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Detoxamin is Laboratory Certified and Clinically Proven to be effective working to detoxify toxic heavy metals while you sleep. Literally thousands of people have discovered the many health benefits of Detoxamin-an affordable, convenient, safe, gentle and very easy to use method of EDTA chelation. Detoxamin is a unique method of detoxification-with a focus on toxic heavy metals. Surprisingly, these toxic metals are in all of us-triggering health problems in so many people.

Below, you’ll discover what a few of our satisfied customers have to say about Detoxamin.

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My hat goes off to [the manufacturers of Detoxamin] for researching and making chelation available, affordable, non-prescription, and practical for a greater number of people… for as you have learned, heavy metal toxicity is at the root of many incurable conditions, and it is not going to go away. Detoxamin will revolutionize medicine.

Dr. Sherry Rogers, MD

I have referred several patients to use Detoxamin and several have had great results ­ but this one is amazing. An adult male, 84 years old, had a heart attack; he was told he had 1 completely blocked artery and 3 others that were about 75% blocked. The doctors sent him home basically to die, telling him that they could not help him. I put him on an enzyme and Detoxamin, and the results have been miraculous. Within a few weeks he was alert and moving around again. Within 1 month his automatic pacemaker no longer went off and was not needed. His blood pressure normalized, and after a few more months his facial droop began to go away. He is now active and alert and doing amazingly well.

Jed Adamson
ND Twin Falls, ID

I have 10 patients on Detoxamin and it is working great. Personally, I have been taking 40 milligrams of blood pressure medication to try and control my high blood pressure but it has not been working. My blood pressure has been in the range of 165/100, but after using Detoxamin for only 2 months, my blood pressure has dropped significantly to about 130/75.

Ray Pearson, DC
Harrison, AR

I had had 80% blockage of my carotid arteries before using Detoxamin. After using just 60 suppositories, my blockage is down to 40% in each artery according to my doctor-administered ultrasound.

John Scheuerman
Boxford, MA

I just wanted to thank you for your product. I am finishing up my second month and I feel great. I have struggled with chronic fatigue for several years and have tried everything and I mean everything. Detoxamin is the first thing that has worked. I have much more energy and have been able to work out again, which is of course improving my health even more. I started to see results within the first week. Thank you so much for making a worthwhile therapy affordable!!


I have 87-year-old patient who has 85% blockage in two coronary arteries. Doctors would not operate due to the high risk of his medical condition. He couldn’t walk out to mailbox without suffering symptoms of angina. After a few months on Detoxamin chelation suppositories, he can now mow the lawn without any symptoms of angina or numbness in his arms.

Another patient has high mercury and lead content in his body. After one month on Detoxamin chelation suppositories, his levels were reduced by 50%. This was confirmed by independent lab tests.

Dr. James Bentz
Anacortes, WA

Prior to starting chelation, I had critical stenosis [narrowing] approaching 99% in the right common carotid artery extending into the internal carotid artery. Following Detoxamin chelation suppository therapy, there is no stenosis of the right internal carotid artery. In addition my ophthalmologist has taken me off my Xalatan drops, which I had been using for glaucoma for several years.

V. Akin, Texas

I have a patient who’s blood pressure dropped 18 points after using Detoxamin for only one week.

Dr. James Toole
Seattle, WA

Detoxamin has pretty much saved my life. I have used 90 suppositories over the past year and it has cleaned out my femoral arteries (which had been 60-70 percent blocked) and my carotid arteries that were blocked as well. My blood pressure has gone from 140 to about 110 and I no longer need to take my blood-pressure medication. My cholesterol numbers have dropped as well!

Jack Yates
Vashon, WA

Within one month of using Detoxamin chelation suppositories, my blood pressure has gone from 145/96 to 120/80. I am a smoker and my lungs are clearing up. I would wheeze when I laid down for bed, and I no longer wheeze. I know it is the Detoxamin chelation suppositories because it is the only thing I am doing differently.

Dr. Bob
Philadelphia, PA

I have been using oral EDTA for some time now without much or any success. After using my second Detoxamin chelation suppository, the pain from my angina has noticeably lessened. I expected good results, but not this fast.

Mike Bottomley
Clearwater, FL

I have been using Detoxamin chelation suppositories for three months now and my blood pressure has gone from 200/86 to 136/60.

I am 81-years-old and I think Detoxamin is amazing. I used to have problems with my skin (rashes and itching) and I would have to use a lot of creams and lotions. Now I don’t, because I no longer have problems with my skin.

Polly Merle
Dallesport, WA

I have had forty IV chelation therapy treatments, but Detoxamin chelation suppositories, have been more effective. After about fifteen of the chelation suppositories, I have much more energy and my blood pressure is steadily improving. With the IV chelation, I would feel better for a day or two. But with Detoxamin I feel good all of the time.

Jerry Meeks
Eden, NC

After two weeks on Detoxamin chelation suppositories, my blood pressure decreased to the point where I could stop taking my blood pressure medication. Also before and after hair tests, my mercury, lead and nickel all dropped down significantly to well below the preference range.

Charles Peterson
Escondido, CA

I have just finished my first month of Detoxamin chelation suppositories and my angina is down by about 90%. The tension headaches that I had from high blood pressure are gone. My once poor circulation had caused the soles of my feet to become bruised (black and blue), and the soles are now pink. Plus, my angina symptoms have disappeared. Detoxamin really seems to be helping.

Barry Honeycutt


Detoxamin: The Smartest Chelation Choice
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Seventy years ago, the world started seeing the benefits of IV EDTA Chelation Therapy. Cardiovascular diseases, arterial blockages and even high blood pressure complaints subsided. In fact, EDTA Chelation Therapy started the whole science of anti-aging medicine. However, IV Chelation was too inconvenient and too expensive. All these problems are eliminated with Detoxamin chelation suppositories. Detoxamin is the only brand that has been proven in verifiable scientific clinical studies. (pdf)



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