Healing Properties Of Lemons

Healing Properties Of Lemons: There Is More To Lemons Than Vitamin C
By Teresa Cheong, RightEatingHabits.com

Limonin and Limonene:

Lemons contain two compounds – limonin and limonene – which appear to help inhibit some of the cell divisions that may cause cancer. Limonene is found in the zest or outermost part of the rind of a lemon. This is the yellow part of the lemon which we often discard after extracting the lemon juice.

The limonene found in the lemon peel or lemon zest has the effect of increasing the level of enzymes in the liver that may remove cancer-causing chemicals. The limonene has also been shown to remove estradiol, a hormone linked to breast cancer.

Enjoy the remarkable healing properties of lemons by eating the lemon peels or adding them to one’s baking and cooking.



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