Healing Medicine, Healing You

Healing Medicine, Healing You
Created in response to the growing need for a safer and more effective health care system, Healing Medicine provides natural self-care solutions that teach you how to create a lifetime of health without drugs.

We need a new medical system that starts with guarding our health, continues with safer, natural approaches, and is completed with powerful medical techniques.

Healing Medicine, Healing You
A little history on how I came to write Healing Medicine.

I learned about natural medicine to get away from the symptom-treat   approach.

Healing Medicine is born.
What is missing with modern medicine?

Real prevention, deeper diagnosis.

Safer, natural remedies, massage therapies, hydrotherapies.

Cleansing and reducing toxic intake.

Supporting the bodys own healing abilities.

Engaging the persons conscious healing support.

Stress reduction programs.

Exercise and fitness programs.

Education on avoiding environmental toxins in air, food, water, and in our homes.
What is wrong with modern medicine?

Too much dependence on drugs.

Treatment-caused illness.

Many drugs are not well tested or regulated.

Reliance on a corporate science that is biased toward profits instead of health.

The monopoly of medicine and the denial of other modalities.

Overuse of surgery and the Rambo approach to medicine.
Healing You

A healthy diet.

An active lifestyle.

Good sleep and a relaxed response to stress.

A system approach for any body system that experiences trouble.
My current projects

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