramatic increase of mental clarity, emotional stability, balance, even my vision noticably improved. I started to have a normal appetite (not excessive-moreso a deliverance from anorexic tendencies), and my bowels started functioning normally (quite a surprise after nearly 15 years of abnormally loose bowels).

My energy level is noticeably more consistent and my sleep patterns have been normalized. For the last couple of weeks, I go to sleep easily and have deep restful, refreshing nights. It feels like my brain is healing while I sleep. Also my resilience level is snapping back. My friends have been commenting how it seems there’s a new person around the house.

I do really appreciate you helping me, Jim, it’s given me hope.


Pesticide Overload !!

My brother-in-law unfortunately sprays pesticides for a living in his professional lawn care services. He has done so for at least 6-7 years. When he comes home, my sister tells me he has chemicals all over his skin and clothes. Even his hair is covered. We all live in a duplex, so I can testify that when he comes home from work he smells like a chemical factory. Up until recently, he wouldn’t even wear a mask. I saw the concern of my sister, so I prayed that the Lord would show me if there was anything that would help to clean him out and protect him from toxic overload. Well, one thing led to another and I ended up on your website. I read all about your products, read the testimonies, etc… I decided to go for it.

My brother-in-law took the PCA-Rx for about 2-3 months. He went to an alternative health clinic after doing this to have a QXCI done on his body. The QXCI scans your whole body for everything … industrial pollutants, heavy metals, chemicals, etc… The doctor told him that he did not have a single trace of pesticide residue in his body. I thank the Lord that he allowed me to find this product. I also went on the PCA-Rx after I had gotten some mercury amalgam fillings removed. At the time I got them removed, I didn’t realize that it had to be done in a special way, a protocol. You could end up with serious mercury toxicity when you have fillings removed improperly. So, I went on the PCA-Rx and after 3 months, I also got a QXCI done . There was no problem with mercury toxicity whatsoever. I was very happy.

Thank you for making a product that is not intimidating to use. Your products do what they say will do, period. I hope that my testimonies bring encouragement to others.

Linda W

John and Silvina Testimony

Dear Mr. Cole,

I am 77 years old and ten years ago I was diagnosed with angina. The cardiologist told me that my angiogram was showing blockage in two arteries – over 95% in one and 85% in the other. They told me they had to perform bypass surgery. I researched for alternative treatments and decided to try intravenous chelation therapy. During a ten year span, I had 180 chelation treatments and with vitamin supplements I began feeling better than ever.

Since I was feeling better, in the year 2000, I was curious to see my results from a stress test. The test came back positive for eschimia. Even though my stress test came back with better results than 10 years ago, I decided to take 10 additional intravenous chelation treatments.

During this time, my wife became diagnosed with Fibromyalgia Reumatica and began reading ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE magazine where she came upon an interesting article on the PCA-Rx chlathration therapy that reports to remove heavy metals, environmental toxins, pesticide residues, cardio and cerebral vascular plaque and microbial cell wall residue.

The only relief my wife was to receive came from large doses of cortisone, which made her lethargic and extremely depressed.

My wife and I began taking PCA-Rx and after only one month I could now walk 4 very fast miles per day when I couldn’t even walk a slow mile before taking the PCA -Rx and my wife appeared to have found her bubbly personality again. Not only was she full of energy but her ploymalagia rheumatica seemed to disappear. . . and she no longer needs to take cortisone. . . she feels like a new person!

After 8 months of taking PCA-Rx, my wife and I never felt better and I decided to take a nuclear test for scientific proof of my much-improved health.

I am happy to say, but not surprised, that the test came back with phenomenal results – it came back normal for the first time in 20 years! Please see enclosed test results. My wife and I are free of medications and pain. We are both taking supplements and feeling wonderful.

My wife and I would like to gratefully thank the wonderful people who researched and developed PCA-Rx. And thank goodness for PCA-Rx. . . it is absolutely fantastic. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to feel healthy and full of energy. Keep up the good work!

John and Silvina S.

In Search Of Relief

Jim Cole
Maxam Nutraceuticals

Several years ago, I handled toxic chemicals in my business and unintentionally breathed in fumes from these, with drastic effects on my system.

Several years ago, I handled toxic chemicals in my business and unintentionally breathed in fumes from these, with drastic effects on my system.

Recently I used some of your PCA-Rx product. This was after trying several other products over the years to rid my system of these chemicals. Nothing worked. All was in vain.

Now, how much I appreciate your PCA-Rx product. I definately want to continue using this product with hopes of completely ridding my system of the above mentioned chemicals.

Relief At Last !!

Raymond L.



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